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"Golf, Swim, Dance, Bocce, Concerts, Beautiful Wea"

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Living in The Villages - 11/6/2013

The Villages environment is very unusual.

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The Villages, FL

Great! - 1/30/2013


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Pleasanton, CA

Tri-County city - 4/30/2009

As in your case, many reviews of The Villages miss the boat due to the city being in three different counties. Part is also under the police jurisdiction of Lady Lake, Florida, a fourth political entitie. To top it all off it is not an incorporated city, but a large number of Community Development Districts, banded together to form a single large community, hence the term, The Villages. It is very large, with a current population around 73,000 people. It is slated to be approximately 110,000 people at build out in the next 5-10 years. The quality of life is amazing. The entire location (some tens of square miles) is golf cart accessible. That means you can drive your cart from home to play golf, shop at the grocery store, pickup your laundry, and finish with dinner at a fine resturant. All while driving your golf cart. With approximately 1,000 clubs and groups, you would have a hard time not finding a group to enjoy yourself with. Nightly dancing on two large squares, a low cost of living and a first class medical facility, makes this a retirment heaven. Check it out.

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Lady Lake, FL

Golf, Swim, Dance, Bocce, Concerts, Beautiful Wea - 4/29/2009

Beautifully, manacured lawns common areas, live oak trees, very, very clean, two town centers, wonderful golf cart roads to visit all areas and business of The Villages. God's Waiting Rooms...beat place on earth to ascend into Heaven!

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Lady Lake, FL

Update - The Villages - 7/11/2008

I reviewed your description of The Villages and thought you should know that it has been very understated. Our population in 2008 exceeded 70,000 and the average age is much younger than 68. Last figure I heard was closer to 58. The Villages Charter schools, elementary, secondary and high school, as well as The Villages public elementary school have had multiple years of A rating, a very desirable attraction to employment. The Villages is the largest employer in Sumter County, the largest self contained golf cart community in The United States, boasting A+ rated hospitals, more daily activities than one can imagine, 972 holes of championship golf with 9 Country Clubs,at least 24 executive courses (free), 7 Regional Recreation Centers, at least 37 local recreation centers for swimming, tennis, pickleball, 2 bowling centers, a Polo team with state of the art grounds, 2 town squares with a 3rd on the drawing board, and much more to offer than there is space. For more information, I'd suggest you call The Villages central number 352 753-2270 and request their video, so you can see for yourself.

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