Auto Insurance by State
Auto Insurance Rates By State

When it comes to car insurance, the cost can vary significantly from state to state. In 2022, annual car insurance premiums ranged from as high as $3,292 in Michigan to as low as $1,047 in Ohio, with the United States average sitting at $1,647.See the Study.

States With Lowest Home Insurance Costs
States With Lowest Home Insurance Costs

The average cost of home insurance in the United States comes in at...See the Study

Stay In The Know With Our 2020 Cost of Living Salary Calculator
Stay In The Know With Our 2023 Cost of Living Salary Calculator

Whether you are moving, changing jobs, or asking for a salary increase our tool can tell you how much more or less you need to maintain your same standard of living. Try The Calculator

Best Places to Live Tools
Best Places to Live Tools

Cost Of Living - Find out what your salary should be if you moved to a new place.
Schools - What are the Best Schools Near You?
Crime Rates - What Places Have Low Crime Rates?
Cities - Compare Economy, Cost of Living, Schools, Crime and More...
Climate - Snow, Rain, Sun...
Create Top Lists & Rankings

America's Springfields Cost of Living Bargains
The Springfields of America are Cost of Living Bargains

Springfield's ubiquity as a place name may seem mundane, but researchers at BestPlaces have uncovered fascinating insights into its prevalence. Surprisingly, common U.S. place names like Fairview and Midway eclipse Springfield in frequency. However, Springfield's 34 populated places across 25 U.S. states and at least 11 townships in Ohio alone prove its enduring popularity. The Springfields of America are Cost of Living Bargains

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Everywhere to find the BestPlaces Talks podcast, plus YouTube videos and user interviews.YouTube and Podcast Content

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- What are local market conditions?
- How are home prices trending?
- How fast are homes selling?

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Best Places Board Game
Best Places Board Game

A fun new table top game for the whole family. Travel around the United States using resources to complete a variety of Life Opportunities... Board Game Page

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