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Mililani Mauka Elementary School
951111 Makaikai St
Mililani, HI 96789
(808) 626-3350
public | K-5
County: Honolulu


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5/17/2012parentAs a military family, we decided to live off post just so that our child could get a great education. Our expectations have been exceeded. Her teacher is great, and she seems to really love her job. Thanks to her help, my litte struggling reader is back on track. Office staff has always been professional, helpful, and just plain awesome. I would recommend this school to any family!
11/30/2011parentParents, your children are not there for the office staff. They are there for the education. While most people try to be friendly, it is not always possible. Some can be aloof, standoffish, or pre-occupied. Could they be nicer in the office Sure! However, be grateful that your children are receiving a great education from qualified teachers. In Hawaii, this is rare. So count your blessings!
11/10/2011parentI don't know what the problem is. Don't know what you folks are talking about. Stop using this site as a place for your minor grudges! Focus on your childrens education!! There is two sides to a story. There is a handful who had a bad run in. But I bet you folks aren't as sweet as you folks pretend to be?? I'm here to to side with the office staff! Very organized, very helpful!! Very considerate.
11/10/2011parentI have to agree with the parent below who supports the office staff. All the complaints come in spurts. One person for every spurt. Do you realize these ladies do over 200 new enrollments per year..that is only kindergarten alone!! Not counting the upper grade levels. I come from a school background. If the complaints are 4-5 to 800..you people need to check yourselves!!
11/4/2011parentI completely agree with all the comments on the admin staff. They really do make you feel a bit uncomfortable. I have witnessed their rudeness to other parents and myself. I have heard many comments in regards to their attitude and hope that this site provides awareness as to where changes need to be made. In regards to academics this school is absolutely exceptional. My child has since graduated but I was very happy with her academic standing at this school and feel it has helped her succeed and continue to do exceptionally well in middle school.
10/19/2011parentI thought I was the only parent that encountered the VERY UNFRIENDLY & VERY RUDE & UNHAPPY OFFICE STAFF!!! It's as if they HATE THIER JOBS!!! I myself have reported this to the district office!!! Besides that the teachers are excellent!!! TEACHERS 10+ OFFICE STAFF -0
9/8/2011parentMy son was a 2nd grader at this school for one month. I found the office staff to be rude and very condescending. We have never had this type of experience with a school and I was very surprised. I believe the quality of education is good, but the snobby office staff needs customer service training. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a 2.
7/22/2011parentYes, I agree regarding office staff, as a parent myself, I would like to be able to walk into the office and feel invited and welcomed. Instead, I feel like I'm burdening\bothering them when I need to pick up my child's homework, or have a simple question. I shouldn't have to feel intimidated walking into my own child's schools office. I have been to other school's offices (in comparison) and it's completely opposite. I don't feel it's fair that nothing be done despite numerous complaints. If the school had a better office staff, I'd rate the school a perfect 10, but if staff stays an 8.
7/22/2011parentStrongly agree about the office staff not being friendly or inviting. They work with children and some have their children at the school. They need to smile and love their job. I'm going to report them to the district office and hopefully we could get better staff in that office. Other than that teachers are awesome! Love this school!
4/19/2011parentWe are thinking about getting our child into this school, but your comment about keeping the special needs children "out of the way" struck a chord; that is how we felt with our child at Mililani Ike. The school is just getting a check in the block for compliance without moving toward mainstreaming children who have potential, but require more attention.
4/3/2011parentWe have been very impressed with this school. I believe my children have learned all they needed to prepare them for the next level.
3/28/2011parentMMES is one of the best schools I have ever experienced. As a parent of two boys I couldn't be happier with the school. The academic standards are very high, and the principal had ensured that this students maintain very high achievements. Her leadership and guidance also help the school and students earn extra awards and achievements. The resources available to students are amazaing, from a full science lab and FT science teacher, to Hawaiian and Japanese studies, music, PE, and additional reading and writing instruction from a resource teacher. This is all standard, and if you have any special needs, they have speech pathologists. reading tutors and lots of extra help for students that need it. I am so impressed by the faculty and resources at this school. There are lots of educational field trips and a volunteer coordinator that schedules most of the volunteers that are not volunteering in the classroom directly. They truly value students, parents and volunteers at this school and it my great pleasure to be part of this school. PS If you're moving from the mainland this is one of the best elementary schools in the state. Give it a chance! It's a Military friendly school.
8/23/2010parentOne little setback: the PRINCIPAL needs to SMILE MORE OFTEN, especially out in public at the beginning and end of each class day. Mahalo.
5/19/2010parentThe teachers are excellent. They obviously enjoy teaching and love working with kids. The field trips and parent/child programs are terrific. However, because of the high standards for academic excellence (which is a good thing, of course!) kids who learn differently aren't fully welcome in the regular classroom. There is a strong push from administration to put special needs children into resource rooms for most or all learning. It gives an impression that these children must be kept out of the way of the students who are expected to succeed easily.
4/13/2010studentThere are not so good office staff, but other than that, the school is awesomely great!!!
4/6/2010otherMy grandchild been going to Mililani Mauka for the past 3 years. I have never thought there was others that was rudely treated by the office staff and V.P. Yes, I could see that the V.P. is very controlling and rude, the Principle is controlled by the V.P. Many times I walked in to the office, the office staff would be busy talking story until I would have to say 'Excuse me', then I would be helped. The office staff should remember that there are many qualified and helpful people out there looking for a job. As for the teachers, they are all awesome. Their interaction, love and respect they had showed my grandchild, it made her want to learn more. My rating for the teachers is an AWESOME 10.
3/24/2010parentMililani Mauka is a great school. My child just loves this school! The teachers my child has had have been great! The curriculum is very challenging. I feel that success for any child starts at home. It is not the schools responsibility alone to teach our kids. The only complaint I have about this school is that they seem to always want to fundraise. We just got a survery about fundraiser for next year and our year isn't over yet. They do 3 fundraisers back to back in the beginning of the school year, plus collecting for tshirts, yearbooks, field trips and more. Doesn't the Principal know we are in a recession?
2/26/2010parentI noticed that most of the complaints are done durning registration time. Could the reason be that these ill feelings come from registration not being processed due to incomplete paperwork? There is two sides to a story. We often forget to evaluate how we came off to someone to cause a reaction as such. My child attends Mauka and I sometimes volunteer there. I am confident that my child is being treated fairly and is safe. Involving the children is a poor way to get a voice across. If feelings of unfriendliness or unwill to help is really the issue there is a more productive way then trying to get parents riled up. I am pretty sure if a child was being mistreated it would of been out...
3/28/2009parentI have also experiened rude, unwill to assit office help, but recently I notice they jump up from their desks and run to the counter to assit. I can't but help to wonder if they read GreatSchools.com too! I really like Mauka. They rated 2nd in the state in testing last year. The teachers really push the kids to do their best..which can be good and bad (too much presure on the kids to keetp up). But overall, it is an excellent school.
2/3/2009parentI am a parent of a child that attends MMES. I have been in the office on several occations. The office staff workers are wonderful. I have witnessed first hand while waiting for my child in the office how rude some of these parents get to them when told they can't have it their way or can't do a certain thing. We as parents or visitors need to realize that these individuals have a job to do. They have rules and procedures. They follow it to a T and are fair all the way around. No special treatment for anyone. It is the ones who think they are above everyone else who get upset when rules are enforced upon them. My question to the most recent post is'What didn't they allow you do do'? They have told me 'no' several times. Oh well that's life. Rules/ Procedures...there everywhere we go!!
5/5/2008parentThis school is excellent. My kids have attended this school for the past three years and I am very pleased with their progress. The teachers are really good and the standards are high. One of the best in Oahu! Go Eagles!
8/10/2007parentI'm quite impressed with this school. My child another atteneded another school on Oahu and progress was limited. At Mililani Mauka, my child was challenged and has shown tremendous growth his first year there. Teachers seem to work well together as a team and curriculum is quite rigorous. Having my child at Mauka has been the best thing for my family.
6/1/2007parentThis school is over rated, no programs and extra activities compared to other public schools on Oahu. We moved from Kaneohe to Mililani and wished we did not....School and homes are poorly made.
1/29/2007parentMy son is in Kindergarten and really loves it. This is the best school on Oahu that we could find that doesn't cost 15,000 to go to. Parent involvement it appreciated. There is so much to learn here in Kindergarten. My son is learning Japanese, Hawaiian, and sometimes they learn about other cultures . I volunteer quite a bit and too be honest I think a permanent assistant would be a great idea for this school. Parents do not seem to volunteer as much here because most parents have to work because of the high cost of living. I would recommend this school to anyone. My son has learned so much. They have to get up in front of the class and speak about their journal or sharing time. This really helps the shy kids to come out of their shell.
6/8/2006parentWe lived in HI for only one year and my two children attended this school. The school culture is very rigid. Lots of consequences for lack of responsibility. This was actually a good thing as I saw tremendous progress being made academically. If your child can rise to a challenge and be tough emotionally, this is the school to go to.
1/9/2004parentThis first rate school has been somewhat handicapped by having to provide for two separate schools on one campus this year. This caused the population to rise to 1250. The new school will open this month and the population will fall to normal levels. In spite of the crowding, the school earned highest ratings from a Honolulu Magazine study, was nominated as a Blue Ribbon school, and has exceeded NCLB/AYP requirements easily.
9/25/2003parentMy son attended this school from K through 5. He and his classmates received an excellent foundation education plus had opportunities to explore science, music (both chorus and strings), and high-level math in a safe, challenging supportive environment. The current principal is outstanding. She is hardworking, intelligent, and committed to the success of all of the children. (some of the other comments sound suspiciously like 'sour grapes'.) This is the best K-5 education on Oahu and it doesn't cost $12,000 per year.
9/10/2003parentMy children attended Mililani Mauka Elementary from 3rd grade until 6th grade. The school is very beautiful, it has quite a bit of up to date equipment. Unfortunately the volume of work at this school is rather high. After inquiring with a specific teacher if they are looking for quality or quantity. The response is they want both, the student teacher ratio is higher than stated, the school is over populated. The office staff is rather rude and not very quick to help. Administration will look into a parents concern but not necessarily follow up on it. My children were both pulled out of the middle of 6th grade and returned to their old schools
7/15/2003parentOne of the best public on Oahu, unfortunately the State school systems overall performance is poor. There is no local control over the school system. The principal works for the unions and the money coming out of the state is based on political ties. This makes the local population less willing to be involved in the system.
5/21/2003 I have two children currently at this school and have been here for a few years. This school has it's good and bad points to it. It is in a nice neighborhood and has a good selection of teachers and staff. Some of their programs are outstanding and others need work. Their PE program is one of the best that I have seen. As with any school, there are teachers that really have the students in mind, and ones that are just there doing make-work with the students. The facilities are all very nice and well supplied. Unfortunately, it's the parents that are having to supply the school with most of the things that it uses. The office staff in unbelievably rude and uncooperative. The Vice Principal is very controling and the principal is equally the flip side of the coin and is totally run over by the desires of the V.P. If you are willing and able, the more that you Volunteer your time with this school, the better you will be accepted. Otherwise, if you want to be involved in your childs' education, homeschool. This school only requires notification and testing at certain grade levels.

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