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St. Francis High School - La_Canada, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
St. Francis High School200 Foothill Boulevard
La Canada, CA 91011
(818) 790-03259-12Los Angelesprivate 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic61.92532008
Black, non-Hispanic4.166672008
Native American or Native Alaskan0.7183912008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Thomas Moran2008

1/24/2012otherWhy are there no reviews of St. Francis for the past 2-3 years? I'd love to hear from current students and parents.
4/22/2009parentAs a parent of a former student, and current college sophomore, I judge a school academically by how well they prepare our children for college. St. Francis provided an excellent scholastic environment, with supportive teachers and peers. I can report that my son is performing exceptionally in college. He was prepared for the rigors of studies as well as the expected distractions.
1/4/2009studentEverything is good. There are some teachers that aren't so great, but there are others who make up for that. A lot of the teachers here are absolutely amazing and all of the extracurricular activities are great.
4/28/2008otherI am a graduate of St. Francis, class of 2005, and want to publicly express how great of a school this is. Make no hesitation in sending your son here. He will be in great hands. You will be helping your son a great deal in all areas of his life that will be necessary to succeed in life. Mentally, physically and spiritually. The education is surely college-level, but more importantly are the values of life they will learn. I have many wonderful memories from my days there, and continue to live my life as a Golden Knight, in other words a Christian man. If there will be a sacrifice to send your son here, whether it be financial or just distance, it is well worth it. Trust me.
11/18/2007studentTo be honest I was hestitant to go to SFHS but I can surely say this is by far one if the best high schools in L.A.. Our achademics, extracuricular, and campus can rival several small colleges. The teachers are also really lickable, thier helpfull and I can surely say my classmates and I have developed good reltaionships with almost all of them. Another grate thing is the size of the school, in every class there is about 170 guys, its a realy intimate setting and you get to know everyone at your school. like I said before the teachers and the students have great relationshis and I think the size of the school is one of the reasons why were able to interact with the teachers and administration the way we are. Ina nut shell, if your son gets accepted at SFHS consider yourself lucky and he should defenitly go.
11/18/2007parentLove the school, the campus, teachers, EVERYTHING, is great. All the teachers are really helpfull and have unique and great personalities. I have no doubt my son will move on to do great things thanks to this school.
7/22/2007studentI am a student at St. Francis, class of 2008. St. Francis High School is overall one of the best environments for learning and develoment in southern California. Teaching Staff is incredible. Acedemics are unmatched. Sports are exremely competative. St. Francis High School supplies its students with the highest level of teaching and most compassionate level of love. Our communitee is a family. St. Francis is the one.
12/11/2006parentSt. Francis High School has provided my sons an excellent education and life experience that I do not believe they would have received at any other school. The dedication of the Friars and Staff is seen on a daily basis. The school has been able to challenge students that are high achievers, and on the other hand provide encouragement and inspiration for those that have to work harder for their grades.
10/18/2006parentI was angry when the headmaster suggested St. Francis as a good choice for my son. I wanted better for him. It turned out to be the best choice for him.
11/27/2005parentI had a son graduate a couple of years ago from St. Francis and we were extemely pleased at the balance the shcool provided in our son's education. He was able to participate in sports, drama, and campus ministry in addition to an excellent academic program. The most telling factor idicating the school's good influence is the way in which our son sought out a college. He was looking for the same balance in that choice as he found at St. Francis. The school's character is developed from the top with Fr. Matthew Elshoff and Tom Moran as president and principle have assembled a staff that contains many 10+ year members. From that base, the school has been very successful in developing a strong school community that reaches beyond the current student body. The staff's longevity gives the school a wealth of experience and opens many opportunities for the kids.
9/21/2005former studentSt Francis has excellent administrative leadership. Father Matt (president) has made the campus seem like a small private college. Tom Moran is a great principal and makes sure the only the best teach at St. Francis and that educational standards are high. The teachers truly care about the students and many are willing to tutor outside of class time. The are numerous opportunities, whether it's the school's winning tradition in sports, its theater program (and a state of the art theater), or academic excellence (winner of regional decathlon, high passing rates of AP exams). The area is very safe, and the students are well disciplined and harmonious in their diversity. St. Francis is simply a great high school. - a member of the St. Francis class of 2005
7/31/2004parentWe've recently visited a few boys high-school in the greater Los Angeles Area. My son was about to enter the most exciting years of his life. We were looking for a school that would help us mold our son's character. We are practicing Catholics & would like to find a school that would focus on our religion as well. After looking at a few H.S that included La Salle, Don Bosco & Loyola H.S. My son made a decision to go to St. Francis he said that the boys that toured him were very respectful and were truly proud of their school,they were warm & made him feel he belong there.
1/12/2004former studentA superb school. I wouldn't be on my pathway to success had it not been for the guidance given to me from this school.

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