Springfield, New Jersey

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Springfield, NJ

Move elsewhere and have $200,000 to burn. - 7/13/2006

I have lived in NJ most of my life, and if you are a young person starting out, the New york area is NOT for you. The reason is simple. It is too expensive. My two bedroom apartment in Springfield costs over $1300 per month for rent. Houses are considered a good deal if you can get a $400,000 fixer upper. I had lived in Providence for a little while and had a bigger apartment for less than half the cost. I am moving to Tampa soon, and I've found half the cost for housing there as well. The salaries may be higher later in your career, but entry level position salaries are not different and definitely don't justify the cost of living. If you are looking for your first house, move elsewhere and save your extra $200,000.

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