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"Racial Climate"

Racial Climate - 4/12/2011
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Toledo, OH

Although Toledo is racially diverse, I find it sad that this city still remains racially segregated. Asian and black, asian and white, white and black, hispanic and black, hispanic and asian, are rarely if ever seen together. Furthermore, if you even have a slight tan, you become a target for racial profiling. On the flip side of that, Toledo has lots of fun activities for young families. The world-class Toledo Museum of Art, The Toledo Zoo, and the fabulous fairs and festivals are amazing. With a bit more cultural sensitivity training, Toledo would surely be a contender for one of the countries nicest places to live for families.

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Toledo, OH

Toledo: Better than its Reputation - 10/1/2013

Toledo is an affordable city with an unfortunate reputation. Yes, crime is somewhat higher than average for American cities, but there are many strong neighborhoods with low crime rates. The public school system may be the weakest point, but Toledo is split between Toledo Pubic Schools and Washington Local Schools. WLS has higher state rankings than TPS, so if you have school-age children, you might consider a WLS neighborhood over a TPS neighborhood. Toledo has a world-class art museum, access to Lake Erie, a great public zoo, and a metropolitan university. The city is located near two major interstates (I-75 and I-80/90) and has an international airport. Is Toledo a glittering paradise? No. However, you could do far worse in the Midwest than Toledo, and any cultural events that do not make it to Toledo are just a short drive to Detroit, Ann Arbor, Cleveland, or Columbus. My two cents worth...I have lived in the city since 1989 and like it, warts and all.[read more...]

Toledo, OH

Racial Climate - 4/12/2011

Although Toledo is racially diverse, I find it sad that this city still remains racially segregated. Asian and black, asian and white, white and black, hispanic and black, hispanic and asian, are rarely if ever seen together. Furthermore, if you even have a slight tan, you become a target for racial profiling. On the flip side of that, Toledo has lots of fun activities for young families. The world-class Toledo Museum of Art, The Toledo Zoo, and the fabulous fairs and festivals are amazing. With a bit more cultural sensitivity training, Toledo would surely be a contender for one of the countries nicest places to live for families.[read more...]

Toledo, OH

great variety - 3/5/2011

toledo offers an amazing array of entertainment opportunities. we have a world class museum, zoo, arena, ball field, and theater. toledo's history is rich in mobster lore and industry excellence. from tony packo's to the "imagination station", there is something for everyone. having said that, don't forget where you parked your car..... we lack a reliable "mass transit" system. in fact, unless you wanna bike around town (and this city is not bicycle friendly), pay for a cab, or just hoof it, pick one or two destinations and pray you find parking. [read more...]

Napoleon, OH

Bad and getting worse. - 1/4/2011

The worse thing about Toledo is the crime. It's gone up so much in the past 10 years that very few people go there to shop anymore. Most the malls are full of gangs and the murder rate has gotten out of control in the pass few years. My sister lives there and she has had her car broke into so many times that they just close count. And I'm not just saying these things because I hate Toledo...I think the city could be a nice place. One reason I think the crime is so bad is because it's so close to Detroit. I May be wrong, but I do think a lot of drugs go between the two cites. [read more...]

Perrysburg, OH

Toledo sucks! - 12/23/2010

I live in a nearby suburb, Perrysburg which is considered one of the nicest suburbs in this area but I'm in Toledo at least a few times a week. I would not live in Toledo if you paid me. There are a few nice areas, but the schools are horrible, so if you have kids, the only option is private schools. The majority of the city is run down and scary looking. Some people on here have said there is a lot to do but I've been here 2 years and I've done pretty much all there is to do, which is not much. I have lived in Chicago, all over Michigan, and Boise, Idaho and Toledo by far is my least favorite. Yes, the cost of living is cheap but who cares if quality of life sucks. There is absolutely no night life and trying to go downtown is scary-it's like a ghost-town. Many people unfortunately have to stay here because if they do have a job, they don't want to lose it and/or can't sell their houses. I've been here 2 years and haven't found a job with a Bachelor's degree; thankfully my spouse has a good job. So, if u care anything about quality of life, do not move here![read more...]

Woodville, OH

bad - 12/10/2010

not a good place[read more...]

Toledo, OH

Arm pit of the midwest - 12/3/2010

I've lived in Toledo my whole life. I hate banging on it all the time but it just sucks. I've had great times when I was younger but now i'm 31 & need opportunity. I'm currently in school for International Business & can't wait any longer to move. I will finish school elsewhere. The weather sucks. Its gray I would say 300 days a year. Even when its nice out which is only 4 months, half the time its gray. I always here people talk about midwest values. I gotta tell ya I don't see it. This city was based on industrial & manufacturing jobs back in the 70's & 80's. Thats why people stayed here. Well, those jobs are gone & not coming back. There are few white collar positions & the ones there are they don't pay. Going to move in August when my lease is up just trying to figure out where exactly. San Diego, Austin TX, Raleigh NC, Orlando FL, I've narrowed it down to these in that order. Any suggestions?[read more...]

Toledo, OH

Think Again Before Moving Home or Business Here - 10/16/2010

City is very predatory for issuing fines and tickets of all kinds. They take a particular pride in issuing "Public Nuisance" fines for those actively working on repairing homes, even with permits in view, they will order you to do the work you are doing then fine you in housing Court. They ignore properties where there is no one to pay a fine and let them rot. Red light cameras are the City's growth industry. Police will not respond to property crimes except for an incident report, which is not included in the crime reports because the crime report is a separate paper after incident level, which must be filed in business hours in person downtown where an outside contractor runs wild papering cars with parking tickets. If your insurance accepts the incident report and you do not file a crime report, if they recover your goods the items are sold with no official crime report and the proceeds go to Police Department. Senior citizens are browbeaten into not filing a crime report, to keep the statistics falsely low, in addition to the "incident reports" not counting as crimes in the statistics. Police officers tend to live outside the City and in Michigan as well. I know someone who got a ticket based on Michigan law, which of course the cop could not find in his Ohio book, so he ticketed a licensed, insured vehicle with a valid plate for having no license plate at all. $80 Court costs for any traffic ticket, even if they choose to find you innocent, they win you loose. I have witnessed shootings and came close to discovering a murder victim near a prestigious Church and other Public Buildings. A wave of arson fires and gang shootings is the hot topic for the year 2010. School taxes have no where to go but up, even with huge new building program the number of students continues to plunge. I consider staying here one of the biggest mistakes of my life, homes are worth far less than the mortgages and foreclosures sell for half or less of the Tax appraised value. Think again before inflicting the City of Toledo on yourself. You can always come in from a more secure suburb to enjoy the Mudhens, Walleye Hockey and the Art Museum. [read more...]

Toledo, OH

Transportation - 8/12/2010

Toledo is a hub with main arteries running to nearby metro's with Detroit to the north, Cleveland to the east, Columbus to the SE, Fort Wayne to the SW, and Dayton/Cinci to the south. The area has direct access to I-75 running north & south, I-80/90(Ohio turnpike) running east & west. [read more...]

Sylvania, OH

Depends - 3/6/2010

Toledo isn't really that bad of a place, but like most cities of its size you need to be selective about where you live. We live in the suburb of nearby Sylvania and quality of life there is excellent. The downtown area, unfortunately, has not fared as well as similar cities like Cincinnati and the inner city public schools do face some major challenges. Overall cost of living is much better than it is in nearby Michigan.[read more...]

Toledo, OH

were is the jobs? - 1/21/2010

toledo ohio is a great place to buy a beautiful big cheap home in a half decent neighborhood. THE CATCH: good luck finding employment even part-time paying miminum wage especially if you are YOUNG AND BLACK[read more...]

Toledo, OH

The cheapest place I've Lived, with lots to offer - 1/2/2010

I have lived in Denver, CO, Columbus, OH, and Salt Lake City, UT and Toledo is the most affordable places I have lived. There is a lot to do in Toledo, with a newly built Minor league hockey and football Arena added near a recently built minor league baseball stadium downtown. The Toledo Zoo is also close by and there is development of new entertainment areas such as Fallen Timbers and Levis Commons all the time. The weather is cold and windy, and the movies are 10 bucks but if you can get past that Toledo is great![read more...]

Sylvania, OH

Don't Move Here - 4/11/2009

Don't move to Toledo; the economy is in the toilet.[read more...]

Toledo, OH

Keyrentals - 11/24/2008

Toledo is a great rental market.[read more...]

Toledo, OH

Toledo's not that bad, but it could be better. - 6/6/2008

I have lived in Toledo my whole life and am seeking to leave. The cost of living is decent, we have Wal-mart, Target, Meijer's, The Andersons, and other major chain stores, fast food restaurants are always just around the corner, and if you don't drive we have a fairly reliable public transportation system and we do have an airport, Greyhound station, and an Amtrak station. Toledo has a fair mixture of races and ethnicities so relations are better than other places. Toledo has its fair share of crime but we're nowhere nearly as bad as Los Angeles, New York City, or Detroit. Some areas in Toledo are decent and others you should stay away from at night, it's that simple. We have several libraries, fine restaurants, and a great zoo. The Maumee River runs through Toledo and it is filthy and it stinks because of all of the toxic wastes dumped into it. Our mayor is incompetant and has proven his dislike for our military recently by banning the marines from training in our downtown area. The job market is good providing you're okay with minimum to low wages. Our city government also wastes tax dollars on pointless projects.[read more...]

Toledo, OH

Quit Complaining and Start Acting - 6/4/2008

I have lived in Toledo for just about a year. All I hear is..."the Mayor is a jerk" and other negative comments about Toledo. Citizens have the opprotunity to do something about their community, but sadly most find it easier to bitch or find someone to blame for their problems. The Mayor didn't fill out an application to get his job...people chose him, and this isn't his first term either. People complain about their community also, but are quick to shoot down any levy or tax increase. Get involved with your community, MAKE it a better place. Don't complain about city workers working overtime, be thankful there is a group of people that ensure you have clean water, trash-free neighborhoods, and a safe environment. If there is a dangerous release of chemicals in your neighborhood, you will quickly change your mind about city workers when they come to your aid during off hours. Would you prefer to just let a hazardous situation remain as it is until the next business day? If you don't like Toledo then why not move? Try living in Michigan, you will see that Toledo isn't as horrible as everyone says.[read more...]

Burlington, VT

Don't bother moving here - 5/25/2008

There is a reason it's so cheap to live here. The crime is high, it's dirty, it's blue collar and the people are rather dumb. They are very proud of themselves......not sure why. [read more...]

Topeka, KS

Toledo - 2/19/2008

Toledo.. Toledo is a very unappealing looking city. Toledo has a high crime rate with high unemployment. The job market in Toledo is awful. Toledo does have one of the top zoos in the U.S.[read more...]

Toledo, OH

Very bad place to live - 9/5/2007

Do you want to live in a place where the streets are always under construction or thirtyfive percent of the population is ether on welfare or some sort of state or government assistance . Then let me tell you Toledo is the place for you . Yes you could buy a home in the luxurious north end for less then ten thousand dollars , But just remember your neighbor could sell you some drugs or his girlfriend my want to you know what for money, Or why buy in Toledo if your a city offical , cop , or teacher you could put the tax money back into another town such as Perrysburg or Maumee . Or you could get a job for the city and not even be qualified for it just be a minoriy and its yours . This town has been on the buddy system for decades don't let anyone fool you . I have been here 33 years and dont know why[read more...]

Toledo, OH

Stagnant Economy - 7/18/2007

Although I have a decent job here, there is little opportunity for advancement and the economy is going nowhere. We have a mayor who has proven time and time again he doesn't know how to do his job and/or doesn't care about his citizens. That's why I am looking to move somewhere else with better opportunites for my family. The city officials are constantly complaining of "brain drain" but with the way things are here - why would anybody want to stay when they can be offered so much more elsewhere?[read more...]

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