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School Profile

Sabine Pass School
5641 S Gulfway Dr
Sabine Pass, TX 77655
(409) 971-2321
public | PK-12
County: Jefferson


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8/1/2011parentsabinepass is a great school,my child is a transfer student and the staff and teachers all know her by name because the school is so nice and small and we have always been treated with the upmost respect as well as everyone else,the teachers and principle are amazing and motivating and make learning and attending school fun.i feel like sabinepass school treats their students like a second home,a second family.i am very impressed with the teaching and my daughter absolutley loves her school and at the end of the day that is what really matters,i feel that at peace with my daughter being at school and on the buses too because they take very good care of the children and always have more than one teacher riding with them,its a great school,we love it.
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3/15/2010parentEven though very highly rated, academics at sabine pass school are lacking compared to other districts in texas, arkansas and louisiana. Principal has her own click. If you are a part of this school district, you better hope you are in it
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3/15/2010parentPosting on 4/28/08 sounded like words straight from the principals mouth. Being that there is a long waiting list for admissions, SPISD s administration believes they can treat parents and students with rudeness and disrespect. They think there will always be a plentiful supply of candidates to replace the ones who leave due to comradery and favoritism. It s called a power trip ! Yes it s true, SPISD is an option instead of the surrounding school districts. But I wouldn t suggest it! Eventually it may end up harming your kids more than anything else. The level of education these students receive is far lower than you would imagine. A colleague had students enrolled there for a few years. When they moved, the kids were evaluated by the new school district. Even though they received A s and B s @ SP, their test scores were well below their grade level average. Before you think that SPISD is the answer to your prayers, stop and think about what you were actually praying for!
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2/28/2010parentMy 2 younger sons were transfers to this school and it has been a wonderful experience! Not everything has been perfect, that's true with any school, but most of the teachers have been great. My youngest is graduating this year (my second to graduate from this school) and I feel confident he is ready for college. The senior sponsors are the best I've ever seen and know how to connect with the students. We have enjoyed the intimacy that comes with such a small school and the district does very well making sure there are as many extracurricular activties as possible. We are very grateful that this school was an option for our sons and are thankful to SPISD.
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4/28/2008parentThe parent who wrote the last review does not tell the truth. Transfer children are treated equally to the sabine pass kids. The only reason they are upset is that her child is probably not abiding by the rules. It is a priviledge to be able to attend here, and the screening is very tough. The school has a very long waiting list for students to be able to attend here. The parent doesn't realize the alternative school their child will have to go to. In my opinion if my children had to go to a port arthur school I would home school them or move If they had a problem they needed to go through the channels to get some answers to why their child is having a problem. Our children have excelled in academics thru sports from elem. to high school. I'm proud of Sabine Pass School.
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4/10/2008parentThis school thinks they can treat kids that transfer like they are nothing and teach them nothing. I would not recommend any student to transfer to this school. They will treat your kids terribly.
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12/10/2007parentThe best school in Jefferson county. Minimal student friction. Smaller class sizes mean more Teacher-student interaction
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6/5/2005studentThis school could use some improvment, but with many teachers leaving and new teachers coming in, we'll see how it turns out. New coaches may mean better sports, but it is not just the coaches, it is the kids too, they have to work for it, in school and in sports. Because many of them slack and that is why they did not do good this year.
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5/9/2005studentThis school, in the words of a child that actually attends the school, is the most embarassing of any school I've been to. The under-experienced teachers and coaches do nothing to benefit the students, they only think of what would help themselves. Our athletic program is a disgrace, we haven't gone past regionals in ANY sport in years. Our new band director is a joke and if they even get to distict competition I'd be surprised. The only thing they did right this year, was making home room reserved for UIL academic events. A few students did well in that. This school needs some serious fixing as far as teachers and administration goes, but the students are quite bright and with a little guidance they could do great things.
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2/1/2005parentI really enjoyed the people here and the community is really welcoming. The curriculum is great and my children have learned much.
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2/23/2004parentSabine Pass ISD has greatly improved its academics in the last six years. The teaching staff is second to none. Most are young and have the great ability to reach our children in many ways. The student teacher ratio is wonderful.
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