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The Cost Of Living In Famous Tv Neighborhoods

See the cost of living in these iconic areas

When you’re watching one of your favorite TV shows, have you wondered what it costs to live the lifestyle of the characters? It’s only natural!

To prepare this, we consulted BestPlaces.net - the primary resource for United States cost of living data. BestPlaces provides data on housing costs, healthcare, taxes, and other essential factors for budgeting, allowing users to compare two areas side-by-side.

In the tables below, a 100 cost of living score represents the national average. So, a cost of living of 147 represents a cost of living that is 47% higher than the national average, while a cost of living of 83 represents a cost of living that is only 83% of the national average.

Kendall Roy’s apartment building in "Succession"

Kendall Roy’s apartment - "Succession" - 33rd St. and 11th Ave, New York City

Succession is filmed in many places in New York City, with patriarch Logan's apartment and Waystar Royco offices as the two main locations. Logan's apartment was built and filmed in a studio, but the lobby was filmed at the American Irish Historical Society on Fifth Avenue. Waystar Royco is not real, but it is filmed in two empty office areas of the World Trade Center.

So, the closest real-life place we can look at is Kendall Roy’s third-season home in the 35 Hudson Yards building (zip code 10001). It’s a mixed-use skyscraper in Manhattan's West Side composed of apartment units and a hotel. Located near Hell's Kitchen, Chelsea, and the Penn Station area, the Hudson Yards project is a plan to redevelop the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's West Side Yards.

Chelsea - West Midtown (zip 10001) cost of living is 203.7
100=National Average
COST OF LIVING Chelsea - West Midtown New York USA
Overall 203.7 121.5 100
Grocery 127.6 103.8 100
Health 125.1 103.8 100
Housing 341.7 120.7 100
Median Home Cost $1,562,600 $413,600 $338,100
Utilities 150.3 115.9 100
Transportation 153.7 140.7 100
Miscellaneous 168.1 121.8 100
Detective Bosch’s house in Los Angeles

Bosch’s house - "Bosch" - West Hollywood, California

In the TV show Bosch, the house of Detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch is located in the West Hollywood hills of Los Angeles at 1870 Blue Heights Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90069. It’s a simple two-bedroom affair on stilts, but it’s the view that is truly breathtaking - overlooking the sprawling 400-square-mile City of Angels. At night, when the show’s eponymous character is listening to his favorite jazz records on a fancy McIntosh tube amplifier, is when the endless sea of twinkling lights below reveals what a special house it really is.

West Hollywood (zip 90069) cost of living is 208.6
100=National Average
COST OF LIVING West Hollywood (Zip Code 90069) California USA
Overall 208.6 149.9 100
Grocery 106.8 105.1 100
Health 90.2 98.3 100
Housing 413.4 234.8 100
Median Home Cost $1,254,000 $733,500 $338,100
Utilities 85.2 102.4 100
Transportation 160.7 133.1 100
Miscellaneous 133.2 118.7 100

Walter White’s house - "Breaking Bad" - Albuquerque, New Mexico

In the AMC series Breaking Bad, Walter White’s house is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The address is 3828 Piermont Drive NE, 87111 and it is a real-life home. While filming the show, the interior was remodeled for Walter White's needs - like adding his infamous underground meth lab.

As you can see below, it’s one of the more affordable areas on our list.

Albuquerque (zip 87111) cost of living is 99.2
100=National Average
COST OF LIVING Albuquerque New Mexico USA
Overall 99.2 88.4 100
Grocery 98.6 93.3 100
Health 79.8 82.6 100
Housing 114.3 84.3 100
Median Home Cost $359,700 $267,100 $338,100
Utilities 94.9 100.4 100
Transportation 89.8 84.6 100
Miscellaneous 104.3 85.5 100

The Roy Retreat - "Succession" - Southampton, New York

Originally built by Henry Ford II in 1960, Logan Roy's home in the Hamptons in season two of Succession stands on a 42-acre estate. The stunning Southampton mansion has an estimated value of $75 million and boasts the largest ocean frontage of any property in the area.

Southampton is an affluent village located within Suffolk County on Long Island's East End. This area has an incredibly high cost of living due to its desirable location right off the beach and close proximity to upscale restaurants and stores; it has one of the highest median home values anywhere in New York State.

Southampton cost of living is 288.5
100=National Average
COST OF LIVING Southampton New York USA
Overall 288.5 121.5 100
Grocery 113.6 103.8 100
Health 125.2 120.7 100
Housing 686.8 127.9 100
Median Home Cost $1,211,200 $413,600 $338,100
Utilities 124.6 115.9 100
Transportation 98.8 140.7 100
Miscellaneous 154.8 121.8 100

The Tanner House - "Full House" - San Francisco, California

Full House is an American sitcom that aired from 1987 to 1995 and follows the lives of the Tanner family, a widowed father raising three daughters with help from his brother-in-law and best friend. The famous house from the show is located at 1709 Broderick St, San Francisco, CA 94115. Full House became popular due to its heartwarming feel, wholesome messages, and memorable characters. In 2016, Netflix produced a sequel series called Fuller House which continues the original storyline.

San Francisco (zip 94115) cost of living is 261.7
100=National Average
COST OF LIVING San Francisco California USA
Overall 261.7 149.9 100
Grocery 117.4 105.1 100
Health 114.9 98.3 100
Housing 562 234.8 100
Median Home Cost $1,471,600 $733,500 $338,100
Utilities 97.5 102.4 100
Transportation 156.9 133.1 100
Miscellaneous 162.6 118.7 100

"Beverly Hillbillies" - Los Angeles, California

The actual house from The Beverly Hillbillies TV show is located at 513 North Mapleton Drive, in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA (zip code 90077). That’s a little bit northwest of the city of Beverly Hills where the show is set narratively.

Los Angeles (zip 90077) cost of living is 393.0
100=National Average
COST OF LIVING Los Angeles (Zip Code 90077) California USA
Overall 393 149.9 100
Grocery 117.1 105.1 100
Health 90.2 98.3 100
Housing 1004.8 234.8 100
Median Home Cost $2,820,800 $733,500 $338,100
Utilities 89.6 102.4 100
Transportation 163.7 133.1 100
Miscellaneous 133.2 118.7 100

"Beverly Hills 90210" - Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills 90210 is an American teen drama television series that aired from October 4, 1990 to May 17, 2000. It followed the lives of a group of people living in the wealthy area of Beverly Hills, California and was mainly set at the fictional West Beverly High School.

We can get even more exact with our cost of living statistics thanks to the specificity of the show’s title, and you can see below just how exclusive that particular area is.

100=National Average
COST OF LIVING 90210 Zip Code California USA
Overall 671.4 149.9 100
Grocery 123.4 105.1 100
Health 90.2 98.3 100
Housing 1910 234.8 100
Median Home Cost $5,242,000 $733,500 $338,100
Utilities 85.2 102.4 100
Transportation 158.8 133.1 100
Miscellaneous 133.2 118.7 100

Simpsons House - "The Simpsons" - Springfield, Oregon

On the TV show The Simpsons, the family lives in the fictional town of Springfield in an unspecified U.S. state. The address of their home is 742 Evergreen Terrace, which was selected by Matt Groening, the creator of the show. Groening is from Portland, Oregon and studied at The Evergreen State College, leading many fans to conclude that the particular Springfield in question is the one in Oregon, a few miles from Eugene.

Springfield’s cost of living, around the national average and a bargain for Oregon, makes it a realistic place to set your sights on.

Springfield cost of living is 101.4
100=National Average
COST OF LIVING Springfield Oregon USA
Overall 101.4 114.3 100
Grocery 99.7 100.4 100
Health 96 94.6 100
Housing 120.1 150.2 100
Median Home Cost $393,700 $468,400 $338,100
Utilities 79.6 81 100
Transportation 91.3 107.1 100
Miscellaneous 123.4 108.2 100

"Goonies" House - Astoria, Oregon

Granted it’s a movie and not a TV show, but it’s such a classic it needs to be included! The Goonies is an American adventure film from 1985 that follows a group of young misfits called the 'Goonies' on their quest to save their homes from foreclosure. The iconic movie was directed by Richard Donner (Superman, Lethal Weapon) and features a mix of comedy, adventure, suspense, and drama. It has gained cult-like status in the decades since its release and continues to be a classic amongst generations of children today.

The actual house is at 368 38th St, Astoria, OR 97103 on the Oregon coast. It was recently sold to new owners in 2022 for $1.65 million and has been a popular tourist attraction for decades. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay anywhere near that much money to live in the same neighborhood and maybe go on your own "Goonies" adventures!

Astoria (zip 97103) cost of living is 103.4
100=National Average
Overall 103.4 114.3 100
Grocery 100 100.4 100
Health 100.1 94.6 100
Housing 133.3 150.2 100
Median Home Cost $436,300 $468,400 $338,100
Utilities 69.8 81 100
Transportation 82.4 107.1 100
Miscellaneous 117.1 108.2 100

Jessica Fletcher’s house - "Murder, She Wrote" - Cabot Cove, Maine

Cabot Cove, Maine is a fictional town featured in the television series Murder, She Wrote. The show, now enjoying a retro-kitsch renaissance, was created by Peter S. Fischer, Richard Levinson, and William Link and originally ran from 1984 to 1996. It featured Angela Lansbury as a crime novelist who solves real-life murders in her spare time.

Despite Cabot Cove being a fictitious town, many fans think a town like Kennebunkport, Maine typifies the type of cozy coastal vibe seen on the show.

Kennebunkport cost of living is 147.9
100=National Average
COST OF LIVING Kennebunkport Maine USA
Overall 147.9 97 100
Grocery 115.3 107.1 100
Health 91 96.5 100
Housing 255.4 103.4 100
Median Home Cost $905,300 $334,000 $338,100
Utilities 104.1 103.6 100
Transportation 93.2 79.2 100
Miscellaneous 106.2 92.2 100

Cost of living information is important to individuals because it can help them understand how much they need to earn in order to maintain their desired lifestyle. By comparing the cost of living between cities or states, people can make informed decisions on where they would like to live or work. Additionally, understanding the cost of living in an area can help with budgeting and planning for the future.

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