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re: thinking of moving to corvallis - 1/24/2006 - 9/27/2008
I'm new to this site, I also was looking at Corvallis (I've been in the Houston area for over 30 years) but I read a blog about bad allergies from someone in Corvallis, I'm trying to get more info about this-

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Austin, TX

82.53% Hispanic? <~~~ This site is a fraud and not - 8/10/2013

This is the third or fourth time I've come to this site to find reliable stats and have found blatant mistakes. Also, why can't I leave a comment about 'people'? Thank God this fool isn't making actual books anymore, where he'd need an editor...uhhhhhhh...right?

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Corvallis, OR

ambience & cost - 4/7/2013

Corvallis has all the charm of a quaint, semi-rural community--with a river running through it, farms and outdoor recreation areas nearby--plus the intellectual stimuli provided by a state university and companies like Hewlett Packard. As a San Francisco Bay Area refugee, I'm reluctant to elaborate since I don't want to encourage an influx of California emigrants.

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Corvallis, OR

Engaged Citizenery - 7/30/2012

A high percentage of residents are knowledgeable about and participate in city governance and activities. The government is responsive to citizen complaints/needs/wants.By voting record, Benton is the most liberal county in the state.

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Hanford, CA

Racists in Corvallis? - 7/20/2012

My family and I just spend 2 weeks in Oregon on the west side in the Williamette Valley, Eugene, Corvallis, Springfield, Salem and Portand visiting long time friends. We stayed a couple of nights in Corvallis. I have to say overall it was gorgeous! The air was fantastic, and the water is to die for. The people in Eugene and Springfield were very nice and gracious and most people in Eugene were really friendly. My husband and I are contemplating moving out of the central valley in CA for clean air, water, and green trees. We went to a particular resturant in Corvallis and what I experienced there, was very tasteless. Of course it could have just been the waitress we had. As she took my order, she never looked at me, just my husband. I am Irish and asian with light olive skin and brown hair. I felt she was being racist and I have NEVER experienced this. Is this an overall thing in Oregon? We are in our late 50s and are financially secure. I have so many friends and relatives up north I would love to move. But because of this treatment, it has me thinking. And no, I did not get this again anywhere else. I just want to know. Are Oregonians racist?

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Corvallis, OR

Great College Town - 7/3/2011

Corvallis is a great place to go to school in. The people are friendly, the grass in green and the girls are pretty! But the weather is terrible! Rains nearly every day during the winter and by winter I mean October-mid June... The Summer weather is nice but the town is empty because the students have all gone home... Overall, this is a very nice, safe place to go to school but I wouldn't live here if I wasn't a student.

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Tucson, AZ

housing prices in corvallis - 8/27/2009

I love corvallis, have for a long time, but it is too expensive to buy a house. I am looking at about 200,000 cash and the only homes available are crappy looking one level ramblers. Its unfortunate that Corvallis has not realized they have outpriced most people from the market. With the job losses at Hewlitt Packard and other companies in Corvallis when will houses fall into line. I don't care they say they were not part of the bubble they are keeping people like myself from moving into the area.

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Corvallis, OR

Humidity - 4/8/2009

Most people think that because Oregon is so green (rain) we have high hunidity, The humidity index in Oregon is generally quite comfortable 95% of the year

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Corvallis, OR

Corvallis, OR - 9/11/2008

Corvallis is a great place for young families to live, work and play. If you are an inventor or you want to changed the world, Corvallis is a place where that can be done.

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Alderpoint, CA

Swimming - 8/18/2008

Can you swim in the Willamette River, or in a nearby lake in the summer, or is the water too polluted? Bob

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Corvallis, OR

Any direction you will find fun - 2/25/2008

Although the city can be a bit bum at times the recreation avaiable is unbeatable. You can float the river on hot days or hit the mountain when it's cold. There is always something within an hours drive. There are also lots of city league and club sports for volleyball, baseball, frisbee golf etc. If you like the outdoors, quite, clean, friendly town than Corvallis is a place you'll like to live.

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Corvallis, OR

Not as bad as you think - 10/17/2007

Sunny days occur even in the winter, and the beautiful greenery in the winter makes up for it.

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Corvallis, OR

For the active person - 7/8/2007

Corvallis is a beautiful little town with so much to offer. Bike trails are everywhere and the streets are bike friendly as well. There are tons of places to go hiking and many parks, as well. We are less than two hours away from the ocean, and two hours away from the mountains for skiing. During the summer there are several lakes and rivers near by, for boating, swimming and fishing. If you like green you'll love this town.

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Corvallis, OR

Corvallis......... - 6/20/2007

Corvallis is so beautiful. The weather is perfect...showing all 4 seasons in the year!! The community is youthful and active, as it is a college town (Oregon State University). There are always things to do, for ALL agaes. Bike riding is very popular as both a mode of transportation and for recreation! Corvallis was named a bicycle-friendly community, ranks ninth in the nation in bike commuting. The town is always green...decorated with the beautiful brick campus in the very center of Corvallis. The summer lends to parades, fairs, and festivals. One in particular is the DaVinci Days Festival...a 3 day festival celebrating art, science, and technology!! There is much to do for everyone! Corvallis is nestled in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley, within 90 minutes of the Portland Metropolitan area, world class skiing, and the spectacular Oregon coast. Corvallis has a residential population of 53,900 and is home to Oregon State University. Also located in Corvallis are the major firms of CH2M Hill, Hewlett Packard, Evanite Fiber Corporation, Good Samaritan Hospital, and The Corvallis Clinic. This one-of-a-kind community is sure to capture your heart! visit for more info:

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Corvallis, OR

allergies - 5/8/2007

This place is hell for your sinus

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Corvallis, OR


Corvallis is a beautiful little town. The drawbacks: Cost of housing is WAY too high. Too liberal (for me). Not enough thriving churches. Not enough shopping/dining/entertainment. Very little to do for high school/college aged students. Love to see better city planning and more modern buildings (too much mishmash/junk). The people seem fairly friendly, but very reserved.

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Corvallis, OR

The best place to live - 1/2/2007

I love Corvallis. I have been here just over three years and I plan to stay at least until I retire.

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Corvallis, OR

Corvallis - 9/24/2006

It is a great city to live in. There is so many outdoor activities to do nearby. You can't beat a small university town like Corvallis. Contact me if you want more info about this nice town.

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Albuquerque, NM

thinking of moving to corvallis - 1/24/2006

i would appreciate any comments regarding corvallis. my husband & i (2 toddlers incl) are wanting a cool town to move our small business too. we lived in a big city then moved to the southwest but too much crime. any comments thoughts are appreciated!!!

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Portland, OR

Corvallis is a college town - 6/8/2005

Corvallis has the state's second-largest public university, Oregon State. It is definitely a college town, but not in the "Girls Gone Wild" sort of way... for better or worse.

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Riverside, CA

College Town? - 6/4/2005

Is Corvallis a traditional college town? I'm a southern Californian looking to move to a college town, and I want to stay in the Pacific. Thanks.

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