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"poor land use"

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Canton, OH

Great! - 5/12/2009

North Canton is a wonderful place to live. Great schools (both high school and college) Great opportunities and great people. A very safe community, I am a 22 year old female and always feel safe. I came here for college and would stay forever, I really enjoyed living here. Many people take advantage of the great landscape and enjoy running all around town, on nice days the sidewalks are filled with friendly people walking, running,and more. There are plenty of great local activities. More restaurants within 15 minutes then you could imagine. Good mall, and other stores nearby. The only reason I am even concidereing leaving is because of the climate, I would like to live somewhere warmer.

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Canton, OH

poor land use - 1/23/2006

several hundred acres of wooded golf courses destroyed in order to add more unnecessary housing and a monstrosity called church.

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