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"Which foothills neighborhood is the best to live?"

Which foothills neighborhood is the best to live? - 2/3/2007
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Sarasota, FL

I will be relocating to the Boise area and would like to live in the foothills. I am trying to understand which are the best neighborhoods to live if you have small children (schools) and would like to be maximum 15 minutes from downtown. I have looked at Morningside, Quail Ridge, and Terra Nativa. All seem nice, but need to get a local's perspective. Real estate always has subtle differences that you usually have to live in a place for a while to get a feel for. What are the differences between these three neighborhoods? Price is not really a factor and would appreciate any other suggestions, since I will visiting in March.

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Boise, ID

It's Boise -- NOT Boise City - 8/31/2013

I agree with some other posters here – it’s hotter than H here in the summer, and smoke that settles in the valley from nearby fires that happen every year, makes the heat oppressive. The air quality is as bad or worse in the winter from smog and stagnant air trapped for weeks on end by inversions - if the bad air doesn’t get to you, the weeks-on-end of winter gloom certainly will. I also agree some another posters’ comments about the influence of the Mormon religion on state and local government – it is the VERY THING that makes this state so regressive and provincial, and why Idaho ranks last in just about everything that matters for quality life. [read more...]

Mountain Home A F B, ID

High School - 3/13/2013

We are from the Pacific Northwest and are looking into relocating to the Boise area. Can anyone recommend a good area to live within a good school district? We have a child who will be starting high school. Thank you.[read more...]

Boise, ID

Crime Rate - 1/26/2013

Crime rate is Boise is pretty low due good work by the police.[read more...]

Katy, TX

Desert Oasis - 9/13/2012

I fell in love with Boise right away. Truly the city for someone who loves the outdoors, is looking for a family oriented settings, and wants most of the perks of a big city without the big city. Cost of living is low, the desert keeps the summer heat dry, the valley keeps the winters relatively mild, and the foothills provide a beautiful backdrop from any place in town.[read more...]

Katy, TX

Desert Oasis - 9/13/2012

I fell in love with Boise right away. Truly the city for someone who loves the outdoors, is looking for a family oriented settings, and wants most of the perks of a big city without the big city. Cost of living is low, the desert keeps the summer heat dry, the valley keeps the winters relatively mild, and the foothills provide a beautiful backdrop from any place in town.[read more...]

Clarksville, TN

Best Place In The Country! - 9/7/2012

I was born in Buffalo Ny and moved to Boise when I was 5. I grew up there and it was amazing! It is unique in every way. The people are wonderful, friendly and warm. It's full of small town people in a decent sized city. The sky is almost always blue and the wild life and out doors are always on your doorstep. Boise is constantly beckoning for people to play outside, from the foot hills, parks, and rivers, to the green belt, resturaunts, bike lanes and shopping. It's never a bad day to be out doors. There are amazing programs for kids and teens, and awsome entertainment for adults of all ages. There are bars, danceing and an amazing night life down town as well as Shakespear Festival, ballet and live theaters.It dosen't matter if you are 8 or 80 there is always something for you to do! The crime is practicly non existnet and the poverty level is extremly low. The Northend is where most of the historic homes are and thanks to an amazing Historical Society and city codes they are almost all in amazing condition. It is also where many of the chrunchy people my self included live or in my case really want to live. Boise is an extremly forward thinking and evironmently aware city, the city busses even run off of clean burning zero emitions natural gas! There is a local farmers market almost every saturday that sells amazing produce and home made goods. As well as Art in the Park and the Hyde Park street fair that allow local growers, artists and producers to sell their goods, all while you enjoy live music and food! Boise is also extremly health concious, and is the host to many athletic events including the Womens Fittness challenge, and street bike races! The mountians are beautifull and if you like to ski or snow board Bogus Basin is only 45 minutes away! There are walking trails srounding the city in all directions, as well as the green belt that is a paved walking path along the Boise river that cuts right through town! If you are an animal person it is an ideal place, your dog can go with you almost everywhere! Pluss there are giant dog parks that have free leash walking paths and ponds that are always well used! Kids can play safely anywhere you live, and do! There are always children on the sidewalks playing hopschotch, riding bikes, or being walked by their dogs. lol The parks are wonderfull and there are always other kids at the play grounds. I miss Boise everyday, but my husbands army career has taken me away, and after six years being drug around the country there is nowhere as beautiful, clean, entertaining and friendly to live![read more...]

Boise, ID

A little misleading - 9/6/2012

The weather and Climate rating is a bit misleading. The highest highs for this city consistently hits triple digits throughout the summer. Some people don't mind it, personally I wish I had a pool. I feel that the local water is kind of icky and over saturated with people, but I lived in and frequent McCall(guess I'm spoiled). [read more...]

Boise, ID

Weather - 9/6/2012

Wow, the weather portion of this is a little misleading. It reaches well above 90 on the hottest days here. Most years we hit at least 104, this year we hit 106. I'm not talking we hit 106 one time it was in the triple digits for most of the summer. It cooled down to 90 about September 2nd. This bothers me but I've talked to a few people from Wyoming who appreciate the mild winter and don't mind the heat at all. I will also mention that if you want to beat the heat by swimming, get a pool. I find the water here kind of icky and too saturated with people, but I lived in McCall for a while so I guess I'm spoiled.[read more...]

Boise, ID

Boise Cost of living - 9/5/2012

I was born and raised here, I've never had any trouble coming up with a job, or paying the rent. My husband and I bought our first home last year. We are 22 and 23. Neither one of us has a degree but are living extremely comfortably. The North end is really charming, and where I grew up, but really expensive. If you are looking for low cost housing that isn't a postage stamp venture to the bench or if you're a student check out the broadway area.[read more...]

Kuna, ID

No comment - 8/30/2012

No comment[read more...]

Lexington, MA

Correct name of capitol is Boise NOT "Boise City" - 8/14/2012

As a native Boisean I call Sperling's attention to an error. The capitol of Idaho is Boise, period. It is nicknamed the "City of Trees" located on the Snake River in Treasure Valley. Please correct this error on your pulldown menu for Idaho. There is no "Boise City.". Please stop perpetuating this mistake. (Idaho City is a real city; so is Silver City.) I now live in Boston ( not Boston City) and am visiting New York City (not New York CityCity.) [read more...]

Boise, ID

Safe, friendly, lovely and great access to hiking, - 7/12/2012

Great place to live. Low stress and super friendly people[read more...]

Garden City, ID

Political Issue will affect air quality - 7/12/2012

When we retired from the military we moved to Boise in 2005 after reading about it as being a best place to live. Our biggest disappointment has been the air quality. Now, a very low end waste-to-energy plant is in the works which will make the condition worse. While it sounds green and promising, unfortunately the planned facility and processes include importing tires and trash to burn for energy without using available highend equipment to filter out particles. I do not recommend this area for people who value good air quality.[read more...]

Boise, ID

Great Weather - 7/2/2012

Four seasons. Hot and dry in the summer. Cool in the spring and fall. Not too cold in the winter and the snow typically does not stick around too long.[read more...]

Boise, ID

So much to do!! - 2/24/2012

Boise has it all. At certain times of the year, you can ski, mountain bike, kayak, and rock climb in THE SAME DAY! All with in 20 miles of the city. [read more...]

St. Helens, OR

missing idaho - 12/6/2011

I love boise, idaho. I have lived in boise, nampa for many years. I raised my kids in the area. I love everything about boise. The weather is wonderful. The people are friendly and nice. Parks are beautful. Close to so much nature and beauty of the outdoors. The only thing I am sad about is I do not live there anymore. I got married and moved to oregon. And I am stuck here for 12 more years until my husbond can retire. So all you folks that have the chance to move to boise go for it. And for now I will be dreaming of that sunshine and clean fresh air and sunsets with bright orange and pink. [read more...]

Boise, ID

Boise - the straight scoop - 9/20/2011

Here's what you need to know. Boise is a great city and there is something here for everyone. People are very friendly and will always stop to help a neighbor (or a stranger) in need. We're not too big that we've lost that folksy Western vibe. The city is incredibly clean and the downtown core is vibrant. Boise's mayor and most Boise legislators are politically progressive. If you consider yourself to be a liberal, this part of town can feel like a bit of a safe haven, especially since most of the state (outside of pockets like Sun Valley) is very red. We have lots of good local restaurants, pubs, shops, galleries and cafes. Our weather includes minimal precipitation as evidenced by the fact that nearly every restaurant has patio seating. Historic buildings are well-preserved. Wonderful (and huge!) outdoor market on weekends; lots of crusier bike baskets filled with flowers and produce and live music performances on the street corners. The north and east end of town are kitchy and filled with charming period homes and tree-lined streets. Many people describe it as being similar to Boulder, CO. During the fall, Boise really feels like the large college town it is... Boise State Bronco fans are everywhere! The city is urban with a vast appreciation for the outdoors. Lots of parks, foothills for hiking and biking, a Greenbelt, fishing, skiing, rafting, etc. It's not unusual to see fox, deer or quail running through a neighborhood. And man, do we love our festivals! Every weekend from May through October there is Shakespeare, a music festival, Art in the Park, hot air name it! During the holidays, we still gather like the Who's in Whoville to light the tree and sing carols. :) The southern and western sides of Boise are of a little different flair. A much more suburban feel with more of the big box stores and chain restaurants mixed in with a few local shops. Big everything... big movie theaters, big homes on big lots, big cars, big churches and big families. The people are generally more conservative and the lawmakers are overwhelmingly Republican. This part of town has much more in common with the outlying communities of Eagle, Meridian and Star than it does with downtown Boise. Homes are a little more cookie-cutter (but larger and newer), school sports are king, and some areas are still very rural feeling with horses and wheat or corn fields. So like I said, there's something here for everyone. City-wide, schools are good and crime is low. Housing is much more affordable than the U.S. average. 250-300K will buy a nice, 2000 sq ft home. Definitely a great place to raise a family. If you've ever lived in a big-ish city, traffic will not be an issue. A VERY long commute would be 30 minutes- most people travel 15-20 minutes (mine is less than 10, even at 5pm.) Drivers are generally polite. One negative, at least to me, is that we are very racially homogenous. Not a lot of diversity here and therefore a lack of cultural opportunities compared to larger cities. Because the state legislature is VERY Republican -over 80%- they pass a lot of socially conservative laws that do little to draw a progressive base of young professionals with fresh ideas. Of course, that's the way many Idahoans like it (but not all!) So, there you have it. Hope that helps you get a clear picture of our beautiful city. Boiseans LOVE Boise. I think you'll see why when you visit.[read more...]

Boise, ID

Boise, and Southern Idaho Culture - 2/5/2011

Having lived in Boise most of my life, I've made one observation that is widely unknown (to those outside this region), and rarely talked openly about by those who do live here. It is the influence of religion in this state, and specifically, the LDS/Mormon religion. My eyes weren't opened to this until Dan Popkey, a reporter for the Idaho Statesman (our news daily), reported in the early nineties that despite the U.S. Census indicated that while 13% of the state in Mormon, almost exactly 40% of the state legislature is Mormon, and that 40% tends to vote as a block on almost all issues. That means that members of the LDS faith have over three times greater representation in the state legislature than non-Mormons. The effects of this are profound in terms of the laws that are written in this state, as well as the political and social culture of the state. Idaho is often referred to as "the reddest of the red states". That is often not so much due to the influence of the Republican Party, but the LDS religion. If you're LDS, you can move from Utah to Idaho and not see a cultural difference between the states. If you move to Idaho from neighboring Oregon, on the other hand, the difference is profound. If you're not interested in living in something of a theocracy, you should probably think twice (or three times) before moving to Idaho. If, on the other hand, you're Mormon, you'll probably love it here.[read more...]

Filer, ID

Water Quality - 12/22/2010

I realize that it's hard to get good water quality in any city, but 30 out of 100? Something needs to be done in Boise.[read more...]

Boise, ID

Cost and Quality of food - 12/6/2010

Truly shocking grocery bill in contrast to Charlotte Metro. And it seems like the quality produce and meat all gets shipped somewhere else, but not to my local store.[read more...]

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