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"Best places to live! Lol!"

Best places to live! Lol! - 7/1/2011
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@M. I could not agree more. I have been here for 6 months for work, and cannot wait to leave.

I have lived all over the world, and this is definitely the weirdest, most racist place that I have ever lived, and I only live here part-time. Thank God.I split my time between Asia, W. Europe and Charlotte. W. Europe, no contest, and I'll take China any day of the week, air pollution and all!I'm so grateful to be wealthy and educated enough to not be trapped here. Again, thank God!..and I'm not even religious, but after living here, I know why so many Southern black Americans are. Black people, from anywhere, will need to "find Jesus" to live here. Lol!

If this is the "New South", the old one must have been a real nightmare!

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re: Best places to live! Lol! - 7/1/2011 - 8/28/2011
One of the most racist places to live? I don't understand how that can be. According to the voting statistics Charlotte is over 61 percent Democrat. Isn't that the party of tolerance and equality? Is there something I am missing? I would expect that high of a Democratic voting block to be more tolerant.

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re: Best places to live! Lol! - 7/1/2011 - 7/9/2011
I too have live all over the world including China, Japan, Thailand and Western Europe. There is no comparison between China and Charlotte. The quality of life in Charlotte is much better than in China. As an African American, I have experienced more racism in black cities like Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland than in the "New South." Charlotte is a conservative city; it is a laid back city with a very high population of church goers. Perhaps because you don't know Jesus you are much better off in China where Jesus is not really welcome by the ruling party. I am just saying.

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Charlotte, NC

The Beginning of University Citys Boon Years - 3/2/2016

We in commercial real estate have always know that the University City area of Charlotte has been a soft but stable market, meaning that lease rates are lower and more consistent than other areas of Charlotte. This area has however seen a slide in the condition of properties until now. Now, with the Lynx BLue Line Extension due to open in August of 2017, we are seeing property owners our millions into existing property improvements aiming for a higher, even a Class A, status. add to this the momentum in knowing that nearly 550 acres of land were purchased in 2015 posed to being on a new level of development. Tough surprising to some we are pleased to note that this submarket, University City, is definitely on the rise! Greg Hardee Charlotte Commercial Properties 704.491.7563

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Montclair, NJ

high schools in charlotte area HELP - 2/1/2016

single mom planning on relocating to the CLT area (from NJ) in the fall 2016 son will be in 9th grade. I've been reading about all the problems with the school system and am really worried. He currently has an IEP for a slight Auditory Process Disorder. Am hoping to find a small/mid school with an International Affairs/Global Studies program (like Independence High School has-but too big of a school) as well as one that supports students with an IEP. If anyone has any suggestions, web sights or resorces, PLEASE share with me. Thank you

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Arlington, WA


I am interested in moving to Charlotte NC from outside of Seattle WA. I am Accountant/Human Resource Generalist. I would appreciate any information on living in this city , are people generally friendly in Charlotte? Interestd in middle class to upper middle class neighborhoods I don't have family in Charlotte NC so I need all the help and information I can get :) Thanking you in advance Antonia :)

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Matthews, NC

Disappointing..... - 12/12/2015

Look at this thread. The ones who say Charlotte is a good place consistently mention things like "banking" and "sports teams". Other than this yuppie-suburbanite sheep-chanting, the others who comment more negative reviews of this city focus on the lack of diversity, culture, and overall lack of access to enlightened ideals. Such are the true ingredients to a real cosmopolitan city. So yeah, basically this city is just a massive suburban Dark Age village. I went to one of the top 5 most conservative university's in the US: Texas A&M, and College Station was better than Charlotte. Face it Charlotte, other growing cities progress better than you. Take Austin and San Antonio, for instance. Heck, if we Texans end up with a better reputation for progressive growing cities than North Carolina, then that's saying something.....:/

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Charlotte, NC

Twenty Year racism of Novant Hospital in Charlotte - 9/24/2015

I have been in Charlotte for 25 years as a physician. Born in India, I did my entire medical education and training in the US. In 1995, Novant Hospital (formerly Presbyterian) kicked me off the staff on bogus charges and destroyed my life. I lost my career of delivering babies. My family too suffered immensely. Read my following website for an expose that will shock your conscience and you will ask if well educated and well dressed people who are considered the pillars of society are capable of such behavior.

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Irving, TX

Finding the Crime Index - 9/22/2015

For some reason after you all tweeked the website, it takes double time to obtain the Crime Index. I use this feature daily and wondered why since it worked perfectly before. Now I have to hit the word Crime two to three times before it takes me to the screen showing the numbers. Also once at the results screen, the field to add another city, state, zip is gone and I have to go back to the Home page. I'm wondering if there's another site available aside from Sperling. Thank you, Marianne

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Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Schools - 8/6/2015

If you're looking for a good school system, stay away from Charlotte. Teachers are leaving Charlotte to teach across the border in Fort Mill, SC (which does have good schools). The school system in Charlotte has a lot of problems. They are currently looking for a new superintendent (there's a high turnover rate) and are having difficulty attracting someone. I'm from NYC and have lived in Charlotte nearly 40 years. The school system has been in steady decline for a number of years now.

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New York, NY

How is Charlotte for Retirees? - 5/29/2015

My husband and I retired to the Charlotte area (Huntersville) from the San Francisco baby area in 2007. We are both from New York but left NY for the bay area in 1974. We loved Huntersville/Charlotte. We found our way to a gym where we made a great number of friends (like family). Charlotte is only about 15 minutes away and we found enough museums and jazz to keep us as busy as we wanted. I like to scrapbook and do yoga and I found both in the Huntersville area. My husband liked the outdoors and we made a lot of trips to Asheville (2 hours away) and various outdoor areas closer by. There's a great senior center in Huntersville and we took many day trips with them. We are an African American couple and found lots of friends (African American and not). We felt very welcomed and really liked the small-town feel. Huntersville is very near (one freeway exit away) a place called Birkdale Village which is a residential/commercial development--lots of high end stores, movie theatre, Barnes & Noble, family music on the weekends. I cannot say enough about the area. We loved it there. I am currently in New York due to the fact that my husband passed away but am moving back to Huntersville in 4 months.

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Jamaica, NY

Thinking of moving - 4/9/2015

Hi, I am a n RN and divorced mom with a 6 yr old son looking to move from NYC. My son is on IEP program in school, my three question are: 1) Does Charlotte's school system have a good IEP school program in place. 2) Is it a good place to raise a young african american boy, and 3) which hospitals are best for nurses.

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Charlotte, NC

Charlotte's Great only if...... - 3/19/2015

Wanted to write this review hopefully to give someone looking to move here an idea of what to expect.I have mixed feelings about this place and would unfortunately not recommend this place personally. About me, I am a recent transplant from NY/NJ area, early 30's, Asian Indian, extremely well educated banking professional. Had to move here, due to husband's transfer (also works in banking) and also having worked in NY for a while wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while: This place does have some pro's like many have said: * especially if you are in banking, half og charlotte uptown is occupied by BoA and Wells with many of their divisions here * cost of living is relatively low, obviously compared to NYC/NJ living * Weather's a lot milder, hardly any snow * if you choose to live near your work, mainly closer from uptown you might pay higher rents but commute's hardly anything * decent options to hang out and restaurants and such... * close to visit mountains if u're into hiking/trains biking and what not Con's * what really has been a disappointment has been lack of diversity for me, although some people's claims about the city with southern hospitality and whatever I definitely have a different experience esp. since I look different, people almost look at you like an outside wherever you go unless you *match* and fit into the crowd * I was hardly even aware of my asian-ness while NY esp having lived practically half my life in US and having studied here (nobody really cares) which is not the case here * It's really really hard to meet new people unless you have some sort of circle within your work or friends otherwise. I had a few friends/collegues from before but that's pretty much it, although if you have family here you might end up with a different experiece...but this is for me * Lack of public transportation and *sprawl*.....people here don't belive in outsiders being able easily access their neighborhoods so they are not very *for" transport: these are words of one of my collegues who has lived here for a very long time.....and it sucks, the highways are now hardly able to tolerate the traffic during rush hours, there is a light rail but it's practically a joke to call it "public transport" * Way too much Religion into everything, as you drive further from main city, I just found it so odd that you hardly spot a pharmacy but churches are's almost like you are only good of you belive in *god"....i am a spiritual person but completely of the attitude that you don't have to believe in God to be *good*...and the execssive religiousness in not for me * Lastly, we are going to have a baby and definitely don't want my child to grow into an environment where he/she might be made to feel *different* because of the color of the skin and the narrow attitudes o people is just not for me It's probably a great place for you however if you fit the mould so good luck to you if you are moving however we'll good by very soon!

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Castaic, CA

Our view point - 3/15/2015

We are from Los Angeles. I'm a Georgia Tech grad. We came here looking to get away from the big, big, city, yet retain most elements of a large city. We have found that. Charlotte is a very clean city, you have all the benefits of a large city, yet the peace of a much smaller city. It rains here monthly, not so in LA. I am only a half day from Bobby Dodd Stadium, and I love that. The people here are very friendly and easy to get along with. Housings can be affordable, homes close to Southpark can run $600k to well over $1m. However, do as we have and you can discover Ballantyne, 6 to 10 miles south of Southpark. Here you can find a great home $350k to $550k. Infrastructure was very important to us. In LA it was 2 to 10 miles for everything. We were not looking to give that up. We have the same infrastructure here.

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Charlotte, NC

Pardon Our Dust! - 1/25/2015

Uptown Charlotte, Midtown, and South End is one big construction zone with thousands of new apartments and townhome condos under construction, as well as the first new office tower since the recession with two others slated to begin construction in 2015. Still a great place to live and will be even better once the dust settles. Come see for yourself!

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Louisville, KY

Wanting to Relocate from Louisville KY - 1/4/2015

Need information on career jobs, have a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Psychology and a Master's Degree in Human Behavior. My daughter is 14 and a straight A Honor Student with a plus and very manageable attitude. She wants to go to college somewhere other than Louisville, Ky. We're trying to find out what is the take for Charolott, NC to relocate too.

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Charlotte, NC

What makes Charlotte Great! - 12/22/2014

Here are just a few of the reasons Charlotte is such a fast growing city: Quality of Life Cleanliness Overall Appearance Schools Great place to raise children Great place to work The Neighborhoods Economic Health Ease of Getting Around

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New York, NY

What is life in Charlotte like for people from the - 11/22/2014

I live in New York City and I am thinking about moving to Charlotte mainly to buy a home. I am concerned that the culture shock and lifestyle will be very difficult to live on a daily basis. I would like to hear from Northeast transplants from the New York/New Jersey area who are living in Charlotte. How do you like living in this city? What are the things that you have trouble living with? How are northerners received? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Indiana, PA

poliical question - 10/30/2014

Hi! I had a question about the general political climate in Charlotte. Politically, I'm a conservative. I don't really know if Charlotte is marjority liberal, majority conservative, or somewhere in-between. How well would I get along in the political enviornment. I'm just asking so I know where I stand if I decide to move there. It would be great if it's a purple state then I know either party would be ok there. Thanks!

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Indiana, PA

Questions about Retirement - 10/30/2014

Hi! I was thinking about Charlotte as a possible retirement spot in the future. My there a newcomers club I could join to meet other seniors my age? Are there any clubs to meet others in a similar situation, or is Charlotte a young single scene? If not, I would like to live in a small medium or large city that offers this. Most retirement spots just have a leisure lifestyle and not enough culture and arts. Any suggestions?

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Charlotte, NC

Plaza Midwood - 8/21/2014

One of the arstiest places around, along with the NODA area (about 5 min drive from Plaza Midwood). Great food, local stores, bars, coffee shops, art and music!

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Cincinnati, OH

thinking of moving to charlotte - 4/24/2014

hi i have 4 yr old son. where is the best place to live,schools,activities,jobs as Medical assistant,dog bather,phlebotomist or any positions. thank you

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Pompano Beach, FL

Charlotte cost of living - 4/7/2014


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