Zip Code 11222 - New York, NY

  Neighborhood DetailsUSACounty11222
  Residents per sq. mi.90.9420.124,003.3
  Change 2000-current year12.6%4.3%-6.4%
  Change 1990-current year27.4%10.3%-0.7%
  Male percent49.2%48.5%48.5%
  Female percent50.8%51.5%51.5%
  Median Age37.438.133.9
  Average household size2.632.622.07
  Current Population321,004,40719,798,22836,845
  Population - 2000285,036,11418,976,45739,360
  Population - 1990251,960,43317,945,40937,112

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  Neighborhood DetailsUSACounty11222
  Unemployment rate3.90%4.20%4.10%
  Recent job growth1.59%0.67%0.54%
  Sales tax7.300%8.496%8.875%
  Income tax4.60%6.45%10.34%
  Property tax$12$17$5
  Income - median household$53,482$58,687$66,610
  Income - average per cap$28,555$32,829$40,119
  Cost of living (100=avg)100.0120.5228.1
  Commute time (min)26.3833.0238.41
  Health cost index100.00100.78101.03

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  Neighborhood DetailsUSACounty11222
  Homes - owned56.3%47.9%18.6%
  Homes - rented31.2%41.1%70.9%
  Homes - vacant12.5%11.0%10.5%
  Median Home Value$231,200$305,400$997,200
  Home apprec (12 mon.)6.7%4.9%4.1%
  Home median age (yrs)375774
  Average Rent - 2br$1,148$1,528$2,180

  Owner-Occupied Housing By Value
  Neighborhood DetailsUSACounty11222
  School expenditures per pupil$12,383$23,054$25,257
  School pupil/teacher ratio16.813.93.5
  Students per librarian538.1516.10
  Students per counselor403.2367.60
  Physicians per 100K pop.209.8263.5151.2
  Crime risk - personal22.721.142.4
  Crime risk - property35.424.541
  Voting - Democrat0.48%0.59%0.80%
  Voting - Republican0.46%0.37%0.18%
  Voting - Independent0.06%0.04%0.03%

  Educational Attainment


  Neighborhood DetailsUSACounty11222
  Sunny days per year205165232
  Air Quality Index58.44722.2
  Watershed quality index556440
  Superfund site index86.99.998.4
  Comfort index76.67.3
  UV Index4.33.33.8
  Elevation (feet)2,4439407
  January low temp (deg.)21.715.826.8
  July high temp (deg.)85.881.284.6
  Annual rainfall (inches)38.143.547.1
  Annual snowfall (inches)27.862.225.2
  Annual Days with precip106139120

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