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Manchester, NH

City Mismatch - 7/23/2013

Manchester was a fine city to raise my little family, but as a single person again it isn't for me. It may be okay for some, maybe 20-somethings or 30-somethings, but as a full grown adult I guess I'll need a city with more cultural and recreational offerings, plus items of special interest to me. The downtown in particular leaves a lot to be desired. There is little to no shopping, either large or small stores. There is not a lot for art, either performing or viewing. Maybe once the art school is better established this will change. And transportation in this city and in New Hampshire in general is a black hole!!! I tend to not want to drive, and find the train/bus/flying/bicycle trails offerings not fulfilling my needs anyway. If one doesn't want to go to Boston one absolutely needs a car.

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Manchester, NH

im buried in snow - 2/8/2011

The snow wont stop, my phone was taken by a plow, roofs leaking from ice dams and are collapsing by weight of snow, its snowing now!

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West Palm Beach, FL

Loved It! - 7/13/2009

I lived in Manchester for one year for work purposes and absolutely loved it. Living in New Hampshire was the best place I ahve ever lived and if possible I would gladly live there again. Every city has pockets of crime, but the positives far out weigh the negatives.

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Manchester, NH

Manchester & Southern New Hampshire - 10/26/2008

A good place to live. No sales tax, but very high property taxes. Fairly good schools and good colleges. But college is costly. More public transportation is in the future as well as a rail system to Boston. Right now salaried jobs for the experienced are scarce. Downtown is coming back but many don't go there with limited parking and high meter cost. People are educated and friendly and very "New England". Right now with the economy in trouble housing prices are down, so a good time to buy, but most have lost equity in their homes. A fairly safe area compared to some of the big cities but as in all of our country, children must be monitored.

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Manchester, NH

School - 3/18/2008

School in Manchester is not very good.

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Manchester, NH

Manchester Experiencing lower crime rates - 9/7/2007

Please update your data... These statistics were easily located on City of Manchester, NH Part I Crimes 2005-2006 Crime 2005 2006 % Murder 4 4 no change Rape 73 46 -37% Robbery 141 163 16% Aggravated Assault 83 109 31% Burglary 707 806 14% Larceny 2585 2456 -5% MVTheft 274 253 -8% Arson 70 68 -3% TOTALS 3937 3905 -1%

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Concord, NH

I agree - 1/30/2006

I live in Concord and I couldnt imagine living in Manchester it is unattractive old mill city high crime, high housing cost (because of being close to Massachusetts) and not worth the money. Concord is better, but the cost of housing is still steep. There are no state tax, but trust me, you pay for it in other ways such as rediculous property taxes.

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Manchester, NH

housing cost - 6/27/2005

Where did you get your information on Manchester housing costs? It must be out of date. Costs are much higher here. I'm not sure you could even buy an empty lot for the median home price you have listed. Most decent homes around here START in the low to mid 200's. Anything less than that is usually very old, very small, in need of significant repair and in undesirable areas.

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