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Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School
35-12 35th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11106
(718) 361-9920
public | 9-12
County: Queens (Queens)


  School Head OfficialYear
Donna Finn2012
10/31/2012parentMy daughter graduated in 2011 she was a National Honor Society inductee @ FSSA. Having the Arts along with their rigourous program is just what inspires the teachers, and students to succeed. My daughter was a Dance Major. The teachers, and VIce Principal made it very easy for the students to take their work seriously. While no school is perfect, FSSA is truly a wonderful place to prepare our children for the next phase of their lives.
10/17/2012parentMy child graduated in 2012 (visual arts)-an achieving student in an excellent 4 year school with funding. I say this DESPITE my student's academic education at FSSA. By sophomore year it became clear to him that though his art education (which he loves) stretched him as an artist, his academics were weak and not going to get him into a school where he could do both art and academics. He was motivated to supplement with several COLLEGE NOW classes, 2 of the very few APs offered. In addition his SATs were excellent-having nothing to do with FSSA. If your student is SURE that their art is the ONLY interest for the future-FSSA will likely get you into a good conservatory program which is what the school does best-for their best students. Non--art schools want to know why you don't have 4 years of coursework in academic subjects. The student community are largely good kids. Though there are some good teachers, this school is very small, often with one teacher per subject.. If that teacher doesn't step up to the plate, the kids don't learn and don't pass regents. This happens. THINK TWICE as this school academically caters to the lowest common denominator.
10/17/2012parent2 of our kids have attended FSSA. One is a Junior at NYU Tische and the other is currently an FSSA Sophomore. The school is as it says, a "School for the Arts". Like LaGuardia, it's main focus is on getting the kids ready for a career in the arts however do not think that the academics are poor. My Sophomore is taking a AP class and has excellent grades. Sure there are othere more academically challenging schools in NYC. If that's what you feel your child needs, then send them there. Why go thru the motions of auditioning and perhaps taking a seat from another talented child. The school has had it's challenges through the years but for the most part there has been a genuine effort to address those challenges with students and parents alike. It is an excellent choice and the facility is "World-Class".
2/5/2012parentMy daughter is a freshman in the vocal program and I too read negative comments. There is no "perfect" school but this school is GREAT!!! She has already grown as a vocalist and in keyboard. She has a confidence in herself and her abilities. The school work is challenging and she is very, very, very happy. There is NO bullying and people are accepting of others even if they are different. There is no discipline issues and I am a picky parent. For those who are thinking of a good school filled with good and talented students then Frank Sinatra is for them. The staff is very nice and so is the guidance counselors. There are various clubs to join and they are open to starting one if interested. The shows are great and the students work hard to be professional.
1/26/2012parentmy daughter worked very hard and was lucky to make this school as a sophomore. the standards are relatively high considering what this wonderful school has to offer. all parents should see that making a specialized school is a privilege. the so-called gifted or very talent students are simply the hardest workers. disciplined practice is a must. your reward from this school is actually a 4 year scholarship which must be cherished. work hard then work harder. preparation and opportunity lead to luck. the competition in ny is strong.
1/4/2012parentMy daughter started in Sept of 2011 as a Drama Major at FSSA. To address some of the negative reviews: there is a level of disorganization you'll have to learn to navigate, as parent and as student. But nothing happens that cannot not be fixed and staff as well as teachers are cooperative. Strict drama program which my daughter takes immense pride in, it showed positive effects on her physically and mentally after a very short time already . No one gets coddled here , but in my opinion, if students don't learn to fend for themselves in High School, where else...??? We are very happy with the choice of this school.
12/18/2011parentAfter my daughter got accepted into this school, i read some of the negative reviews and i became extremely worried. Needless to say she has yet to miss a day of school because she loves this school so much. She is an A average student and she has no problems with her teachers. I just went to their 10th anniversary gala and it was stupendous. The students at FSSA are very talented.
11/25/2011studentI am a junior in this school and I'm in love with this school. I am always happy to come and sometimes I would rather be at school then home. I always have great school sprit. The teachers do play favorites but that never affected my grade. I am a 90 student who is taking 2 ap classes 1 being the hardest class in school ap bio and it's very challenging. I'm not always the one picked for everything like I didn't get into musical theatre but I did get into opera workshop and we are always offered new way to improve. I feel that the parents that complain are because there children are the ones messing up the school because they aren't spoon fed everything.
8/8/2011studentthis is a terrible terrible high school. the principal has no clue what goes on there. Deans are too busy chasing after kids that look a certain way instead of being fair and doing their job. Good teachers have gone. The ones remaining dont care about their jobs. Guidance counselors mess up schedules. Dont send your kid there unless you dont care
6/16/2011studentI have no regrets going to this school at all. I am a 2011 graduate as principal Bassist of the school and I got so much out of going here. I believe that high school is what you make of it, and I took advantage of the resources at this school. I wouldn't be the musician I am today if it wasn't for FSSA. I think that the people who complain about the school are mostly students and parents of students who are not that talented/not taking advantage of the opportunities and hope to be spoon-fed good results. Some people don't understand working hard. Again, I stand by that I have no regrets going to this school except for the ingrates who just walk around school wasting time once they are accepted.
5/31/2011parentmy biggest complaint was with the parent coordinator, she is condescending, judges kids talent, talks behind kids backs and her job is to help parents. She is not professional and I know of at least 10 parents who or complaining to the DOE this year, they are actually afraid to complain until their child leaves the school because of her rough classless ,behavior, how sad is that??
5/9/2011parentmy husband and I had a lot of issues with some of the teachers. They are very laid back and do not cooperate when you come to them with concerns such as low test grades. We are very dissatisfied with the lack of support from the guidance counselor as well.
5/2/2011parentI wrote that my daughter's SATs were 2080/2400 when actually they were much higher at 2280/2400! I just wanted to add (because I met the maximum space alloted) I have a third child going this coming Sept for Drama studio. She elected to turn down a catholic school scholarship for FSSA. She can't wait for 8th grade to be over with. My kids don't live around the corner either. We are from Staten Island. I hope that this info helps.
4/12/2011parentoh! I didnt know so many parents felt so negatively about the school. My son is a freshman and he wants to go to another school. It is a task to get him to go to school. He feels like he does not belong there.The only connection with the teachers was at parent teacher conference. The office staff take the messages but the teachers never return calls. It is badly run and badly managed.
2/2/2011otherI graduated from this school 3 years ago and it was good. But I dont know what happened. My neighbors daughter is a junior. A lot of good teachers have left and favoritsm and unfair grading is very common. The teacher will fail you if he or she does not like your personality no matter how much you try and do well. The student said she tried to go for the math tutoring offered int he mornings but the teacher just sat there and prepared for the next class and didnt really "tutor" Tutoring in my Sinatra days meant the teacher was hands on with the students who came for extra help. It is a shame what is happening in FSSA
11/16/2010parentBad school. Look at the regents. And morale of the teachers and children. My daughter is doing much better in another school
5/10/2010parentI have a freshman in frank sinatra, it is frustrating to see my child struggle through her classes because there is no help, coming from public school where they had extra help everyday if needed this schools falls behind and our children suffer, and security is also an issue, kids can walk in and out whenever they please.
5/7/2010otherI am happy with most teachers but very frusturated with some. There are unfair practicies when it comes to discipline and grading. favoritsm is very common. The principal is good but she is unaware of a lot of issues unless parents come forward. She needs to address the core of the problems. This is a new school and it could fail drastically and it is heading downwards if you look at statistics. Children and parents voices need to be heard . The arts are good and probably the only department that has it together. The assistant principals and guidance counselors try very hard. It can improve. It is not too late. Some of the teachers are very good and i hope the school does not lose them. The good teachers want to leave and tell the kids all the time about their frusturations with the school.
3/13/2010studentThis school has opened my eyes to so many things. I am proud to say I go here, and I honestly feel that I am learning something valuable every single day. I am excited to get up in the morning to go to school, because it means I can learn something new to help build my career; both as an artist, and as a person. I have great respect for my teachers, my piers and all the faculty in the building. If it was not for my amazing school, I don't know what I would do.
3/7/2010otherMy child is a student as well. I agree that there are good teachers. And yes, the teachers and staff all know each other but on the flip side, students also know the insides of what goes on. It is a small school so the kids know which teacher does not get along with which one.etc -unhealthy! Discrimination and talks about children n gossip about parents between teachers and staff is leaked out.(from the staff!) to parents and the kids No privacy = not healthy= no professionalism except with some teachers. Yes, there are some very good teachers. My child had some good ones but also a couple where it was such a struggle because the teacher didn't know how to teach or handle students at all. This should be addressed. The arts side of the school is excellent. Great arts
10/19/2009parentMy daughter love the school at the first day she went there, she likes the teachers,enjoy the classes.... and I admire the the building design...I think she is in the right place...thank you, to who made this possible
10/7/2009parentGreat group of talented youth. The best in NYC!
9/20/2009studentIt is the best school. The atmosphere is great, and the teachers really enjoy helping the students. They focus so much on academics and the arts.
9/20/2009studentits amazing. family environment. not suffering much from budget cuts. new buliding. nice kids. great teachers.
9/3/2009parentMy daughter will be junior this year and my son will be a freshman and i cannot be more excited. FSHS is a wonderful school. the teachers are very close with the students and the whole atmosphere is that of a family. I wish their were more schools like this one. The students graduate from this school with the fondest memories and the more open and independent minds, they learn to accept and to think for themselves. They graduate better people, not all schools can do that.
9/4/2008studentI graduated this year from FSSA and I couldn't be more sadder. I love this school and I miss it greatly. This school has taught me much. We are so close, all of us students and teachers... just like a family just cause the school is small and we all care about each other. I miss fssa already! :(
8/22/2007studentI am a sophmore this year at FSSA and i love the surroundings and all of the talented faculty. Although I do have to say, that a few of the teachers are clue-less when it comes to teaching, but then again that is in every school, so that is not a major concern in my opinion because if you are a good student you will succeed even if you have a horrible teacher. Although I feel that my studio teacher is always there to help me, and she stays after school and comes in even during the summer to give me lessons, I don't feel that my academic teachers push me enough. Yes, all of my teachers the past year were there for me when I needed them, and gave extra tutoring, especially for regents, I never had to work extremely hard in my opinion to obtain a high 90 average.
6/12/2007studentMy name is Nicole and I currently attend Frank Sinatra Highschool. Frank Sinatra is a very deluxe school because not only do they focous on academics, but they also focous on visual and performing arts. I take dance at Frank Sinatra, and they inspire you and encourage you, which gives you so much confidence in what you do.
5/4/2007parentMy child is a graduating senior and has loved the school. She has had some wonderful, intelligent teachers and she has also had a couple who didn't know how to teach. Academics are not generally given enough importance. The school is small, almost like a private school, which could be an incredible opportunity for students to excel but since some of the teachers are inadequate the ratings and college admissions will suffer accordingly.Parents who have strong academic students should probably go elsewhere.
11/7/2006studenti am a senior at frank sinatra and i would like to say the school is beautiful and an amazing experience. we get so many performance opportunities, we have almost a 95% graduation rate, we are challeneged to keep our academics together with our majors, and we recieve individual help, counseling, and so many opportunties and clubs to get the best out of our 4 years. if [you] come to frank sinatra you will learn to love [your] art form, respect, and improve it and [you] will go far.
7/16/2006former studentI was thinking of going to FSSA but then I didn't really like the environment. It wasn't that big and I sure wasn't going to wait for my senior year to move into the new building. I love art and I can still put that into work at Brooklyn Tech as well as terrific classes.
6/26/2006studentThis school was a great idea but it is not as good as all may think. It overstimulates the level of confidence and there are many big egos in the school. Academic levels are low, and the majority of the staff isn't very appropriate or good enough. Some of the teachers are fantastic but others just add to the leniency and students who often take advantage of their gift. Discipline is nonexistant in this school and there are many, many rule breakers but there are a select few who are very good students. The academic programs for the majority are weak, the major classes of art, music, etc. are not progressing as well as they could be. Overall this school isn't such a great environment for students to become strong, moral, intellectual, and surviving people of the real world when it comes time.
5/29/2006teacherThis school is run by politicians, not educators. Its administration is basically perfidious and self-serving. A misguided academic curriculum and philosophy, widespread cheating and plagiarism, lack of discipline and accountability for students, persistent gossip-mongering, and a history of questionable personnel practices including intimidation of teachers, combine to form a generally amoral environment which fosters suspicion and mistrust instead of cooperation and harmony. If you are a parent, this school would be great for your child's self-esteem but devastating to his/her long-term intellectual and moral development. There are some fine teachers at this school, and some people of good character, but overall you must not believe the hype. FSSA was a good idea but has unfortunately become a political entity rather than a true institution of learning. If you value your child's moral character, do not send him/her here.
5/8/2006parenti like this school and the staff that works here. when i needed to speak with someone about my son or teachers i was listened to, and given answers to my questions. i may not have liked the answers i got, but i got answers.
9/11/2005parentMy son is entering his second year here. He had trouble adjusting to HS, but I will say that the principal, guidance counselor, as well as his teachers were on board to help get him back on track.
4/4/2005parentMy child attended this school from 2001 to 2004. I have to say that I was less than impressed at the school's organization, and overall quality as a school. The guidance councilors repeatedly messed up my child's transcripts, put her into the wrong classes, and made her feel less than satisfactory. Most of the staff in that school have loose mouths, and more than one time had used profanity towards my child. The staff also has a big problem with the knowledge of information about important subjects such as graduation and college. There were also many, many times when not one story was told the same way. The math and science programs are lacking. The History and English programs have great teachers, I have no complaints there. Of course the vocal program is a great one, and in my opinion the best in the school.
8/26/2003parentAs the parent of a student in the first graduating class of FSSA this coming June, I have to say that it has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. The enrichment program in the arts is wonderful. The teachers and administration are totally dedicated to making this school the best possible. The students learn in a warm caring environment where every one knows everyone else, staff and students alike.

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