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School Profile

Junior High School 190 Russell Sage
68-17 Austin St
Forest Hills, NY 11375
(718) 830-4970
public | 6-8
County: Queens (Queens)


  School Head OfficialYear
Marilyn Grant2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/13/2012parentMy daughter just graduated from this school, and my son will be starting in September as well. My daughter has found most of her classes to be challenging, and her teachers to be the best she's ever had. She loved participating in the Band, jazz band and math club. The only complaint she had was the gym class was very poorly organized. She is very competitive in sports, and she was very disappointed to be wasting precious gym time doing very little physical exercise. She was accepted at Townsend Harris, LaGuardia high school and Stuyvesant, as well as scholarship offer at Dominican Academy and Archbishop Molloy High school. She is very appreciative of the education she got at Sage, and she will miss all her teachers and classmates! I am hoping for a similar experience for my son at Sage, and I'm committed to get more involved in the school to make it as good as possible for him too.
8/12/2012parentI know longer trust this site. I cannot understand how Russell Sage received an 8 out of 10. As for the school being strict, it may be because the administration is too afraid to think for themselves. They don't use their common sense and blame their actions on the Board of Ed's rules. They don't care for parent involvement if the parent/s make them look bad. The problems in this school are many.....one only has to have a good look.
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1/20/2012parentWORST SCHOOL EVER. Teacher are not smart enough to teach and the school is strict. I will never take my son back there again.
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1/10/2012parentMy son really enjoys the school. The work in honors is hard and some kids seem to try and act too cool to study. However, the teachers are caring and insightful. I have spoken to parents of his classmates from 6th grade who are not in honors and their children also really enjoy the school. Perhaps NOT having a 9th grade has changed the atmosphere. There are always troublemakers at every school and problems can arise at dismissal at the end of the day. Having good instructions on kids walking home with friends or picking them up will go a long way to avert problems. I don t think this is different at other middle schools. However, things are not well organized by the school administration - with little notice about events or school announcements. Again I am not sure this would be different at most junior high schools. There should be regular postings on the school website so it is easy for parents to find out what is happening. Homework assignments should get posted for on-line access if the child is absent so they can keep up with the work. I am glad my son is going here because he is getting a good education and the neighborhood school is convenient.
12/19/2011parentMy son loves this school. The work can be very long and difficult but he loves it and always wants to study. Before in the 6th grade he would always slack off and not take teachers seriously, but now he studies for 6 hours of the day. When ever he comes home he praises his teachers and his grades, plus he is not afraid to talk about what the did wrong or right that school day. Now he is in honors and is getting good and high enough grade for schools like townsharris.
9/6/2010parentThe school principal and her administration adopt a "zero tolerance" disciplinary regime which they carry out with shockingly poor judgment. The incident of the girl handcuffed and arrested for doodling on her desk is only the most infamous of many examples of administrators unable and/or un-willing to communicate and cooperatively educate children. While most teachers are dedicated to doing an exceptional job, the current administration makes this school a potential kafkaesque nightmare for even the most mild-mannered child, let alone one with a spirited questioning mind. It is not the administrators' poor judgment alone but the the arrogance that goes with it, and a blunt refusal to be self-examining, to learn from its mistakes, to work with families instead of against them, that make this school one to stay away from for the time being.
6/14/2010parentThis school has poor examples leading these students-between the guidance counselor and the assistant principal who both fail to return phone calls or follow up as discussed in conversations, you wonder what do they follow through on? The students deserve better.
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6/12/2010parentThis school by far has to have the worst administration I have encountered. Ms. Grant and Mr. DuMornay are as warm as a limestone statue. The way they address situations is completely Napoleonic. My child has one more year here which I am dreading!
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4/30/2010parentThe extra-curricular programs allow the students to have a well-rounded education.
4/30/2010parentMy child has had a great experience here. The staff is great and it provide for a safe environment. The teachers are amazing and the proof is in the amount of students that get into specialized HS year after year.
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4/30/2010parentFor an urban public school it has a lot to offer. I'm not too jazzed about their in-house police officers and them arresting a student for doodling on desks, but on the flip side it is a very safe and orderly school (for the most part). The education there seems to be decent. The counselors also really seem to care about the kids. Also, their Beacon after-school program is really great for kids and working parents.
4/30/2010parentGreat Honor Program and very helpful teachers in a safe environment.
4/30/2010parentJHS 190 is a great school and i have had 3 kids go their. I really like the way that they teach their.
4/19/2010parentThe school is well run and its faculty/staff are dedicated and the curriculum is good.
4/18/2010parentIt is an academically good, safe, and well rounded school. My son's experience there has been good on all levels. We are very pleased with the education he got there as well as the administration of the school.
4/18/2010parentThis is a great school and it really helps my child grow and mature with new friends and in a safe environment.
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4/17/2010parentWe have been pleased with the school in regards to their opening this year of the 6th grade classes. The teachers and administrative staff have been supportive of the students and the family. The parent coordinator has been especially helpful.
4/16/2010parentI originally was going to send my child to a private school: however, my daughter asked me to give Sage a chance. We are all so glad we did. The teachers my daughter has been fortunate enough to have truly care and work with her to do her best. Teachers like Ms.Glass, Mr. Collins and Dr. Goodkin are perfect examples of teachers who have a positive impact on a child. A school is only as good as its staff.
4/16/2010parentJ190 is a multi ethnic school where my daughter has gotten wonderful preparation for high school.
4/16/2010parentRussel Sage junior High School is simply great, they have the best teachers on the staff
4/16/2010parentYes, I love this school. My child does very good and gets very good grades in school and not only that, I feel welcome and respected in the school. My child also learns a lot and is doing a great job.
2/23/2010parentUnfortunately, Russell Sage has never had a good reputation for its academics or interest in the students. Many students end up there due to the lack of available public middle schools in this area. Russell Sage has had a poor reputation for years - when are they ever going to fix that school?
2/22/2010parentThis is school has a tremendous problem with teachers communicating with parents. There's not accountability for teachers when they grade students without justification. The administrators and teachers have no respect for the involvement of parents.
2/22/2010studentTeachers are not good. They dont push students to their highest potential. Lack of communication with parents.
11/6/2009parentOne of the best Junior Highs out there. Very good learning system and a very high % of kids being accepted into Specialized High Schools. Definitely better than Halsey.
9/16/2009studenti think this is a great school. and as a student of this school i shoud know.
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6/20/2009studentOMG. I'm going to miss this school so much! I love it and the teachers there are really nice and they have good teaching skills also. I would recommend it to people living near forest hills. The students there are also nice and smart in their own way. Lol.
4/27/2009parenti think this school is the best!! because it actually showed my daughters interest in school sage you are the best!!!
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11/14/2008parentThe administration staff must be the ones who are rating this school so high.
11/13/2008studentIts a qood school butt there are many fiqhtsz i would recomend it thouqh .
9/13/2008studentGreat School, fantastic teachers and good preparation for the future. As an alumni i can say that this was the best school i went to throughout my student career.
4/23/2008studentRussel Sage is a great school. The teachers are great and the school supports many activities. They have funded many educational trips and this year the math team and one indivisual competetor went to Albany. Max Wang scored in the top 25 in the entire STATE. This school has great teachers and they care about you. They will also ask for help but they will not let it interfere with your studying.
1/20/2008studentThis school has funny teachers and everyone there is great, 7th grade at this school has been better than the years before now.
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1/7/2008parentthe teachers and students bond and increse the education. the kids have fun and meet new friends to help them later in life. my child loves going to Russell Sage.
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9/7/2007studentI'm currently attending Russell Sage, and I do believe it is a great school. This is only my fifth day, but I'm starting to like it more and more each day. We get more homework than we did in 6th grade, but the lessons are fun and enjoyable. I especially like Ms.Collin and her Social Studies Class as well as Ms. Randolph and her math class. The teachers are very caring and nice, and they make you feel good about yourself. They offer help in the morning and afternoons, and even during lunch. Some teachers, like Ms.Glass (French)offer Latin dancing classes in the mornings. Sometimes fights break out and we get made fun of because we're 'freshmen', but I can't call it a bad school because of that. I feel safe in this school and I'm really enjoying it. It's a great teaching and learning environment for all.
8/20/2007studentThis is a bad school because most of the people have treated me hostel. The organization is really bad too. Lots of the kids just kid around all day making jokes in class. Halsey JHS 157 10 Blocks away is a better school because of its great extracurricular programs and academics. The other review about this school are just too sweetened.
5/14/2007parentMy son's 1st year in this school has been for sure and educational one in very way, teachers, friends, Beacon etc.... Excellent school, especially the Honors program A+
10/25/2006studentI'm a student in this school, and these two years here have been, without a doubt, the best school-years of my life. The teachers are fun, intelligent, and extremely caring. The students in my class are funny, smart and extremely friendly. After about a month in Russell Sage, I looked forward to school every single day, which is more than I can say about elementary school. My only complaint is that the homework does pile up in eighth grade; seventh grade was far easier. If you get Ms. Poska/Mrs. Massarro in 7th grade, you are the luckiest student ever. If you get Mr Collins in 8th, you're also extremely lucky. He gives a lot of homework, but he is the one of the coolest teachers ever.
8/26/2006parentMy son's first year at Sage in 2004-2005 was a waste of time. Because of budget cuts, he had to attend class with substitute teachers instead of regular teachers for MONTHS, because teachers were getting fired or had quit. They canceled choir and gave him computer, giving him simple activities he could easily do at home. Also, he was supposed to be in an honors class and it took them months to realize this and to place him in the correct class. To top it off, he had the wrong comments on his report card, saying he was a difficult child in class. When I went to the conference, the teachers told me they were 'computer errors.' Aside from that, I do agree that the teachers are very nice and do show genuine concern. Unfortunately, the poor quality of how the school is run has overshadowed my son's experience.
3/22/2006studentI am a student currently attending Russell Sage, and I am amazed at how organized the school is. My class is very funny in an intelligent way. There are even extra programs that are provided to us. My language teacher, Mrs. Glass even teaches us Latin in the morning, where we get showered with SAT vocabulary. Of course, in every school, there are always a few bad classes, but that dosen't mean you don't have your intelligent classes. My teachers are very kind and understanding, and my classmates are so familiar with every single person in the class, that I don't have a chance to feel left out.
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7/21/2005former studentI have attended russell sage for 2 years. At first sight you can tell that the school is amazing and well build. When you enter the building you feel a chill down you back and it makes you feel that you belong. The teachers there all know your name and are all repectful towards the students. They provide extra help during lunch periods to help any student who is having trouble in that subject. The guards there know every students name and make you feel safe. The principal is involved with alot of the students and programs. You can always see her in the hallways smiling and talking to the teachers or making sure that the students are safe. The talent programs there are amazing and the teachers really make your child want to do the best in all their subjects. The staff workers are amazing. This is a great school.
5/12/2004parentThis school is a good school when it comes to education, but when it comes to student behavior I have to say it is very disapointing. One of my child's teachers, Mr. Aaronson is excellent. The office personal are very difficult to get in contact with, so have a little patience. I would give this school a 3 and 3/4 because in all its a pretty good school.
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9/15/2003parentMy younger daughter has just started at Sage and I'm a veteran parent, as my older one went through three years here before going on to high school. My experience with Sage has been nothing but positive. My older daughter had, for the most part, excellent teachers with only a few exceptions. All my contact with them in conferences was helpful and encouraging. I've been impressed this time around with the safety procedures. The only thing I've questioned is the lack of organization in getting information to the kids before the school term started as to their homeroom assignments, and the relative chaos the first day, getting all the new 7th graders sorted out. It's also taking a while (this is week 2) to get their permanent schedules set, it seems. But these are minor problems. Overall, I've been and expect to continue to be, very happy with Russell Sage.

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