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Best Places to Live

Where would you like to live, work, or retire? What's the perfect spot for you?

It seems everyone wants to live in a city with a low crime rate, great schools, a warm sunny climate, affordable housing, and plentiful jobs. But there are always tradeoffs in the real world, and that's where this tool is invaluable.

With our feature, you define your ideal place to live by indicating the importance to you of each category. Our computers then run through thousands of calculations and display a ranking of the cities which best meet your criteria.

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Tell us a little about the climate you enjoy. We have given some example cities below. If you like a climate, tell us how much you like it by choosing a range from 1 (least) to 7 (most). The higher the value, the more likely we'll pick a city with that climate. Or, you can click the box next to ignore and we'll assume you don't care about that climate.

New York, Boston, Philadelphia
Moderate temperatures, some snow, humid summer
Least  Most

Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis
Harsh winter, hot summer, short fall and spring
Least  Most

San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County
Warm, sunny, dry summers
Least  Most

San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose
Mild temperatures, cool summers, some fog
Least  Most

Seattle, Portland, Tacoma
Moderate temperatures, drizzle, little snow
Least  Most

Miami, New Orleans, Tampa
Tropical, sunny, warm, humid
Least  Most

Atlanta, Norfolk, Charlotte
Warm, humid, little snow
Least  Most

Denver, Salt Lake City, Omaha
High altitude, harsh winter, cool summer
Least  Most

Dallas, Oklahoma City, Little Rock
Dry, hot summer, mild winter
Least  Most

Phoenix, Las Vegas, El Paso
Desert, hot, very dry, mild winter
Least  Most