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Nevada - 5/5/2007
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Carson City, NV

Outdoor recreation is abundant

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kenneth r
Colorado Springs, CO

possible help for gamblers.... - 4/17/2014

In 1994 there was a patent registered, for, in table ,blackjack card readers, that would let the dealer know when he had a useful card, by reading the tip of the card and sending it to a receptor[read more...]

Las Vegas, NV

Weather in Las Vegas - 3/15/2013

I love the climate in Las Vegas !!!![read more...]

Las Vegas, NV

The Climate - 10/28/2012

I am originally from Southern California so the weather in NV was a big change for me. I personally can't stand the heat here. I don't like the fact that it floods here really fast and the city doesn't work fast enough to clear up the dammage.[read more...]

Las Vegas, NV

still an unknown place to live - 10/17/2012

Despite a housing collapse, which makes housing some of the best opportunities in the country, Nevada offers the best weather and recreation and tourist opportunities for families and seniors. Yes its hot in the summer BUT remember this: we have NO winters, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, forest fires, avalanches, blizzards, floods, or high crime. We DO have low property taxes but no income tax. We have access to the best entertainment and restaurants in the world.[read more...]

Sacramento, CA

need a small 2 bd/2bth,,with a little land in some - 10/8/2012

presently residing in a gated manufactored home sr. community. rent the land and own the home in sacramento calif.[read more...]

Niles, IL

Is relocation to Nevada a good idea - 6/25/2012

We were thinking about relocating to the Vegas area (Centennial Hills) or Summerlin. I heard car reg. can be $2,000 annually? What are LID's?[read more...]

Henderson, NV

land in rural area in henderson nevada - 6/14/2012

looking for rural land in Henderson Nevada [read more...]

North Las Vegas, NV

Schools - 5/9/2012

The schools in Las Vegas, NV are horrible. Education funds are always the first to be cut. The extra curricular activities the schools provide are the first to go when the budget cuts come be it art, music, sports...etc. The classrooms have too many students. Who wants 40 students in a 2nd grade class or a high school class. Think twice before you bring your children to Las Vegas, NV if education is important to you. That's why we're out of here.[read more...]

Las Vegas, NV

Lots to do, and fun too! - 1/7/2012

Lots of recreation year round.[read more...]

Reno, NV

Quality of life - 10/16/2011

Nevada is one of the hardest hit states for declining real estate values, foreclosures and unemployment.[read more...]

Reno, NV

University of Nevada System - 9/5/2011

The University of Nevada has always provided locals and students from around the world with a first class education. I am saddened to note that after our last legislative session major cuts to the University budget has resulted in drastic cuts to our local education. Entire departments have been eliminated and others have been reduced so that the students find it near impossible to obtain the classes they need for graduation. I am sure that the remaining classes are still excellent, but I advise individuals that are thinking of moving into the area to examine the availability of classes and degrees with a high level of scrutiny. [read more...]

Valencia, CA

housing - 3/1/2011

what state is the best and affordable to retire. Also have a night life as well as things to do. Not interested in over 55 communities[read more...]

Reno, NV

City of Reno - 11/8/2010

I am a single woman that moved here from Michigan in 2006. I moved a mile from town into the Old Southwest area. The Airport in only 10 minutes away. The people are very friendly and I soon became involved in the Art Scene and met numerous friends. Downtown has become increasingly better since I arrived. The river walk on the Truckee River and Artown are very popular, as is kayaking. I ride my bike downtown all the time and I do not feel threatened in any way. They just recently put in Bike lanes on the main streets for cyclists. There are many things to do downtown without even walking into a casino. Many fun, delicious and entertaining restaurants right on the River. I am a working professional that loves the outdoors and enjoys the beautiful mountains that surround the city. Yes it snows and yes it gets hot, we deal with it, and the sun shines just about every single day. Lake Tahoe and Pyramid Lake are only 45 minutes away to some of the best boating and fishing anywhere, I know because I've done it. The California border is 20 minutes away to more lakes and good fishing and boating. Now is a good time to buy a home if your looking. No State Tax. I can't even think of anything negative to say about Reno. It's the Best 'Biggest Little City' around. Sally[read more...]

Las Vegas, NV

Why Las Vegas? - 6/7/2009

Despite the current economic slowdown, Las Vegas offers cheap but good quality housing, employment opportunities, easy commutes, and close proximity to everything, no matter where you live, including shopping, schools, medical facilities, and entertainment. Las Vegas is extremely diverse as a result of the melting-pot service and gaming industry that powers this city. It offers something for everyone.[read more...]

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, Nevada - 5/26/2009

Las Vegas allows you to view the different cultures that are around the world and they all come to visit. The highlight is gaming and the great outdoor activities that are available to experience. There is life beyond the Strip Come enjoy it.[read more...]

Moorpark, CA

Moorpark, CA - 2/8/2009

Moorpark is perhaps the best kept secret in Southern, CA. A 1/2-1 hour drive from the San Fernando Valley and LA, this small city boasts low crime, excellent schools, and great climate and environment.[read more...]

Henderson, NV

Camping & Travel - 2/26/2008

Beautiful mountains, great outdoor spaces![read more...]

North Las Vegas, NV

Does not meet my expectations - 10/28/2007

I moved to las vegas 3 months ago started out in summerlin and then to north las vegas,and it does not meet my expectations. most people that love it here have relatives that live here. If you do not come with your own people believe me you will just be an outsider and stick out like a sore thumb. The people here are not friendly, kind, or family orientated. for the most part they are very rude, and play a lot of games. One of there biggest games is on the road. a driver will go out of there way to cut you off and go in the wrong direction, just to get in front of you. I guess they have more time to waste than I have. Or the other biggest thing even with grandma and grandpa on the road as a driver, is to speed up and get in front of you just to slow down and make sure you and the flow of traffic are behind them. then they have the ones that will sit at a stop sign or light and wait there until someone comes behind them and go really slow then try to race the light so that you can get caught at the light and they will go 3 lanes over to make a turn in the direction they are really going in, just crazy. Its not just one, come out here and you will see 95% do it. I feel bad for the people here they need something to control so they play in traffic. The spirit of nevada after being here is just evil. When you do find nice people that I compliment when i meet them, you will learn they feel the same way and are only nice because they are from somewhere else and only been here a short time themselves. Becareful when renting or buying a homes here. There are so many blaten scams going on its incredible. I thought being from new york city I seen it all when it comes to scams. The problem here is there are not a whole lot of laws here. So almost anything goes. For single woman, this is definitely not the place to be especially if your african american. Most black men here only want white women or hispanic woman that is if black men are your preference, I can't speak on the other nationalities. The spirit of the town over all is tense. As for property you get a small house with barely no lot for $250,000 and up, and if you do get some house and lot the bedrooms are like match boxes. This is suppose to be a tax free state, but don't let that fool you. Tax free only means if you have to work, no state tax is taken out of your check, but they get their money in other ways that you can't write off. I just recently found out I could write off a porti[read more...]

Reno, NV

Dry Climate in northern Nevada - 8/11/2007

We have not had any measurable rain since April, it is very dry here, and when the wind starts in the afternoons it can get very dusty around town[read more...]

Carson City, NV

Nevada - 5/5/2007

Outdoor recreation is abundant[read more...]

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