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Dunnellon, FL

Retirement town - 7/20/2016

Dunnellon does have a very easy going feel but has absolutely nothing for active people under 50. There is no softball or organized sports of any kind. There are no gyms which offer anything other than classes for geriatrics. There is the river but even that gets old after a while. All in all Dunnellon is a great vacation town or retirement town but not a place for younger people

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Wheeling, WV

Great Small Town in Central FLA - 6/15/2012

Have lived in Dunnellon off and on for the past 12 years having owned several homes there my wife and I think Dunnellon is a great little small town with good decent people living there. That being said summers are hot and humid, this is Florida. Winters are great, sometimes frosty mornings, 278 sunny days a year. Traffic for the most part is not bad but once in a while the main drag is busy. Rainbow Springs is a gift from God, crystal clear, 72 degrees year around, almost like a fountain of youth. Rejuvenating affect. Housing prices at this time are a bargain compared to a few years ago. Real estate taxes I feel are high in the entire state but no state income tax. Older residents, not a lot of job opportunities for younger people. Do not understand why the crime rates seem high. As a former cop I feel extremely safe anywhere in Dunnellon. I guess with a small population a few criminal acts make it seem much worse than it is. Having lived all over Florida including Venice, Ft. Lauderdale and Ft. Walton Beach to me Dunnellon would be my choice. Ocala and the National Forest are also close by as is Gainesville and the University.

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Dunnellon, FL

Life In Dunnellon - 8/26/2009

Dunnellon Florida is a small town of approximately 2,400, but has a population of nearly 50,000 within 20 miles of it. It is a town with only four traffic lights, all on the same street,Williams, in the whole town. It has little crime and a lot of friendship. Rainbow Springs State Park is located a little over a mile North of town.North of town This park has a natural spring, producing in excess of 400 million gallons of crystal clear water a day. This natural spring forms the Rainbow river. The Rainbow merges with a larger river, the Withlacoochee. The Withlacoochee heads west to the gulf of Mexico. Dunnellon is a quiet place to enjoy your retirement years.

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Dunnellon, FL

Dunnellon Florida - 5/18/2007

I live in a gated, over 55, golf course community. Lots of friendly people, with beautiful landscaping, and plenty to do. Life is good!

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Dunnellon, FL

long hot humid summers - 5/5/2006

long hot humid summers but winters are great. Best to be a snow bird. not to live 12 months out of the year.

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