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"Looking to start elsewhere"

Looking to start elsewhere - 10/27/2010
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Hampton, VA

Taxes are too high

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Hampton, VA

Hampton is GHETTO - 1/12/2012

I was born here almost 40 years ago and I can honestly say that Hampton is NOW very Ghetto. Funny thing is though is that they are trying to build high dollar homes in the ghetto. NO ONE will buy them. I am only still here to take care of family because as soon as the economy gets better I'm selling and moving far away. The only reason why Hampton's crime rate is not crazy high is because you dont crap where you eat.[read more...]

Newport News, VA

Hrbt - 10/6/2011

The Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel AKA,(HRBT)is like the brain of all the traffic in VA. As a matter fact, all the tunnels are like the brain and when the brain stop functioning you know what happen then....well, traffic in VA is a bummer. It's between a broke down, no gas, or an accident that always have traffic backed up for miles. [read more...]

Yorktown, VA

hampton living - 8/16/2011

lol i love how first comment is making the guy out to be a racist. its not racism if its accurate and at some point everyone is a racist, if you say you arent then youre lying. sterotypes are deserved for the most part in every group they are applied to. i have lived in hampton most of my life and there ARE exceptions but for the most part crime is rampant, teen violence is high, high rape statistics and rude people. yes its cheaper but to what cost? i live in a shabby room above a strip joint and i constantly have a death grip on my pepper spray the buses are highly unre;iable, always late and the bus drivers lie about the stops and are generally rude. have at me call me racist but i live in constant fear when the sun goes down because i kow what its like i used to live in a neighborhood adjacent to ms13 territory[read more...]

Hampton, VA

Things to do - 4/10/2011

Hampton is one of the seven cities that make of Hampton Roads and is considered "The All-American City." Hampton it very diverse and has many activities and is very cultural. It has just celebrated it's 450th year! There is so much history here, so if that is your interest you will be right at home. We are also surrounded by water, so boating and fishing are very big. [read more...]

Hampton, VA

Housing - 12/12/2010

Housing is expensive in the Hampton Roads area[read more...]

Hampton, VA

Looking to start elsewhere - 10/27/2010

Taxes are too high[read more...]

Beachwood, OH

A rotten place to live!! - 7/25/2010

I have lived in Hampton for 19 months now since getting stationed at Langley AFB. I must say that after traveling much of the United States and being exposed to most of the major cities, Hampton is by far the most pathetic place that I have ever been. For one thing, it is incredibly boring, and there are absolutley no cultural elements such as arts, sports, or recreation. There are no good restaurants or shopping areas for people who actually have taste. Additionally, the people here are exceptionally cold, rude and poorly schooled in the art of driving. I have never before been stuck in traffic for absurd periods of time due to a single car accident or inclement weather. Hampton must be home to the worst drivers in America. As far as crime, Hampton is full of low-life degenerate scum bags who exist as dead-beats with no future. I legally carry a concelaed weapon in order to ensure my safety from these despcicable people. Anyone who has the great misfortune of actually being from this area probably has never even ventured outside of the penninsula. Most people here have lived in a bubble their entire lives and have never been anywhere in the U.S. outside of this decrepid town. In every aspect of everyday life, Hampton is a fitting example of regresive backwardness, and I pity anyone who has to live here, especially those who are serving their country like myself and have no choice in where they are sent. Damn this city and everything that it represents!! I will only be here for a temporary amount of time because I am active duty in the USAF and have the great privilage of seeing different places. TO HELL WITH HAMPTON!!!![read more...]

Hampton, VA

Area Climate - 10/18/2009

Summers = humid, Very warm Fall = Beautifull, warm with cool nights. Lasts 2 to 3 months. Winter = cool with temperatures in the 30's and 40's rarely snows. Spring = cool to warm, lasts for 3 months[read more...]

Newport News, VA

Hampton-Not the best far from the worse - 8/23/2009

1. Diverse (may be a plus or minus depending on your mindset) 2. Dc(3hrs), Md(3hrs), Bush Gardens/Water Country/Williamsburg Shopping Outlets (Polo-Nautica-Hilfiger-DKNY-etc) (30m away), VaBeach (45m), Vb ampitheater-Hampton Coliseum, Multiple airports (Newport News-Williamsburg(15m), Norfolk(30m), Richmond(1hr), ODU Womens Hoops(30m) Direct Cruises that leave out of Norfolk to places like the Bahamas all of the normal stuff like mall, movies, bowling allies, carnivals 3. Average crimerate (don't believe me? check U.S. News most recent 2009 survey about best places to retire, they rate every major city in each state) I've been doing alot of research regarding different places to live because Im thinking of relocating(gotta leave sometime). In doing so, I realized just how fortunate I was to be raised in such a family oriented place. Are there bundles of affordable cites, with no crime, and lots to do in the U.S.? If there were would we even need this website? You can raise a family here without worry and check other websites to verify any claims on this one. 4. Strong military presence (Langley, Fort Eustis, Fort Monroe, Norfolk Naval) 5. Average priced housing (there are still houses that go for 150000) 6. Educated population (CNU-Hampton University-ODU-Norfolk State-William and Mary all within 45m or less drive) 7. How could I forget football? Washington Redskins/Baltimore Ravens are 3hrs away. I think the Carolina Panthers are a little further out. Is Hampton perfect? No. Any place with 150000 people will have a few knuckleheads. My friend stays out in rural VA where there are absolutely no people and I turn on the news and heard about METH heads committing crimes. Don't base your decision on the news, base it on data and evidence. I was raised in Hampton. I was never robbed, never experienced overt racism, never had to fear for my life because of gang violence, never had to worry about out of control drug violence and had access to solid medical facilities. That being said Virginia is a commonwealth so there will be more taxes. Unless you are a teacher, military, shipyard worker, or work for the city, you will most likely have to commute to VA Beach or Williamsburg (except for of course docs-lawyers or something like that). Hampton can get boring sometimes but you have access to other things and your children will be safe. I love to gamble personally but there are no casinos (sucks). My elderly grandma rides through hampton at night from her weekly bingo games and she's been here forever! Nothing has happened to her lol. My whole family lives in Hampton and none of them have been victims of violent crime. I cant even begin to count how many New Yorkers, Philadelphians, & the like we would have to literally kick out because it got too hectic in their communities (of course they always say Ny is the best lol, but stay for 80 years lol). My point is Hampton isnt the greatest but it aint the worse![read more...]

Niceville, FL

Hampton has too many gangs. - 11/2/2008

I am a military dependant. I took my son to Langley this year to check out the base to see if we may like a transfer. I was shocked when we got off the plane and everyone was extremly rude. I am fro Florida so we are used to polite and home town people. I was shocked to get off the hwy ramp exit to the base and stop right in the middle of gangland. It scared me to death. I had to wait until they got out of the road and hold my breath we weren't threatened. I am not used to that we don't have gangs here. The gate gaurd warned me about not leaving the base at night and get back before sun down. We went to Williamsburg and Busch gardens and it was great except the gangs were hanging around the parking lot waiting for the sun to go down. I couldn't stand the unsafe feeling anymore and we changed our tickets to head home a week early. I can't believe how bad the people have it there. I pray we never get orders there. If you do have to move in the area live in Williamsburg and commute. The local news frightened me the most. The murders rape, and general crime every night was something I had never seen before. People you don't have to live like that! Get with local law enforcement and make some changes. Take your city back. Its dirty and delapetated. I never saw a police officer. A junkie terrified us on the highway when traffic was stopped in a jam. He kept yelling at us and banging on the window. We were stuck. I never ever want to go to Hampton again as long as I live. I will stick to the South![read more...]

Hampton, VA

Really don't like it here - 7/10/2008

I am an easy going person that has liked everywhere I've ever lived (which is several places) until now. I've tried and just really don't like it here in Hampton. The crime is terrible, great neighborhoods are just two streets away from scary neighborhoods, you don't feel safe taking a walk at night, there are a TON of military here so as soon as you start making friends they move away, it is incredibly expensive here . . . The only thing I can say that I really like is the weather. The proximity to the ocean makes the climate pretty temperate for a southern area. That is nice. Though you do have to worry about tropical storms and hurricanes from June to November.[read more...]

Hampton, VA

Out of Control - 7/10/2008

The cost of living here in Hampton is completely out of control. A tiny fixer-upper in a semi-safe neighborhood is over $200,000. Taxes are high, cost of food is high, and income does not keep up with cost of living at all (and my family makes better money around here than most and we're having a hard time making it here. I don't know how lower-income families survive.)[read more...]

Hampton, VA

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic - 6/14/2008

If you don't like sitting in traffic, perhaps you should look elsewhere. Combining the 7 Cities of Hampton Roads - Hampton, Chesapeake, Newport News, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Suffolk - would make it the 4th largest city in the United States. All cities are connected by an out-of-date Interstate system and underwater tunnels. The smallest traffic mis-steps lead to very long back-ups and jams. Being a large Military area with all branches being represented, the influx of population from other parts of the country is very good. That being said, they all bring their own driving styles which often leads to many fender-benders which leads to many tie-ups.......[read more...]

Hampton, VA

HAMPTON, 1 of the seven cities - 8/31/2007

Hampton over all is a pretty nice place to live being single or having a family. But it's getting a little to expensive here over the last year that i've been living in this area. I moved from NY to PA and now i'm in Hampton. What a price difference!!!! Within two years my rent has increased by 70 dollars!! The transportation system is ridiculous. Traffic to commute back and forth is like NYC. You must have your own car to get where your going because if don't, the bus sometimes take forever to come and, they don't have to many sidewalks. They have different taxes on food. You have to pay property taxes on your vehicle, which can get expensive. Not to mention property taxes on your home, so many people are in foreclosure down here. Oh yeah, finding a job that pays well may take a few months or years. Unless your willing to commute across the water, which can also get expensive. So please think twice before moving here.[read more...]

Hampton, VA

Climate - 3/29/2007

Located on a peninsula jutting out into the Chesapeake Bay at the mouth of the James River, Hampton enjoys a temperate climate with cooling winds off of the water in the heat of summer and warming winds in winter. It can be fairly humid in the warmer months of July and August.[read more...]

Alexandria, VA

A pretty good city for HR - 2/3/2007

Hampton is a pretty good city to live. A lot of folks talk about the crime here but if you pick your neighborhood carefully you will not need to worry about crime. The southside does have a few rough neighborhoods. Look at it like this, my house got broken into and i was in york county (the safest place in HR). The schools do pretty good for virginia. Most schools are fully accredited. So all in all hampton is a good place to live.[read more...]

Key West, FL

Hampton Crime - 10/26/2006

Heather is exagerating, which is typical of people who post in these forums. I left Langley a year ago, lived there for 6 years (active duty AF). Lived on base, Hampton, Newport News. The crime is in the numbered streets in NN, and some on the south side of Hampton. Base housing is in York County, considered one of the better places to live in the area. Crime is not non-existent, but certainly there are not drive-bys in base housing. In addition, the Hampton Roads area is known as the Seven-Cities, so the crime reported on WAVY10 encompasses a much larger geographic and demographic area. Norfolk and Virginia Beach are on the middle tier of mid-size cities and growing. All seven city limits are contiguous, so leave one and you are in another. My wife and I didn't feel threatened outside of any normal caution one should have in an urban environment. Beyond that, housing costs are increasing (but that means value is increasing if you own one!). Hampton has a HUGE plan for revitalization and new urbanization of many of the areas. It's available online if you are interested (might have to dig a little). Lot's of history in the James County/Williamsburg area. I lived 15 minutes from Busch Gardens (go on a weekday!). Three hours to D.C., 1.5 hours to the NC Outer Banks. Culturally the area is a melting pot of northerners, southerners, in-betweeners, and military which lends itself to a mildly bland feel. However that means many types can "fit in". All in all, Hampton may not win a Best Places to Live award, but certainly not a bad place to live by any means.[read more...]

Hampton, VA

hampton - 8/22/2006

It's not too fast pace, yet not too slow. We love it![read more...]

Hampton, VA

Hampton's mostly ghetto - 8/8/2006

Live in York county...somewhere past Jefferson Ave...somewhere out me![read more...]

Hampton, VA

Cost of Housing. - 7/21/2006

Seems to me like the cost of housing has gone up so much here in the last five years. People tend to be what my family like to call, "Puffin' the draperies..."[read more...]

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