Raleigh, North Carolina

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Raleigh, NC

news=the north won - 12/21/2016

the level of hatred of Northerners was a surprise to us (you like our money though). The drivers here have no courtesy toward others on the road, refuse to signal and pull bizarre stunts while flying down ice covered roads at 70 mph. The amount of crashes reported on the news daily is hysterical. Love the weather though

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Ashburn, VA

Yankee - 12/9/2016

Yes lots of Yankee are up tight, but there are all kinds in all places. I'm from Michigan and a lot of people up hear are tight wads but in other area of Michigan people are very friendly, most outside of SE Detroit area or ever some folks inside the city of Detroit are very friendly and open minded. But i noticed the suburbs outside of Detroit white people are nasty and some very cold heart. It is very sad that some area turn into a cesspool of clicks and undesirables. Are country needs more awareness and education on other places and other cultures.

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Cary, NC

Wages/ Groceries/ Housing Bubble - 11/8/2016

I moved from Boston to Raleigh, NC area. The job here are very IT based. The wages are very low, unless you are in the top tier position of a company. I was making 6 figures as an Executive Assistant, I was offered a job @45K a year for a CEO of a Multi-million dollar company. I told them I moved to the South, but don't plan on being raped here. But yet I pay my dog walker $25/ 30 minute walk a day. The flight home was cheaper than I was quoted to have my hair cut $45-55. You cannot have people making cheeseburgers selling them to manicurists and waiters. The houses here under $375 go like hotcakes because that is what people can afford. I will never buy real estate here, it is a bubble. In addition to the people being very transient the jobs are too. You can have a job, but if you lose it I have heard countless stories of people that have to leave the area. The groceries are very costly, never mind the taxes on basic groceries. I have priced compared a few items compared to MA and many items are 50-80% higher for pricing. I am shocked, yes my car insurance went down quite a bit as did my salary, but so many other items are more money. Financially it is not any better here. Don't move to Raleigh, the weather night be nice is a big reason I moved South, but I am going back North.

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Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is not what it protects itself as - 6/15/2016

I've moved a lot and have lived in some really great places. I have to say that Raleigh has been the most disappointing moves. I could list a million things that make my decision to move easier, but it's not productive. For starters,there's no urban planning or zoning laws. I've never seen so many horrible neighborhoods go up around this town. The trees are all cut down and then the houses go up. They all look the same. It's an empty and lonely feelings to drive by these neighborhoods. No personality, no soul, no nature...just houses. Urban sprawl in this area is awful. Inside the beltline is beautiful. I would consider living there, but even then I'm not sure. Raleigh is a town, not a city. It still has a town mentality. So it's a weird combination, tons of growth, tons of transplants and a town mentality. It doesn't fit. They could do so much with the downtown area and if they were smart about it would look at Durham and other southern towns as a reference. Raleigh is one of the most unsophisticated places. Everything is backward, the customer service is a joke and blah blah blah. Maybe for me it also has to do with being single. It's been a tough place to make friends and to get connected. This is the first place I've ever lived where I didn't have close friends. So I really can't say for anyone else what they think of this place. There are some great things about the area; UNC, Duke, Chapel Hill, Durham but in general there's nothing happening of distinct interest. I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed that the jobs are paying what I made 15 years ago. It's really a pitiful state. Maybe it's like this everywhere. Don't really know.

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Raleigh, NC

Not sure why it is rated so high every year - 5/31/2016

I have lived in Raleigh, Cary and Wake Forest for the past 15 years. If you are considering moving to the area and have kids in school, please move to Cary for their benefit. Raleigh schools are horrible! Wake Forest is fair, but Cary is definitely the best in the area. Also, unless you like to drink A LOT, there is not much in the way of things to do. Raleigh folk can be rather clicky and hard to make friends with. However, once again people in Cary are much more friendly and out going and Wake Forest is once again in the middle. Raleigh is often dirty with trash everywhere on the sides of the streets. It has also become way over populated in the past few years. This has led to extreme traffic problems, a massive decline in upkeep on the existing roads and very dangerous drivers in the area. If you drive anywhere for 10 minutes or more you most likely find yourself scratching your head at the other motorists or swerving for dear life. Wake Forest is even worse in the driving department than Raleigh and once again Cary wins by a land slide. You can clearly see a common trait here. Cary, Apex, and Holly Springs area may be a bit more pricey, but it is worth the extra cost and little extra commute. I hope this helps

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Portland, OR


Hoping to get back to the reviews I was reading about Raleigh NC. Makes me nervous about moving there. Although I read a couple they seemed very fair and not at all angry. So hoping to see more reviews.

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Raleigh, NC

Frustrating for snow lovers / very humid summers - 2/14/2016

Raleigh NC is in a frustrating location for snow lovers. On all impending winter storms we are always forecast to be on the snow/ice/rain line no matter which way the moisture is coming in from. And it's almost never snow, usually a little ice, then rain. And the summer temperatures are extremely hot & humid.

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Raleigh, NC

Floundering and Declining - 2/7/2016

City management has made a terrible decision to try to change its reputation from a great place for families to a haven for trendy techies. Local tech companies already cutting employees and bars and other related businesses are going out of business. Downtown and surrounding areas are losing their attractive quirkiness to huge vanilla buildings with no soul and very over-priced apartments. Minorities are being pushed out - the general assembly continues to pass laws that harm education and financially harm those not in the upper 10% financially. It's terrible watching a good place to live being deliberately ruined.

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Raleigh, NC

Is there such a thing as a Yankee-free town in the - 9/3/2015

I live in Raleigh. I grew up in NC but I served in the Army for several years and subsequently lived in the DC area for several more years. During my time away, I became acutely aware of the not-so-subtle differences between Yankees and those of us whose families are nothing but Southern, for better or for worse. I've finally made my way back to my home state to find that even here, I still cannot escape the Yankees and their arrogance, hypocrisy, and wild sense of entitlement. Every forum I see devolves into someone from the northern states who is thinking of moving to NC seeking information on where they can find, and live with, all the other Yankees who have already made the move. There is no effort to integrate or respect the lifestyle of the people who have lived here for generations and I see it reflected everywhere. From local political elections, where Yankees seem to feel like they have some obligation to impose their values on everyone else, everywhere else until they ruin the whole world, to huge groups of sports fans wearing NY Giants or Boston Red Sox gear congregating at every Buffalo Wild Wings from Waynesville to New Bern. Anyway, Raleigh is lost. I don't know where to begin to combat cultural imperialism, but I do have a few questions. If it's so great in the north, why are you in NC? Don't you realize that you're recreating all the phenomenon that caused you to leave in the first place by refusing to be at all introspective, refusing to exercise any critical thought, and refusing to seek to embrace, or god-forbid learn, from those of us who live in a desirable place? And finally... is there anywhere left where you won't eventually take over and I won't have to constantly hear about all the exaggerated and usually historically inaccurate qualities of Yankees every time I'm introduced to a new neighbor? If such a place exists, and if it's in the Carolinas especially, I'd very much like to hear about it. Sincerely, Desperately seeking some peace of mind P.S. For those of you scrambling to find some grammatical or spelling errors with which to character assassinate me, don't look too hard, because you'll probably find some. For that matter, I'll bet you could probably even cook-up some injustice, based on my short rant, that requires immediate media attention to be followed by some new law or regulation that has long been in place in the Yankee north... FML.

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Baton Rouge, LA

Unfriendly - 6/30/2015

I am from the Deep South and had the misfortune of living in Raleigh for 7 years. Because the inside the beltline neighborhoods reminded us of home, we chose a house there. Our neighbors were not welcoming or friendly, nor were people warm at my children's church preschool and elementary school. My children were routinely excluded from birthday parties and play dates. I began to think, "These people have southern accents but they are the most inhospitable un-southern people I have ever encountered." It took quite a few years for my kids to make some close school friends. Other southern transplants told me they had experienced similar treatment. One of my southern transplant acquaintances lasted only a couple of years and she and her family packed up and moved back home. A Raleigh native once told me that his daughter was living in the Deep South and could not believe how much nicer the people were. Exactly! We finally made the decision to move back to the Deep South and we are so much happier. My kids have tons of friends, we have friendly neighbors, and the people are much less concerned with status and social climbing. What a relief. I cannot recommend Raleigh. There are much better places to live in the south. ITB Raleigh folks are generally (and with some exceptions) ill mannered, close minded, snobby, gossipy, untraveled (they rarely go anywhere other than the mountains and beach and will resent you if you travel overseas), and uncultured.. They attend church but evidently don't follow the Christian precept of treating others as you would like to be treated. I am happy to have this chapter of my life behind me. Do not move here!!! The other posters who have conveyed negative impressions of Raleigh are spot on.

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Durham, NC

Raleigh is AWESOME!!! - 5/16/2015

Raleigh, North Carolina is the BEST city in the south. The crime rate is low, it is safe. I lived there from 1998 (moved from Chapel Hill, NC to Raleigh immediately after graduating high school to go to college) until 2015 for family reasons and now I have to live in Durham, NC which IS A HELLHOLE, but Raleigh is awesome. It's diverse and you do not run into racist sons of bitches (on any side of the spectrum. Being a white person in the south I see a lot of racism between white and black on both sides but Raleigh, which does have it's moments as anywhere does, but for the very most part it was very balanced...The downtown has a beautiful historic district with beautiful homes....it's home to North Carolina State University (NCSU), which is the number one University in the state for Computer Science/Engineering/Veterinarian school in the state which is pretty good considering it's a stones throw from Duke University and University of North Carolina (UNC) - The city is extraordinarily inexpensive to live in if you live near the campus and it is VERY SAFE. I am not sure where you people who hate it have lived but I bet you are all yankees..lol

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Garner, NC

Thumbs down - 3/2/2015

I'd recommend another part of the Carolinas...The people here are very rude and also cliquish. They are totally against anyone new coming in so my advice is stay away as well. I moved here for a business opportunity and couldn't believe how much like a small town it is with very nosy neighbors, gossipy bs talk, group think and intimidation tactics to get you to leave. Our sin? We're not from here. The Raleigh area is VERY backwards.

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Durham, NC

The Triangle region has a lot to offer, you just h - 9/11/2014

I've lived in the Raleigh -Durham area most of my life and I love it. There's plenty to do from sports and the arts, to great restaurants and outdoor activities. What's unique about our area is that everything is so close, yet you can still be far away from it all. Durham, Raleigh,and Chapel-Hill each have their own unique vibes, and hoping from one to the other to explore takes 25 mins tops. Now Durham is probably the 'grittier' of the three, but it's not nearly as bad as I've seen folks make it out to be.Everyone's perspective is different, but I was really shocked to read all the negative experiences people have had here. This area is not perfect, no city is, but Raleigh definitely has almost everything that you could want. Great place to raise kids, things to do, great job market, and a strong economy. Now yes, the entire Triangle area is changing. Downtown Raleigh and Downtown Durham are both transforming in major ways and people are moving here like crazy, but that just adds to the diversity. Like any city, your experience there is largely what you make it. Get out and experience all that the area has to offer :-) Now it can be a little hard to find out what's going on when and where but www.workinthetriangle.com has a lot of great info. It's great for insiders, but outsiders may find it useful too bc it provides a great overview of the area. I see a lot of people here looking for information on relocating, and I would say do your research, then come down and visit. This forum is great, but first hand experience is always best. A lot of my friends and family have recently moved to the area from NJ, NY, VA, and CA, and they love it.

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Soldotna, AK

Moving to Raleigh from Alaska - 9/10/2014

Hello all. My family and I are originally from the Phoenix, AZ area. We have lived in Alaska for approx. 7 years. After 7 years we have come to the conclusion that we are not "Alaskan" type people. Here's what we don't like. Long, cold winters, Long, Hot summers (like Phx, we don't like really large crowded cities (like Phx) and we don't like "unclassy, rude, meth-heads (like Alaska). We love culture, history, sporting events, concerts, museums etc. After searching and searching it seems that Raleigh offers a lot of what we like. I've been there before and thought it was a nice city and the people seemed to be polite and nice. Problem that we have had in Phx and Alaska is making friends. In Phx it's so busy and crowded it's like no one talks to each other not even neighbors. No one seems to trust anyone there. In Alaska it's sort of the same, however, most people are on drugs or just low class (you know the type that throws there trash out front, wears their PJ's to the store, etc). Will finding these things there be a problem? Also..what are utilities like? Alaska is expensive. My monthly rent on a small 2 bedroom apt is 1000.00 a month. The electric (heat is not not included) is approx. 170.00 a month. Internet, phone is generally around 100-125.00 a month. We're looking at a home that is approx. 2000 sq' and newer. Can someone kinda let me know what utilities might cost in something like that? Also, how's the gas prices and grocery prices. Alaska gas right now for 87 is 4.19 a gallon and groceries are all expensive. Example apples can run anywhere from 1.75-5.00 per apple depending on what kind (red delicious is the 1.75, pink ladies are 5.00). Milk is generally 3.50-4.00 a gallon and walmart brand cheap loaf of bread is 1.78. Meats, produce and dairy are the most expensive. Thanks for any input. Oh one more thing.. How are the public high schools in the area? My daughters school here is a joke.

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Raleigh, NC

No one is from Raleigh! - 9/4/2014

Been here since 1991. I am in the HVAC trade. I have been fortunate enough to visit all the states but Alaska. Three other continents and was born in Louisiana. So let's talk about Raleigh, Cary, Chapel hill and Durham. You will hear a lot negative about the area. The fact of the matter is I don't meet anyone from here. Everyone tends to be from north eastern states. There has been a huge amount of southern migration. Along with that is attitudes and mind sets follow. So the area is basically a melting lot of northerners. Unfortunately the southerners get a bad name cause god forbid any northerner bad mouth another northerner. Unless they are talking about how bad it was where the come from. So yes Raleigh is not the best place to move to. Taxes are going up because they are accepted because they are way lower than where the majority came from. We just got a toll road of our own. Traffic sux during rush hour cause no one knows any other way home but the one the learned the first week they moved here. Had the horn blown at me today because as I sat third car back at a light to turn right. The truck pulling a boat wouldn't pull out in traffic. The tags on the truck pulling the boat were from NC. But the sticker in his back glass said he loved NY. So I'm assuming the guy blowing his horn was from Raleigh. Would have to work that way. All I'm saying here, to clarify for everyone born north of Arkansas, is if you look for something to complain about you will find it. I get to see that we all want the same things live be happy raise our kids. I've learned that if you open the door and your accent indicates you have moved south. I get on the job at hand and fix your ac. Then we talk about the weather, your kids, how life is going. If you have southern drawl we talk about the weather, your kids how work is going and your life then I get to work and fix your ac. I find that rather funny. One group wants to get to know you before you work on their house and the other wants you to work on their house then they want to get to know you. But both groups ask the same things, have same hopes fears and desires. Well thats enough from me. All in all Raleigh is horribly great. Find what you want here. But it's still growing so you can make a living. You can take you kids to see the symphony Friday night, a pig pickin Saturday afternoon And drive 30 minutes and not understand what the locals are saying but they will let you help them weed their garden and and teach your daughters how to shoot a gun in case one of the sexual predators follows them home.

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Orlando, FL

looking to relocate from Orlando to Raleigh - 6/5/2014

Hello, all. My wife and I currently live in Orlando. FL and are looking to either move to Raleigh or Roanoke in 2-3 years. We visited Raleigh in Move member and absoloved the autumn scenery and what seemed to be a friendly town. We've never been to Roanoke but here it's a good place to find affordable living with four seasons and low crime, like Raleigh. Of course, the grass can be greener on the other side and wanted to get input from natives, especially those that might have a frame of reference to how it compares to Orlando and Roanoke. We want more info on cost of living and day to day life vs. Orlando or Roanoke. Orlando has plenty of things to do, housing isn't too expensive, and the jobs are picking up, but wages are crap and the endless humid summer gets reallllyy old. Traffic is almost as bad as Atlanta here, too. Thanks for any input!

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Camillus, NY

Raleigh has a very nice quality of life - 5/7/2014

Raleigh has a very nice quality of life, moderate weather, moderate politics and the natives are very friendly overall. Transplant friendly, of course, too. My one complaint is the job market--very tight--and I'm an experienced nurse. Most jobs are hospital--rotating shifts, insurance companies & home care (traveling 100 miles/day throughout the triangle). Most jobs want recent experience in their area of specialty, too. If you are more selective, you will have a difficult time of it. Competition is stiff. Cost of living isn't cheap here either. But, with those items in mind, very nice quality of life overall.

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Spatula El
Carrboro, NC

On the Political/Religious Atmosphere of Raleigh - 3/5/2014

Raleigh is not as left-leaning as Durham or Chapel Hill but it is still more progressive than the rest of the state. It is also a more politically-minded place than Charlotte, with twice the level of voter participation usually. There is actually not that much influence from religious evangelical groups here, on a local level. Typically the conservatives in Wake County tend to be more libertarian in their views. As a socialist, as an atheist, and as someone in a same-sex relationship, I've been very comfortable living in the Triangle. I don't know how people get the opinion that you have to 'belong to a church' to do anything here... I never have. And I don't actually know that many people that do. And I haven't been hurting for things to do. Wake County is the most secular county in NC and one of the most secular counties in the southeast. A quick check on ARDA confirms that the majority of people living in the city don't attend church or belong to any congregation (that doesn't mean they aren't privately religious, of course).

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Angier, NC

Real Expectations of the Triangle - 2/22/2014

I've read a lot of negative comments on Raleigh and I've lived in the area for a couple of years now. I was born and raised as a young child in Louisiana, but went to high school and college in Northern Virginia, just outside of DC. Because of this mixture and the clients I serve in the triangle area I've been exposed to both sides of this North/South divide. So to cut to my biggest pieces of advice; 1) If you are looking for a Northern friendly "liberal" area, you are looking for Cary/Apex. We jokingly say Cary means "Containment Area Reserved for Yankees". 2) Know that you are moving to the south and while southerners are generally very nice and polite, you get what you give. Much of the rude behavior I've experienced or been told about has been in the city itself and (no offense) tends to come from people who have moved to the area rather than those who lived here for a while. Having lived in a true major metro area (DC) I will say there is no traffic and the cost of living is very low. In just about any city, the cost of housing is higher within the beltline and the manners of the people are lower. Raleigh is no different. Having been raised with southern manners and values but educated in a Northern City I can get along with pretty much everyone around here, but please acknowledge if you want to relocate here that you should make an effort to assimilate into the culture and not expect the culture to change to suit your comfort or preference.

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Labrador Retriever
Cary, NC

Thoughts on life in Raleigh, NC - 2/19/2014

Birdie, I too realized I made the biggest mistake of my life moving to Raleigh at the age of 40. I've traveled extensively, both domestic and internationally, so I'm not comparing Raleigh to other cities without some knowledge of where else you can live, granted regardless of cost. Unfortunately my wife doesn't want to leave Raleigh, and with the real estate bubble (outside of Raleigh) I'm stuck here for now. Why am I frustrated living in Raleigh? 1) Weather - The weather is terrible. Summer - four months of the year the temperature never drops below 90F, many days it is 100F with very high humidity. Walk outside and you are sweating in minutes. It is hilarious to see people drive convertibles with the top down in the summer, sweating profusely. During the summer months you will get mauled by mosquitoes. Spring - I never had any allergies until I moved to Raleigh. I now have lots of allergies. In the spring there are literally rivers of yellow (pine) pollen flowing down streams near my house. Cars are coated and kick up yellow pollen dust as you drive, similar to a dusting of snow, wacked. If you live near a lake, as I do, when the yellow pollen decays it starts to rot and smell like sewage. Fall - nice weather, but a short period. Unfortunately in the Fall every home near you uses leaf blowers constantly, 8am to 8pm. Positive is that I do like the winters here. 2) Geography – Raleigh is basically flat. Living in Raleigh is like being trapped in a very large topiary maze with lots of trees (both deciduous and southern pine). There are no hills high enough to be a significant landmark in Raleigh. As you drive around the area there are no easy landmarks like a mountain or an ocean to see. Instead landmarks are a Kroger grocery store, or a shopping mall, or a Waffle house. When you drive around the Raleigh area you are in a channel (the road) winding through trees on your left and right, with trees ahead and behind you. Don’t get me wrong, I love trees and forests, the Pacific Northwest is stunning. However in Raleigh you just walk and drive in an endless maze of trees. In Raleigh you literally don’t see the forest through the trees. I know, I’ve tried. Raleigh even makes trees boring. Since it is so flat in Raleigh you rarely see the horizon, or a decent sunset. 3) Location - You are 3 hours from the ocean, and 3 hours from the mountains. All of the locals are so proud of how close they are to the coast and mountains. I grew up in La Jolla, CA. In Raleigh I am 3 hours too far from the ocean, and 2 hours too far from the mountains. 4) Lakes – A positive aspect is that the Raleigh area has lots of lakes, however it ends there. Most lakes in Raleigh aren’t lakes you would swim in. Due to all of the clay in the soil the lake water is brown, visibility 6 inches. You won't be scuba diving in Raleigh. I’m not kidding; all of the lakes look like they are full of sewage. As far as I've been able to find there are no restaurants, bars, coffee houses, etc located on a lake with a water view. I don't know why, but Raleigh has succeeded in making a very boring city even more boring. 5) Parks – The parks are horrible in Raleigh. Case in point, Umstead Park. A day at Umstead involves walking through groves of trees on trails littered with rocks. If you like to look at tree trunks and twist your ankles it is paradise. 6) Roads - Cities tend to either have a “grid” type of road system (e.g. Washington DC) or a “loop” road system like Raleigh. The major freeways and roads are laid out circling Raleigh. If your destination is in the direction the loop travels you can drive it quickly. If your destination is not where the loops go, you have to hopscotch across multiple highway and road arcs (semi-circles). Commuting is a pain in Raleigh. 7) Suburb arrogance – I live in Cary, a suburb of Raleigh. When I talk to people they will openly bash where I live, and ask me why I would want to live in Cary instead of Durham, North Raleigh or Chapel Hill, since they are so much better areas to live (like they are comparing Malibu to South Central LA). All I know is whether you live in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Garner or Cary you are living in a flat, mind numbingly boring part of the world that has lots of houses, shopping malls, and a topiary maze of trees to stumble through. 8) Unworldly - I am astonished at how many people I meet in Raleigh that have never traveled west of the Mississippi or internationally. I've met plenty of locals who are in their 30s and 40s but have never bothered to travel to any west coast states. Have Raleigh locals heard of the Grand Canyon, the Monterey Coast, Rocky Mountains, Puget Sound? Anyone? Anyone? People say Raleigh is such an incredible place but many I meet have only traveled on the Eastern seaboard. When a co-worker asked me where I grew up (California) there response was... "Oh you are from the land for fruits and nuts". 9) Sports - No professional baseball, football or basketball teams. Hockey yes. On a miserably hot and humid summer night you can watch a minor league baseball game between the Durham Bulls and the Carolina Mudcats, woo hoo! Of course regarding auto racing NASCAR reigns supreme. Have these people ever been to a Formula One Grand Prix race? You know the auto races where you turn left AND right? Pro-sports wise Raleigh is podunkville. The locals will tell you how "great" college sports are in Raleigh, please refer to item #10 below on local colleges :-) 10) Colleges - The upside is that there are many well educated people in and around Raleigh. The downside is the moronic college spirit of alumni in the RTP area. Raleigh is basically a one horse town with lots of college alumni. You college defines who you are, unless you didn't go to a local school. I graduated from UCSD, so college spirit is not lost on me. In San Diego people don't typically identify themselves with the university they graduated from, at least after your mid-twenties. However in Raleigh, if you attended a local college it defines who you are. Whether you are 22, 42, 62 or 92 you've got to put the NC State/Duke/Chapel Hill bumper stickers on your car or hoveround, you need to fly your college flags outside your home. The endless conversations at dinner parties I've attended with my wife with NC State alumni telling the Duke and UNC alumni that NC State is the best university. Then the Duke alumni will tell the NC State and UNC alumni how great Duke is, and so on. If you are on the inside of the local college scene it is so important. If you didn't attend the local colleges it is of zero interest and alienating. 11) Shopping malls - There are a strangely large number of shopping malls in the RTP area for the size of the population. At least 5 mega-malls. So locals in their free time go to the shopping mall to have “fun” which makes sense when there is nothing else to do and you live in a large topiary maze. Of course in the summer what are you going to do when it is 100F out? Go outside and sweat, or eat a corn dog in the food court? 12) Poor English - I flipped passed a TV show recently, possibly "Duck Dynasty", anyway the show actually had to add subtitles for native English speakers so they could understand what the thick southern accent that the Duck Dynasty people were using. Stunning. Granted the show is located in Louisiana, but in Raleigh there are no lack of people who have never heard the phrase... "Queen's English". One question for the Raleigh proponents... if it so great to live here why did the real estate bubble largely skip the Raleigh area? The answer is simple. I'll stop here :-)

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