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Oklahoma City, OK

Cave Junction weather - 8/26/2014

Rainfall around CJ depends on where you are relative to the mountains. Some places toward the coast get 80-120 inches. Grants Pass gets around 35 inches, Medford around 20 or so. 65 inches for Cave Junction sounds about right. When I lived there I thought it would never stop raining.

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Massapequa, NY

climate cave juntion - 4/5/2013

Thinking of moving to cave junction in 2014. Would anybody have any comments on the weather,it's supose to get 61 in. per year ,is that corect.

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Cave Junction, OR

Quality Living - 11/29/2008

Cave Junction Oregon has been my home for over 30 years. Even though the city of Cave Junction only has approx. 1300+ folks, our valley that goes by the name of "The Illinois Valley", there are more that 17,000 folks here mostly retired. We are a retirement community with a lot of our population living on 5 acres or more outside the city limits of Cave Junction. We are 60 miles to the coast and 30 miles to Grants Pass Oregon. We have many mountain lakes, 1 man-made lake in the valley and the Illinois River that runs thru most of our valley. All the basics are here including several doctors, a clinic, dentist, chiropractor, eye doctors, markets, gas stations and more. We are the home of the famous Oregon Caves National Monument. We have what I consider the most beautiful weather - all four seasons and none of them too extreme. Approximately 70% of our land is government owned therefore we are not overcrowded. When you come into our valley and be a friend you will usually find friends. We are a community that takes care of their friends and family. I am a Real Estate Broker in Cave Junction and have been for 18+ years. I have had several times considered moving until I go to the big city again and can't wait to get home. This is heaven to me.

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