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Strongstown, PA

jobs - 1/4/2016

We need jobs now bring back gas, oil and coal. I moved back to Pennsylvania in 2008 so my wife could be close to her family and I found a job at halliburton rather quickly they got my cdl for me I lost that job in 2012 it took a year but I was given a job at universal well service that lasted till 2015 at both jobs my average income was enough to keep my wife at home to be a mother (her choice). Now i am looking for work and I don't want to work at creps for 9$ a hour.

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Philadelphia, PA

Live in Philadelphia - 12/30/2015

I am a real estate broker and would like to use these tools for my benefit as well as my clients

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Williamsport, PA

Williamsport - 8/16/2015

I wouldn't recommend anyone relocating to consider to move to Williamsport. This little town trying to be a city is definitely not a good environment, specially for family with kids. There are a lot of drugs on the streets, heroin specially, and drive by shootings specially at the downtown parks. Since the gas companies the cost of living went up so much that is almost impossible to rent, specially compared to the income and jobs that the town has to offer. All the city cares is College kids that leave their money at Pennsylvania College of Technology, little league in the summer, and the local hospital (Susquehanna health system). The security provided by the police is slow and deficient, and so does the judicial system. It's sad to say that the town has dramatically changed for the worst in the last decade.

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Philadelphia, PA

crime - 1/14/2015

murder and disrepect among young adults

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Central City, PA

johnstown, pa. - 10/20/2014

I have lived in this area for 40 years. I am tired of the snowstorms, rain, and sunless days. The cost of living is low, but the lack of nice weather really affects the quality of life.

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Quakertown, PA

Pennsylvania cost of living - 9/23/2014

Pennsylvania cost of living in the southeast area is increasing due to a growing population and less and less support for State government especially school taxes

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Pennsburg, PA

Pennsburg PA - 7/28/2014

Described as a sleepy town, it's a great place to raise a family.

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Hanover, PA

Taxes - 5/4/2013

The tax burden in Pa. keeps going up. I moved here from Md. to get away from oppressive taxes but now I am looking for somewhere else to go.

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Jacksonville, NC

Best City/area/place to live?! Torn between a few. - 12/11/2012

I am looking into moving to PA, soon, as my Husband is getting ready to get out of the military. We are from NY, but don't want to go back to the town we are from. We are really leaning towards PA. & I'm torn between a few places! My Husband is going to be working in the IT field, so a big business or colleges may be a good place for a job for him. I will be doing something in the animal field, Vet Assisting/Tech. We aren't sure where are actual GOOD places to live & raise a family. Here are some we are considering! I want to hear opinions, the good the bad, anything! Poconos area. I am almost very set on the Poconos. I am just not certain where he would get a networking job near there... Reading, PA. I have heard such mixed things about this place, but we wouldn't want to live IN Reading anyways. We are thinking more along the outskirts. There are PLENTY of jobs near there. Wyomissing/Sinking Spring. There are a bunch of jobs surrounding this area, most within like 7-20 minutes, which is ideal. What is Wyomissing like and what are the best places around there or around Reading to be?! Shohola area? Not positive on jobs there.. but heard it was nice. State College. Ideally we want somewhere safe, clean, decent, we will have to figure out the cost of living & of course there has to be jobs there! There are TOO many options & we need some help, so if anyone has advice on any of those, let me know! :) We are considering other places as well. So if you know of something that is a great place to live, please let me know!

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Brooklyn, NY

relocation.... - 9/2/2012

I am hoping to relocate to Pennsylvania in a few years and build a log cabin home.. where would be the best place to go as I am a "city person" '

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Bushkill, PA

Have fun and relax - 8/10/2012

The Poconos, a place to come to see nature at its best. Hiking, canoeing, fishing, hunting, outdoor activities, camping.

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Philadelphia, PA

Four seasons - 6/16/2012

Pennsylvania offers a nice balance of 4 seasons.

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Bangor, PA

weather - 9/4/2011

I live in eastern pa I have all four season and they all go to extremes sometimes

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Tamaqua, PA

Best Place To Live - 4/4/2011

Pennsylvania is a great place to live and raise your family. We moved here in the winter of 1998 from the mid-west and have found the people here very friendly. The first year was hard for my wife and kids but now they have said that they would never move back to the mid-west. We live a few minutes out of Tamaqua and love living in the country and have many more friends than in the mid-west where both me and my wife grow up. For all the people that think the taxes and cost of living is expensive here need to do some research and find out how much more expenise living in places like the St Louis,Mo area are.

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Camp Hill, PA

It's Not That Bad - 11/24/2010

Harrisburg is a some what underrated city... it has its problems with education, transportation, and infrastructure. But it makes up for that is its cultural experience. For such a SMALL city it does a amazing job on its art in the city, and its higher education is not bad either, Penn State, Temple, Harrisburg U, Kaplan, and HACC, which by the way is one of the best commuity colleges on the east coast and even the USA. So if you have your doubts about how the city appeals, remember that all cities have there problems, and because of its size, it is doing a pretty good job on trying to keep it in check.

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Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh missed the housing bubble - 10/28/2010

[Defective web page: It tried to make me select a city from a non-existent list of cities, so I had to change the category to state.] Pittsburgh is one of the most affordable cities in the country, largely because it missed the housing bubble that plagued cities like Las Vegas and those in California. Why? Because when California was curtailing the property tax, Pittsburgh was shifting the tax burden onto the value of land. The cost of holding vacant and underdeveloped land fell in California and rose in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, California adopted other taxes that actually cost most ordinary citizens far more than the property tax would have cost them, while home owners in Pittsburgh were paying less under the land value tax than they would have paid under property tax. The result was just as many had predicted. Speculators swarmed on California like locusts, while Pittsburgh speculators either developed vacant lots or sold them off to developers. While California was having a real estate tax boom, Pittsburgh was having the nation's only construction boom that was not accompanied by a land price boom. Now that the land price boom has gone bust, Pittsburgh's real estate prices remain stable. Unfortunately the county that assesses Pittsburgh's land values has botched the land assessments, forcing the city to abandon its land value tax and return to conventional property tax. Still, this happened too late for the boom to hit Pittsburgh, and land value tax saved us from the bust.

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Pocono Summit, PA

housing and education - 6/12/2010

I am interested in investing in the area and want to know about how the houseing market is and how the school system ranks

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St. Marys, PA

My State - 5/18/2010

It's okay I guess.

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Gilbertsville, PA

High cost of living, unfriendly people, fiscially - 5/5/2010

Pennsylvania has a incredibly high cost of living and it simply isn't worth it by reasonable standards. We live about 30+ miles outside of Philadelphia in Douglass Township. The cheapest possible property tax you can honestly expect for a house that is less than 20 years old is $5k. Property taxes usually fall into the $6300 (average) range to over $10k for the "most desirable neighborhoods." The housing prices are also very expensive unless you are willing to commute a long distance. My husband works 21 miles from our house and it takes him 45 minutes to drive it on the best day which I guess isn't too bad considering the large population between home and where he works. But, due to the high cost, you can't choose to be close to work, you have to find housing that you can afford which means a long commute. You really need a $150-175k salary to live a truly middle class lifestyle here. You can live well on $100k provided you have no debt and no kids. The hardest part of living here is the personalities. The people here are anything but friendly, very judgemental and narrow minded unless you believe their way is the only way. We've lived here two years and have only made a couple friends. We can from the middle of the United States where people are much friendlier and willing to help each other. I did think the people in downtown Philadelphia were more friendly that the suburbs. Even long time locals tell me that PA has really changed in the last 10 years. And anyone who tells you that the schools are great is not being honest. Property taxes have shot through the roof and they are spending the tax money on new astroturf football fields and not increasing the quality of education. No school needs a cherry wood-walled auditorium that looks like the Four Seasons as familes are being taxed out of their homes. PA is the only state that allows their school districts to initiate a tax increase without voter or government approval. 90% of my taxes go to the schools while the parks and other cities services go largley unfunded. Democrats (Specter was never a Republican) have taxed this place into submission. We're planning to move next year...

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Exton, PA

Being dragged to Metropolis... - 4/18/2010

Exton, PA is a great area about 45 mins west of Philly. I wish we could stay here, but the job is in an office in Manhattan.

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