Middletown, Delaware

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Middletown, DE

Housing in Middletown - 10/2/2013

Housing in Middletown is abundant and affordable. There are townhomes and single family homes. There are very small lots to large farmettes available right now. A major company moved here last year and is still hiring. Other jobs are available within 30 miles. Banking is an industry that continues to florish in this area. Tax free shopping is here and a major mall is within 15 minutes of here for tax free shopping.

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Middletown, DE

I am happy - 12/14/2011

.... I could leave Delaware !

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Middletown, DE

Outdoor Recreation - 5/20/2008

Outdoor recreation is very limited here. There are very few parks with walking trails in Middletown. The state parks are beautiful, but it seems that very few people take advantage of them. If you are looking for a city where fitness and health are a must, look elsewhere. You will not find Whole Foods or any other natural food stores of any large size. People here do not seemed interested in outdoor recreation (other than the beach...although I don't consider sitting on the beach exercise).

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Wayne, NJ

Number of Students / Teacher - 5/3/2008

It can't be true that there is a ratio of 50 students per teacher in Middletown DE. Is there a way to get the true student / teacher ratio?

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