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"Auto culture"

Auto culture - 3/23/2009
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Fairfax, VA

Quality of life is seriously compromised by the need to use a car to function in this sprawling suburb of Washington, DC.

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Baltimore, MD

Fairfax, VA - 12/5/2012

Fairfax is a great place to live but the cost of living is high[read more...]

Fairfax Station, VA

Hot and Cold to extremes - 6/5/2012

it is hot and cold so be ready for extremes and great changes of seasons![read more...]

Fairfax Station, VA

Expensive Housing - 4/28/2012

Expensive housing, rentals and cost of living items make it a very expensive place to live[read more...]

Fairfax, VA

Cost of living - 3/5/2012

Fairfax is expensive. But there are jobs in the area.[read more...]

Burke, VA

Traffic Makes the DC Metropolitan Area Unlivable - 11/6/2011

The DC Metropolitan area has some of the worst traffic in the country. If you're considering moving to this area, be sure to move as close to your workplace as possible. Road conditions are very bad; road construction (especially on major highways) is continual; road capacity is extremely lacking; mass transportation, while available in many areas during rush hours, is poorly run, expensive, unreliable and crumbling from lack of maintenance; and local governments' ability to respond to weather and other emergencies is non-existent. Non-rush hour traffic is also extremely heavy making the expression, "You can't get there from here," very relevant.[read more...]

Fairfax, VA

Cost of Living High - 5/18/2010

Cost of living is high, but can be balanced with plenty of free things to do at many public parks, walking/jogging trails, bike trails. Trips to Washington, DC are convenient.[read more...]

Fairfax, VA

Fairfax VA - 1/14/2010

The schools are ecellent here. The climate is wonderful with four seasons, Spring and Fall being my favorites. People are friendly and welcoming and there is always something to do, whatever your intrests may be. The only problem is the traffic.[read more...]

Ithaca, NY

Couldn't wait to leave! - 12/27/2009

I grew up in Fairfax and finally left after 25 years! Yes, there are many jobs and things to do. It's only about 25 mins to Washington DC so you have access to tons of culture, museums, etc. Fairfax itself is way overpriced. Housing prices are outrageous. There is construction everywhere and the congestion is awful. Drivers are super aggressive so if you don't plan on speeding everywhere you go, be prepared to be run off the road. The people are rude and unfriendly. Also, the immigrant population is high, especially Asians. I felt like I lived in Korea after awhile! THe weather isn't bad if you don't mind hot, hazy summers. Spring and fall are nice. Winters are relatively mild and measurable snow is rare. [read more...]

Sterling, VA

education - 7/22/2009

we have the best public school system in the country but we are the third most expensive county in the us as well![read more...]

Fairfax, VA

Auto culture - 3/23/2009

Quality of life is seriously compromised by the need to use a car to function in this sprawling suburb of Washington, DC.[read more...]

Fairfax Station, VA

Life in Fairfax - 3/21/2009

Busy, lots of traffic, long commutes....![read more...]

Fairfax, VA

You can have it all: the city, the ocean and the m - 2/11/2009

I love living in Fairfax, VA for many reasons. My most favorite part about this area is the proximity to so many different natural settings. We are 20 minutes from our nation's capital ( a great city for culture, nightlife, and history), 2 hours or so from many great east coast beaches (from the quaint family setting to the party setting), and 45 minutes from the Shenandoah mountains. Whether you want to hike, go to a museum, go to a concert, or spend the day on the beach- you are always within a short drive of your chosen activity![read more...]

Fairfax, VA

Mixed Bag - 6/6/2008

Fairfax, Virginia, offers the best and worst of everything. It provides some of the best schools, best libraries, and best shopping centers in the country. It is a hop, skip, and a jump to Washington, DC, the nation's capital and the home of the world-renowned Smithsonian Institution, the Kennedy Center, and a slew of upscale restaurants. What more could you ask for, right? Unfortunately, access to such amenities comes at a heavy price, in particular, costly housing, high taxes, and seemingly costly everything else. If you list among the town's many well-paid professionals, you might not notice the ever-increasing property taxes, mass transportation costs, and home-owner association fees. If, on the other hand, you fall at the lower end of the financial spectrum, the continually changing living costs might be enough to drive you out of town. Oh, yes! If you do decide to settle down in northern Virginia, you must learn to confront its maddening rush-hour traffic stoically. If you fall afoul of the state's notorious Division of Motor Vehicles, you will face heavy fines and assorted other stiff penalties. [read more...]

Fairfax, VA

A place where north and south meet - 12/12/2007

While Virginia is considered a southern state, Northern Virginia is a mix of southern and northern. Not only in culture, but also in weather. At times it gets bitter cold like in the north, at other times it gets hot and humid like in the south. But most of the time the two systems mix and the weather is neither too hot or too cold.[read more...]


Beefed up housing prices - 7/24/2007

townhomes in my area reached almost $700,000 two years ago. Those same townhomes are worth a little more than $600,000.[read more...]

Fairfax, VA

Fairfax -- Best kept secret in Washington D.C. reg - 6/20/2007

Fairfax is a wonderful, safe and convenient city with nationally-ranked schools, diverse and interesting neighborhoods, and an awesome historic downtown filled with shops, restaurants, coffee shops and bars. What's more, the city is well-run and boasts the lowest property tax rate in Northern Virginia. The downtown has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation and now boasts a brand new library, new shops, mixed-use development with condos, and brick-paved sidwalks and pavers for pedestrian-friendly use. Bike and hiking trails ring the neighborhoods and George Mason University offers academic, cultural and athletic activities. The metro is within 5 or 10 minutes of most homes and Fairfax has great access to the major roadways. And the homes are much cheaper than nearby Falls Church, McLean, Vienna or Oakton. If you like contemporary homes in a rustic wooded setting, check out the award-winning Great Oaks neighborhood off of Old Lee Highway near the Army Navy Country Club.[read more...]

Fairfax, VA

Economy - 6/6/2007

Booming economy thanks to uncle sam and tech sector. Low rate of unemployment. High house prices to go with the economy.[read more...]

Fairfax, VA

Overrated - 10/5/2006

Fairfax County is all about "looks" - They artificially inflate AP numbers so they get their schools in the Newsweek top 100 -it's a scam and all teachers in the county know it. Add this to the astronomical housing prices, traffic and it could be one of the worst places for moderate income families to live.[read more...]

Burke, VA

Good Points, Bad Points - 9/15/2006

The Good Points: Clean, good schools (or so I've heard, I don't have kids) Mixed between Repubs and Dems, but almost universal disdain for the Bush Admin. New homes, lots of malls, churches, afterschool activities, bars, restaurants, etc etc. If you want arts, culture and museums, you can't do any better except for NYC. Crime? Some theft, but very low. Any homicides here are usually because of some nutcase. Unemployment almost non-existent. It is almost impossible not to have a job in Northern Virginia. Transportation is good, you've got buses all over. However there's only a smattering of train stops in the area. They were good for 10 years ago, but as population grew outward, you might spend an hour in traffic just getting to the train station, depending on where you live. The Bad: TRAFFIC. If you can live near your job, you really might want to think about it. HIGH RENTS/HOME PRICES: You will pay minimum $800 for a 1-bedroom. Houses are starting at $900,000 and that's for a fixer-upper. TAXES: As more people move here, more services are demanded. Fact of live. IMMIGRANTS: Yes, there are tons of illegal immigrants in the area. PEOPLE: Stuck-up, pompous, often rude, and can't drive. WEATHER: Only good months are April and September - October. Hot, sticky and humid in summer, and winter cold gets cold. I'm leaving in Sept but secure in the knowledge that if I need to, I can come back and find a job tomorrow.[read more...]

Fairfax, VA

Everything I need - 7/25/2006

I've lived in Fairfax since 1998 and I can't think of a better place to live. I live right in the middle of three incredibly diverse and culturally mixed villages: Old Town Fairfax, Vienna, and Falls Church. I'm really close to DC if I want more "city" and Old Town Alexandria, if I want the Potomac and historical charm. The housing architecture here is a varied mix of open, contemporary floor plans, Frank Lloyd Wright, Craftsman, and the older traditional split levels, Cape Cods, and Dutch Colonials. Something for everyone! If you want the same thing everywhere, move to California and enjoy a ranch style home. Or go up to New York and pay quadruple the amount for 1/4 the space. My kids go to the best schools in the country and they're public. If I need a Metro, I walk or drive exactly 1 mile and I'm there. If I want a 5 star restaurant that would rival that in L.A., NYC, Paris, or Rome, I have choices within 4 miles. Parks, pools, tennis, horses, bike trails, shopping, bars... and more are at close reach. If I want to take my family to have fun, I don't have to strap them in a mini-van and drive them some place, we can walk or ride bikes. My career precludes me from having to deal with traffic much, but I know that's an issue. Meantime, the Metro is still under used. Go figure. I've lived in a lot of places and for suburbia, this place rocks.[read more...]

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