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re: Missoula - 9/6/2008 - 2/20/2009
Over priced....fine restaurants??? Are you sure you live here in Missoula?? Anyway, great COLLEGE town. Dont move here if you need to work for a living. Real estate rivals orange county CA...check if you dont believe me. But one thing is missing..JOBS!!

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Missoula, MT

gray clouds - 3/3/2016

Missoula Montana is in the northwest, more specifically the upper rocky mountain area. it is situated in a valley that joins three rivers. it is just has too many days that are cloudy or overcast. good for skin cancer but bad for vitamin D. as global warming increases this area also gets quite smoky during the forest fire season (June-September) which ironically is the best time of the year for the area (my opinion). I really like the sperlings categories as my wife and I are in our 60s and looking for a place to move to for the next 20-30 years... hope this helps your site.

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Missoula, MT

Missoula mt sex offenders - 11/7/2015

Missoula mt is not where you want to raise your children everyday there are rapes and child crimes here.we have more sex offenders here in one neighborhood than most places have in there whole cities. Beautiful place in the summer. Just scary when it comes to your children or wife's safety.

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Saint Ignatius, MT

missoula - 1/23/2015

Nice college town, people are friendly, cost of living is on the higher side in comparison to the job market.

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Cheney, WA

A white left wing city with an epidemic of rape, d - 5/26/2014

Justice Department investigating 80 Missoula rapes; county attorney blasts feds.. this says enough but i will expand on one of the worst cities I ever lived in. I call it whitelandia. Although University of Montana and city officials pledged their support, Missoula County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg denounced that action as an overreach by “the heavy hand of the federal government,” and insisted that his office has done nothing wrong. Why, Nothing wrong? maybe because rape like drunk driving is more of a sport than a crime in Missoula, Montana a city full of people that are full of themselves. The federal review follows a University of Montana investigation that began in December with allegations that two students were gang-raped, possibly after being drugged, by several male students. UM hired former Montana Supreme Court Justice Diane Barz to look into the matter. Her investigation grew to include nine alleged sexual assaults from September 2010 through December, and concluded that “the UM has a problem of sexual assault on and off campus.” Two more alleged assaults later were added to the list. 80 rape reports in 3 years: Montana city, campus complaints prompt Justice Department probe. even the city council member a left wing liberal was caught driving intoxicated and was re-elected and faced no punishment. Other residents have up to, over 10 duis....You can look it up!

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Missoula, MT

Nice Place - 5/10/2013

Nice Place to live housing expensive

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Missoula, MT

General Quality of Life - 6/19/2012

Missoula is a good place to live, given that it is somewhat isolated from big cities and the services that big cities can offer.

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Missoula, MT

Wages - 3/13/2012


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Missoula, MT

Missoula is a great town - 8/22/2011

Missoula is a great town to live in. The traffic in certain areas of town can be awful at certain times of the day but it is a beautiful city with a University in it. It is a great arts community.

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Missoula, MT

My home - 6/25/2011

i have lived in Missoula Mt for most of my life...so yes this is my home. i love living in Missoula, you get the happy medium of a busy big town and a quiet small town. If you are looking for a town to raise your family, then this is a town for you. But this isn't just a town for families, you also have the college here (University of Montana) so you get the GREAT football games and everything that comes with a great colleges. :) BUT that doesn't mean i want everyone moving to Missoula, i have lived in Missoula for 16 years of my life, and i have seen such a change in Missoula. I love the way Missoula is and i don't want it to change, anymore then it has to. but hey don't stay! :)

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Arma, KS

Cost of Living, way of Life, and to all who trash - 6/7/2011

With all I have been reading on the issues everyone has on Missoula, it breaks my heart. I grew up in Missoula, as a transplant from S. Cali. We owned a Body Shop on Front Street I believe, in the 70's to the 80's. I have only the best memories of family, fishing, hiking, hunting, and overall life from Missoula and the surrounding areas. I want to come home so bad, cause I miss my trout fishing in the mountains, hiking up Mt. Jumbo, horse backing, swimming, boating, and just the best climate. I have been in SE Ks for about ten years, and hate it here more than anywhere I have ever been. Being near the recent tornado that wiped out a nearby town, Joplin, Mo, it just makes it worse. I don't much care to step outside and instantly be sweating unlike I have ever sweat in my life. Cannot get across the driveway and you are soaked here. No work, but cost of living is a bit lower in some areas of life. I never hardly ever broke a sweat in Montana. It is not humid and miserable like the midwest. When it is 90 here, it feels much hotter than the 105 I have seen in Montana. It feels more like 119 in Phoenix, but dripping wet, and out of control. You think people are rude there? Try the idiots in the Midwest. You would think twice! Rude, inconsiderate, irresponsible, and out to get you is what they are! Never been robbed before coming here, and have lost over sixty thousand worth of family inheritance and irreplaceable items. Ruthless and mean! So, don't be trashing a place people really do want to protect. There is reason for that, obviously it has gotten much more overrun than when I Was there. I hate to see it myself! I don't think you will find many places so desirable to live, and close to nature, as Western MT. I will still say it is sad to hear of the garbage in the street, and seeing Ol' Mahoney's Ranch in Lower Miller Creek turned into the "Burbs". It was five or six years since I passed through, and it hurt me then. I grew up five years at the base of Mt. Jumbo, just at the split at Rattlesnake creek on Van Buren. Then moved to Linda Vista in Lower Miller Creek for the most of the rest of my years growing up there. OF course, the last two were in a less desirable place, Wheeler Village, but not bad either. My memories go far beyond Missoula, to St. Ignitious, Flathead, Sealy Lake, E. Missoula, Superior, Hamilton, etc. Before you trash on the Town, take a few years here in the midwest, at the cold and callous jack asses they have here, and the lack of work, the wages and laziness of those from here. Then I would welcome your comments!! LOL!! Life has its really awesome and really awful places to be. IT depends on who and where you are. For me, it is the Great Rockies, lower humidity, and warm hospitality I miss.

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Missoula, MT

Outdoor activities for all seasons - 5/27/2011

Dozens of walking,hiking and biking trails in the summer; skiing in the winter. Inner-tubes for sale or rent at stores right by the Clark Fork River (which runs throught the center of town). Two organic farmer's markets run from May through October. Downtown pavillion offers frequent activities from Brew Fest (a beer and wine festival)to Out to Lunch (local food merchants gathering) to Made Fair (locally made clothes, crafts, etc).

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Honolulu, HI

still cheap - 9/22/2010

I moved here from Hawaii and have lived in Missoula, Montana for three years. It is a great town and you can drive one hour in any direction and be in the wilderness. There is always something to do. With the college in the town and in session there is a flux of population almost 7 to 10 thousand more people during college. Stuff is still reasonable. Rent for a 1 bedroom is about 525 to 700 somewhere in there which is bar far cheaper than my Hawaii or Seattle Apartment.

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fine - 3/26/2010


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Portland, OR

Great Place to live - 12/17/2009

Great place.

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Missoula, MT

Missoula is my home, whether I like it or not. - 11/14/2009

All the complaints about Missoula are true: the outrageous property values, the low wages, the impossible to find job, and the xenophobia. You have to understand that Missoula has always had low wages and few jobs. The near 5 percent unemployment rate stems more from desperation or the need work two jobs to survive the winter. I know too many single parents working two jobs and still unable to make it. In our weirdness, we ignore that most of the highly skilled jobs can only be filled by outsiders. So, we struggle on, griping. That's all we can do. Wage-slavery creates a kind of fraternal feel amongst the locals. It's not what you know here, but who you know. An IN is more important than most any degree. A college degree is a dime-a-dozen. We will always hire our long-time buddy over the most educated, qualified stranger. Our only real skills are hunting, fishing, logging, skiing, floating, art, and getting wasted. In the 80s, housing prices mirrored wages fairly well. A family starting out could afford a basic home in a safe neighborhood. A decent 2-3 bedroom home went for about 60-80 grand. Montana had so much cheap property that anyone could pick some up for the cost of a timeshare in Vale. After desirable properties started to run out, the values tripled and people are building suburbs in the farmlands.Even in the far suburbs of the Bitteroot, we got McCabins. For those that trash on the zoo, you can understand how someone who lives here would feel when factors beyond his control make the American dream almost impossible. With every day, the dream fades a little more. We really have every right to bitch, but it's nothing personal. We understand why you're here. No matter how much I hate Missoula(and I do most of the time), I always end up back here. Whenever I leave, this dirty, hippie, pretentious city pulls me back and whenever I'm here, I can't wait to be off. I guess familiarity is a blessing and a curse.

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Rock Springs, WY

Great place to visit - 8/23/2009

Missoula is a great place to visit. There are plenty of services for tourists and it is in a beautiful location.The people are friendly. However, those services provide the majority of the jobs. Very few jobs are to be had in town that will pay more than $10 an hour. Many, many University of Montana graduates have flooded the job market and are competing for the few good ones and working at lots of the low-paying ones. The cost of living is high. Due to the high cost of living and the shortage of good jobs, many people are renting at a high cost. While I didn't have a problem finding a place, it can be tough. The people are friendly but many are very close-mined, and this is a trait to be found all across western Montana. They believe they are in the best place in the world and if you are from outside of there they will not accept you. They will constantly tell you how lucky you are to live there even though wages in Montana are some of the lowest in the nation. I cannot speak for the University since I didn't graduate from there.

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Missoula, MT

Hunting and Fishing - 2/3/2009

The hunting and fishing in Western Montana is fabulous! From downtown Missoula, one can drive 20 mins to outstanding fishing and recreation rivers - The Blackfoot, Clark Fork, and Bitterroot.

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Missoula, MT

Transplants from California and Washington Have Ru - 9/30/2008

Overall, the people near and around Missoula are wonderful, caring and friendly folk. They do a great job of demonstrating what it means to be a community. There is no shortage of things to do either. However, over the past 5-10 years, there has been an influx of new residents from California and Seattle. With their money, these people have driven up the cost of living for everyone else and have made it nearly impossible for ordinary people to be able to have a decent standard of living. Since good paying jobs are difficult to find, many people have to work 2-3 full time jobs just to get by. The housing market has spiraled out of control to where no one except Califorians and Washingtonians can afford a place to live. In addition to these economic woes, these same groups have brought with them their extremist-radical socialistic views. While the Washingtonians appear to be at least open minded, the radicals from CA (namely San Fransisco) appear to be imposing their will on everyone else. These freeze-dried hippies keep driving up people's taxes (3 tax hikes in the past year alone) and proposing more wasteful spending (like building a trolley of all things downtown.) My advice would be to move to the beautiful Bitterroot, Jocko, or Mission Valleys. This way, you might be able to avoid the antics of the transplants. If you are planning on moving here from California or Western Washington, please don't. There are already too many of you here.

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Missoula, MT

Missoula - 9/6/2008

A wonderful city with fine restaurants, access to university culture and outdoor activities for all seasons.

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Missoula, MT

Dude, whatever... - 9/5/2008

I recently moved to Missoula from another area of Montana and find little reason for complaint. Missoula is a town for people who appreciate the outdoors and can handle some real winter, but don't want to live in a one-room cabin in Lincoln MT like say----the unibomber??? Given the fact that Missoula is the hippest town in Montana with the the best shopping and the place where most musicians will stop if they come to MT, there is a price to pay. By that, I mean moderate traffic and congestion. Job competition is a consideration, but if you are a normal person and can handle a job interview confidently, it shouldn't be that hard to find work--and I have no college degree. Every weekend durring the summer, there is something happening here and more farmer's markets than you'll know what to do with. Montanans try to use reverse psychology to keep people out of their "little home" by telling you how bad it is. Fact is, everyone wants out of places like California, and we've got plenty of room over here in Montana, SO DON'T BE GREEDY!Missoula to me is a happy medium between Seattle and the middle of nowhere.

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