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Hudson, MA

Boston - 3/28/2015

Anyone from MA lives in this area please contact me boston99g@gmail.com Thank you

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Lehigh Acres, FL

Nice community but terrible shopping or anything r - 8/6/2014

Been living in Lehigh since Dec 2010. Got an awesome deal on a foreclosed home and have seen the value begin to rise. That is good. (except for the taxes) However, my biggest issue with living here is the lack of shopping or businesses here not named Family Dollar lol. I think Lehigh leads the world in dollar stores per capita. I would love to see shopping strip malls added with actual small businesses in them. We seem to have a glut of health care stuff but a complete lack of shopping. Also, no real restaurants to speak of unless you like diner type places and even then we are limited. What all that means is if you want any of that you will be driving to Ft. Myers or Naples to get it. I wish I had a lot of money because I would put in a big chain restaurant, a nice movie theater and would become even richer. Those 2 things alone would be absolutely crowded and packed. hint, hint, hint...

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Lehigh Acres, FL

My Personal Opinon - 7/30/2014

I've been living here in Lehigh Acres for 2 years now moved here from Boston and based on comments I just found out the hard way its not what people really say I think the comments on Lehigh acres been over exaggerated its not a good place to live or start a new life here in Lehigh acres, lee county Police doesn't respond to all incidents a lot of vandalisms, lots of home invasion unfair government official's lots of fraud in 2 years of living here I personally witness this and video tape lots of it to show my family, thousands of mosquitos you cant even imagine how much bugs and mosquitos and lots of corruption, tailgating if you decide to move here your going to become victim that's I can guarantee it hate to say it but they are a lot of good people still living here and if you visit a church here the only thing that concerns them is your wallet don't take my opinion I invite you to come see for your self or listen to the news I believe Lehigh Acres would be a great place to live only if is govern my non lazy good hearted people with a will to move forward in life

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Lehigh Acres, FL

What cha' gonna do? - 2/14/2013

Have lived primarily in Lehigh Acres during my 38+ yrs in Florida. I love it and prefer it to living in Ft. Myers. Not a lot to do here...no theater, no fancy chain restaurants, no real night life. But, what isn't here also are the crowded streets, congested stores, and rushed, frantic pace. People here are just real folks. Hard working parents with kids playing outside of very affordable housing (we have great parks, bowling, swimming pool). Folks say hello and neighbors look out for one another. We have a great regional library. Almost all of the specialty medical fields have at least one satellite office here and Hospitals are close by. Nothing fancy but great small town life. Only minutes from the interstate, international airport, and the beach. Come on down and discover SW Fla best kept secret!

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Lehigh Acres, FL

Been here for 8 years (the good and bad). - 3/1/2010

Lehigh Acres is a nice place to live. We've met so many great people...can't emphasize enough the quality of friendships made here. We're on the west side of Lehigh so it's nice to be able to get to Ft. Myers fast. It's a bit of a drive to get deep into Lehigh and don't go there much due to the lack of industry. So many people live here and it's too bad there aren't enough businesses. That's something that would greatly improve the area with additional jobs as well as things for our youth to do. An entrepreneur would likely do well if they invested in a movie theater and/or some other form of entertainment. Overall, our family's experience here has been a good one.

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Lehigh Acres, FL

It's not so great to be #1 - 8/28/2008

Southwest Florida has the distinction of being number one in the nation for foreclosure rates per capita. New construction, which was once the center of industry in the region, has come to a complete halt and people everywhere are losing their jobs while companies are cutting FTEs as slim as possible. If you can afford to go out to dinner plan about 15 extra minutes just in case the restaurant you visited last week has now closed it's doors. Another major employer, the now-monopolized local healthcare system has also suffered serious financial blows in recent months and projections do not look any better. For being the Sunshine State, Florida is seeing rather cloudy days.

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Lehigh Acres, FL

Lehigh Growing - 6/25/2006

Lehigh Acres is growing very fast. Although to be watched, so far the quality of like still feels somewhat laid back or at least slower than Fort Myers.

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