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Mountain View Elementary School - Tujunga, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Mountain View Elementary School6410 Olcott Street
Tujunga, CA 91042
(818) 352-1616K-5Los AngelespublicLos Angeles Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
21 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic67.382009
Black, non-Hispanic2.142009
Pacific Islander0.242009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.712009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Elizabeth Harker2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/19/2010parentKids are sweet. Many experienced and caring teachers like Stager in first grade Very low accountability in upper grades No behavior control - 5th grade is awful! Some teachers are ready to retire, and won't give homework, won't connect with students and parents, and are teaching the gifted classes - what a shame! Principal has no leadership and no tight focus or organization Since the new principal has been at the school, scores have been dropping every year - they must start to pull things together!!! Really, with LAUSD, I guess anything goes, including continuous drop in scores and nothing that gets done!
3/10/2010parentI have been at mountain view for five years and from experience, it is a very good school. The campus is very clean and safe. The teachers are great and there is free after school intervention! I recommend that you take your child to this school and they will succeed in all areas.
11/5/2009parentMt View is a gem! They have under 500 kids from K-5th. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer. The teachers and staff are experienced and truely love to educated our children.
9/14/2009parentThis school has incredible teachers and staff and a fantastic principal who is completely hands on. The parents are very involved which help the school thrive.
9/3/2009parentMy daughter is entering 5th grade and we've loved all the great teachers and wonderful staff. I have another daughter starting Kindergarten in the fall who is trilled to be attending this fantastic school.
7/18/2009parentI am a parent of 3 boys who went to this school, you have to be involve in pta to be able to have good experience in this school, the education is good is you are lucky to get a good teacher and you need to request a head of time and visit the school before you enroll your little one. to much politics. you child have to be an outstanding student to be able to get the attencion that you are looking for. some teacher pick their student too to be able to teach, but no all of the kids gets lucky to be in their classroom. good luck. now they have a new principal that I am not familiar with, but the previous ones were horrible. so my advise to you is to be involve in pta and visit the school often as you can .
6/15/2009parentI was nervous about my child attending a school in the LA unified district, but Mountain View is a wonderful school! The teachers are great, the principal and the PTA are all first class. I'm so glad my kids will both be there this year.
11/6/2008parentI was pleasantly surprised at the quality and motivation of the faculty, and the strong academic program this small school offers. Within the confines of limited resources of LAUSD the school is giving at least a comparable education that I used to pay good money for. With a school like this I wonder what justifies paying the high real estate price for the neighboring towns where all parents flock for 'better schools'
9/16/2008parentone of the best elementary school our kids can go to now days, they are caring and understanding what the kids are going through those days.
4/17/2008parentThis school is the best school in terms of API in the local vicinity. I checked out some other schools in the area, but felt almost immediately that this is the school that I wanted my daughter attend. The school grounds are located in a better neighborhood than the others offering open enrollment and also there is more diversity in regards to the students attending this school. I love the enthusiasm and effort of my daughter's Kinder teacher, Miss S.. She is an outsanding teacher who produces outstanding students. We are extremely thankful to her.
12/9/2007parentI chose to send my child to this school thru Open Enrollment. I've been very pleased with her K teacher, Ms. Simpson, who is new to the school and have been blessed with a class size of 12 kids ... The Asst Principal, Mrs. Loverme, is wonderful. I have not had much interaction with Principal Harker, but I don't think that she goes out of her way to talk to parents. I love that this a smaller school with under 500 kids K-5 and that there is a great afterschool program, Woodcraft Rangers, where my child gets to do Arts&Crafts as well as Painting (they also have sports as a choice).
9/19/2006parentMy child started Mountain View in Kindergarten and had a great experience the first two years. She had an awesome Kindy Teacher who also became her 1st Grade Teacher. That particular Teacher is creative, shows a sense of humor and really relates to her kids. Being in a SAS class, her homework was plentiful but totally appropriate for the new demands of education. It is hard to come by any information on arts programs such as GATE or homework clubs, etc. The fine arts are at the bare minimum but karate classes are offered. The school is becoming very popular and kids in different grades are being combined, which is not a positive change. On the flip-side the Principal is very interactive and shows good leadership.
9/3/2006parentThis school is excellent, considering some of the silly restraints under which it must operate due to district acquiescence to state politicking. The teachers are, for the most part, eminently qualified and are excited by teaching. Both my children have/are attending, and my only suggestion would be for the local district to begin gifted & talented identification prior to second grade. There is not much in the way of extracurricular activities, this being an elementary school, but for the past 5-6 years the staff have written grants for arts programs that have been brought in to complement the curriculum. The after-school program is a joke. When homework club is being run by parents, it's good, but it's hard to get volunteers for that, and the district program isn't that great except for kids who like to play sports.
6/29/2006parentThe kindergarten teachers at Mountain View are exceptional! My daughter left kindergarten this year knowing how to read and write sentences. I enrolled my daughter in Kindergarten with the fear that she could be left behind academically, because she was the youngest in the class and a very strong-willed child. She didn't like to be told how to do things. Her teacher worked very hard with her and never gave up, and I thank her and Mountain View for everything they have done to help my daughter succeed. The teachers work hard to prepare the students for the next grade.
11/10/2005parentThis school is awesome. The staff and education is great and there are friendly parents.
8/4/2005parentOur daughter was very shy starting kindergarten, her teacher made point of giving her interactive jobs in the classroom, and leadership roles, and now she is very outgoing. She was already very gifted and we were concerned that she would not be challenged at a public school. But Mountain View takes pride in their state testing scores and have done very well. Our daughter's teacher gave her extra assignments and allowed her to come up with her own projects. The principal is also very involved with parents and the school does a great job of keeping everyone informed.
2/7/2004parentMountain View appears to be a decent school, however there are many problems within the paced math programs and language programs which aren't being addressed by the principal and staff. I do not believe the school district has a handle on the educational programs they have chosen for the student body. I have been very disappointed with my daughter's education there.

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