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"Quality of life"

Quality of life - 8/29/2009
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Plano, TX

Great safe place to live, easy commuting, modern services.
Little or no history, the development ran over most history except the extreme downtown area, most restaurants are chain and there is little or no nostalgia/history type invironament.

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Plano, TX

Plano-my two cents - 5/27/2013

I have lived in Plano for 20 years now but have lived in California (LA area), the Midwest and the East coast. Lots of people say Plano is the best so lots of people want to hear the reviews heres mine: 1. The property taxes-the property taxes are high all over Texas but the rates here are about as low as you can get close to Dallas, a 200000 house will cost you about 3800 a year as of 2013. 2. The schools-most people rave about the schools here and they are decent. I had 3 kids go here from elementary through high school and they were all well prepared to handle college. I wish they had better fine arts and physical education though. 3. Crime- A very safe place with a very involved police force. I never worry about going out in my own neighbor hood no matter the time. 4. The City 'feel'- very very suburbia, fairly bland. Lots of stores, lots of restaurants, and quite a lot of traffic.Nicely laid out on with 6 lane roads everywhere. Easy to get around. 5. The people- this is kind of the rough spot. I have met lots of nice people here but the general attitude is one of preteniousness and very conservative. There is a general impression that everyone should be conservative wealthy and christian. It is not an impossible attitude to deal with but it can come off as rather cold. All said, i have often recommend this city and Collin county as a good place to live if you are working in the Dallas area. Plano has lots of companies headquartered here and the commute into downtown Dallas is made easier by a good light rail system.[read more...]

Tucson, AZ

If you are considering relocating to the Metroplex - 2/18/2013

So, Plano, TX could be considered the "nucleus" of Collin County not only for its location within the county, but also due to its economical stance, helping develop the surrounding areas grow such as, Allen, Murphy, Parker, Lucas, Fairview, Mckinney, Frisco, and a slight piece of Northeast Carrollton along the west plano area. Plano is a nice place to live, offering a solid, decent place to settle into. Housing is affordable and schools are pretty good; especially for those who've moved or plan to move from areas where a 3,000 square foot home will cost you well over $350,000+. I've been living here for approximately 3.5 years, and I have found that the economy of the Metroplex (Dallas-Forth Worth area), is very diverse with many companies, both large and small, with either headquarters or major regional operations. The Metroplex is mostly white-collar with a presence of some blue collar industries. Great accessibility to Dallas' sports team events including the happenings of Arlington, Fort Worth and many other cities and small town attractions. West Plano is still being developed on top of the successful developments which are already established such as the Shops at Legacy, which brought about other commercial investors and businesses in the area. Another similar concept to the Shops at Legacy is the Austin Ranch planned apartment/condo community (actually part of a town called The Colony, TX), which doesn't offer an abundance of retail business, mainly offering hair/beauty services, a few places to eat and some business offices. A decent apartment in the West Plano area will run around an average of $950 to upwards of whatever you want to spend. West Plano's location along the Dallas Tollway makes it prime location for commuters into Dallas. East Plano is not as commercially developed, and has a nice nature preserve however, if you travel further east from K Avenue, along the Parker area, not far from SouthFork Ranch, you will find larger lots for homes compared to other areas of Plano. Overall, Plano is a nice place to be; very clean, police force full of college graduates, a few lakes, not completely flat with a few, very slight elevations no more than 15-50 feet. As with most of the metroplex, there's a lot of places to eat. Its almost the norm to see a Lamborghini or some other type of expensive road toy. There are people who are very wealthy here, then there are those that earn $80,000 but spend as if they earn $120,000, often overcompensating, purchasing more than they need. No State Tax, but property tax is well above the average. Vehicle registration renewals are around $65 a year per vehicle. For those concerned about Tornado's, the Tornado siren's alert us occasionally, usually in the late spring/early summer, but I haven't experienced a Tornado as of yet. Again, The Metroplex is more or less, simply "a good place to be", and has many things to do, but I haven't found anything specific about the area that has that "must see or do" characteristic. Dallas people want to show their wealth whereas Fort Worth people are a bit less "showy". Thanks to great airports (DFW and Love Field), you can always visit other places if you need to get away as we are nowhere near a beach. This is just my experience and observations thus far; other's may have had a different experience living here. I've lived on both coasts of the U.S., and quality of life is pretty good here. [read more...]

Plano, TX

Love this school - 10/7/2012

My child went here from age 2 to 5 if you are looking for some academic activity, discipline and a loving atmosphere for your child this is the school for you they have been in the business for 30 Years and the experience shows! .children were quiet and busy with their work/activities no yelling screaming and running around which I had observed at 4 other schools I visited. I decided right then that was the school for my daughter. She joined in the toddler class they do potty training there as well . Ms Linda and ms Nisha were excellent with my daughter .ms Linda is amazing with all the kids in the after school session as well . My daughter moved to the primary class at 3 .Ms Mersedeh, is a great teacher so loving to the children but gets work done my child really progressed academically -started reading by age 4 . Ms Kerry is also a good teacher firm and the kids love her too. The director runs a tight ship and always shares her experience " respect others and respect yourself" is what she tells the kids. Ms judy the receptionist is so nice and helpful.The only drawback I faced was the lack of email communication I hope they will remedy that soon! The building is a bit old and dark don't l let that affect you the atmosphere inside is fun, loving & disciplined [read more...]

Plano, TX

Overall... - 2/18/2012

I have a love-hate relationship with Texas as a whole so this may be tough, but I'll try to break it down and give you my honest opinion. (Warning: This will be long.) I live in northeast Plano, on the edge of Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Allen. The whole area is generally affluent and people are typically well educated. Everything is new, clean, and consistent, albeit a bit homogeneous. Neighborhoods are safe for sure and I sometimes go jogging by myself at 12am without feeling at risk. It's a peaceful and quiet place but not laid-back per se, since Dallas as a whole is a business-oriented city and people are generally operating at a faster pace. Overall, Plano has a high standard of living and is definitely a great place to raise a family. Housing here offers high quality for very low prices. Big houses. (Bigger than necessary, really.) Just don't bother investing in property here. My uncle was thinking about moving his money over here but reconsidered when he found out our house has barely grown in value in the past 10 years. So yes, great to live here, not to invest. Also, since the Plano/Frisco area is the fastest growing city in America, there is unavoidable construction with new buildings and malls popping up everywhere - again, because the land is so inexpensive. It’s been very apparent in the last couple of years that we’re quickly expanding north, which may be a problem for commuters who work in downtown Dallas. Luckily, traffic is not too bad here but you do have to drive everywhere. It's nearly impossible to walk anywhere in Plano, partially because everything is so spaced out and partially due to the weather. Speaking of weather, IT IS HOT. The first year we moved here from South Carolina, we could barely stand it. After 10 years, we have gotten used to it but for newcomers, be prepared. Weather in the 100s for 2 weeks straight is not surprising at all, and people here flip out when anything besides rain falls from the sky. If we're lucky, we get ONE day of snow a year. That's if we're lucky. (And apparently a couple of flakes without even any white on the ground counts too.) Plano is dry/hot, so luckily it's low in humidity here, but the sun just beats down on this city nearly every day. It really lowers peoples' motivation to go outside sometimes, not that there's much to do, which brings me to the next point. Where I live people mostly gravitate towards Stonebriar Mall in Frisco and that's honestly about it. I've definitely spent a good portion of my life around the heart of Plano but it is admittedly older and doesn't have as much to offer in comparison with Frisco in this department. But if you don't like Stonebriar, you're kinda out of luck, because though it's a gigantic mall (I still get lost every time I go despite my good directional sense) and has everything from restaurants to an ice rink to a theater to a multitude of brand name stores, there's really not much else outside of that area besides a few movie theaters unless you go to Willowbend or the Shops at Legacy which are the smaller, upscale strip malls. Yes, admittedly, life here is rather boring and repetitive. With regards to schools, Plano has some of the most competitive and best education systems in the nation. I actually went to Frisco ISD since I live on the edge of Plano, and it's not nearly as competitive but still a very good district. However, Plano in particular spits out Ivy-league students left and right every year. Competition is through the roof and most who go through the Plano system say college is ridiculously easy in comparison, but that their high school years were indeed very stressful. The programs in Plano have been around for ages, and the teachers are mostly very qualified. You will get what you put in, but it is cutthroat, with the top slots dominated by Asians/Indians. Yes, the top 8% is not easy to squeeze in. (In Texas, the top 8% gets automatic admittance to public universities, regardless of how difficult/easy the high school curriculum was.) Now as the north is developing, even Frisco ISD, which used to be so laid back (I managed to graduate in the top 3%), is becoming more competitive as families of younger Plano kids are moving with the development. Lastly, Plano is probably one of the most socially conservative cities in the US. It’s a haven for conservatives. Most everyone is Republican, whether for religious or economic reasons (though I think it’s more the latter). It’s not that people aren’t nice, but this is not a city where people chat with the grocer or say hello to their neighbors every day. People are very focused on their own lives and there is also this very backward mentality rooted deeply in the culture here. The majority of people here are white, heterosexual, Christian, Republican, and wealthy so anything outside of that is generally frowned upon or viewed as some sort of strange specimen. These people are educated, yet many have never even been outside their zip code and lack an open mind about other cultures, religions and thoughts. I would not say this place is racist, but some of the incidences I’ve witnessed consistently throughout the past 10 years are just baffling. Of course, this is generally true for Texas as a whole. The fact that an embarrassment like Rick Perry can get elected governor for so many terms should clue you in on that. But I digress. I think the only reason I survived here for so many years is that I live conservatively as well and am rather low-key. I’m perfectly fine with others’ different opinions as long as they don’t tell me what to do, but the majority of folks here seem to either itch to preach to others, or are very unskilled at hiding their uninformed judgments. Even if you live minding your own business, that doesn’t stop some people from flooding your surroundings with their ignorance. With that said, it certainly could be worse and I guess you can’t have everything. Plano is for the most part a great place to live with a decent job market, you just have to decide for yourself what matters to you. [read more...]

Dallas, TX

Nice Affordable Apartments - 12/28/2011

Does anyone know some nice apartments in Plano that are affordable? I'm retiring soon & don't want to buy a house but do want a comfortable & safe place to live in Plano, TX email[read more...]

Fletcher, NC

Living in Plano - 3/24/2011

Plano is a good place to live if you work in Plano. If you work in Dallas you will have a 45 minute to 1 hour commute each way. Housing is good just like the rest of Texas. Plano is too crowded, too many people, too many Indians and H1B workers, and immigrants. Too many immigrant Doctors. Overall health care is poor. The cap on Medical Malpractice is 250k which attracts all of the poor quality health care providers. Plano attracts all of the immigrant and low quality health care providers because it is rated as the highest income per capita town in the state. You have to go into Dallas to get good health care. East Plano is like little Mexico with an abundace of illegals.[read more...]

Plano, TX

Fabulous Place - 1/5/2010

I've lived all over the world and been exposed to the best and worst of people in many places and from many cultures. I have to say that I have never lived anywhere that really felt like home until now. I have all the cultural conveniences of a large city, easy travel to anywhere in the world, great climate, and good-hearted people as my neighbors. Who could honestly ask for much more than being in a place where you feel safe, welcome, and know that no matter where in the world you are from, your children are getting a first class education and that your neighbors have just as much hometown pride as you do. Plano is fabulous![read more...]

Plano, TX

Quality of life - 8/29/2009

Great safe place to live, easy commuting, modern services. Little or no history, the development ran over most history except the extreme downtown area, most restaurants are chain and there is little or no nostalgia/history type invironament.[read more...]

Plano, TX

Downtown - 7/15/2009

I live in downtown Plano it's changing fast definitely quiet but a few fun places to hang out and you can always catch the dart to downtown[read more...]

Ohio Guy
Akron, OH

Comparing Plano, Texas with Akron, Ohio - 7/15/2009

I lived in the Akron area of Ohio for 37 years, and have been living in Plano, Texas for almost a year now. I can say the best thing about Plano so far has been the warm winter. Other than that, I'm disappointed. The high winds that last for days at different times through the year gets annoying. The natural beauty is blah compared to Akron/Cleveland scenery. The parks are very very disappointing compared to the ones in Summit County (where Akron is located). The library system has a very poor selection of items compared to Summit County. The traffic is a nightmare, tons of cars and crazy drivers, and a grid system of roads with really long red lights, with traffic sensors that you can almost set your watch to. Thank God I work right in Plano and don't need to use the highways/tollways too often. The strip malls/plazas that line the streets are depressing to look at after a while. The summers are brutally hot (thank God our friend has a pool!) Also, I don't understand how people living at the tail end of tornado alley don't have basements! (I guess it has to do with the soil) The people are friendly overall, and crime is relatively low. I guess the schools are good as well, but I don't have any shorties. My main gripes about the Akron area are the long, cold, snowy winters, little bit higher crime, and the construction of the houses. Thinking about going back, much to my wife's chagrin.[read more...]

Plano, TX

holding steady in dallas - 5/29/2009

the economy has slowed down but its still decent here. plenty of things to do, cheap housing and great shopping.[read more...]

Plano, TX

Nice! If you can get it! - 3/5/2009

Plano is like a suburb of Dallas, although it is actually in another county. Good place for professionals; average yearly income is around $90,000+. It is very clean, neat and safe. Quiet and polite. The police here don't put up with crime at all. The only thing is the fact that unless you have been raised here, it is very hard to meet anyone and make friends - especially if you come from the "outside". It tends to be a little "snobby", but really it's just that the mainstream folk here concentrate on their jobs and careers. It is not a party town at all![read more...]

Plano, TX

Low Crime - 3/4/2009

Plano is very safe community. Most violations are property crimes.[read more...]

Plano, TX

Plano - 1/24/2009

One of the most pedestrian-unfriendly places in the country. The cost of living is low, so people are actually paid jsut to live here.[read more...]

Plano, TX

All-American Town - 10/18/2008

I am not a native Texan- and have lived all over the US, but have never found a place quite as nice to raise a family as Plano, TX. The area is relatively new, with the nicest areas now located in West Plano. The entire city is VERY clean, well kept, and has both wonderful public schools and a wealth of parks, shopping, and activities. Probably not the kind of "night club' wonderland that a single person might be looking for, but if you are into the "WASP" dream of suburbia, with all the extras, this will be the right place. Excellent churches, manicured lawns, award winning schools that are filled with nice kids with good manners and high expectations in life.... sure, there are some problems... the taxes are quite high here (I pay almost as much in property tax as I do on my mortgage), but in return, you get a top notch no-nonsense police department ("rif-raf beware - you are being watched!), well designed neighborhoods, and manicured public grounds. Plano was recently rated by USAToday newspaper as the "richest zipcode" in America. Houses range in the 3000-6000 sq. foot size range, although yards are rather small and the houses tend to be close together. Prices typically run in the $450K - 800K range in West Plano, although prices drop the further east you go. If you are looking for a relatively crime free place to raise your kids, see that they are safe, well educated, and have a lot of social opportunities, then Plano is the place to be![read more...]

Plano, TX

Possibly moving to Raleigh and need cost of living - 9/16/2007

Plano is new and very clean and has one of the best school systems we have seen. It is great if you have children.[read more...]

Addison, TX

Plano - 6/5/2007

Not sure why people "rip" on Plano so much. Nice city that is very "suburban" true. At the same time, it is clean, and low-crime. Shopping is excellent, to say the least (if you love shopping, it will be like you died and woke up in heaven). At the same time, yes, there probably is not much else to do. That is why you get in your car and drive down to Dallas. Put it this way, would you rather have "culture" and live in an apartment in some city, or live in "mansion" that only cost $ 250,000 and then have to drive half an hour for your "culture" ? To me the only downside would be that the suburbs can be heavily "Christian Right". I really don't know enough about Plano to judge that, but I am sure that that element exists there, to a lesser or greater degree. By the way, Plano: great job getting the clean indoor air ordanance passed, banning indoor smoking. That is a big thing ! Also, the shops at Legacy and the Tollway are really nice. The new Fox Sports Grille is great.[read more...]

Plano, TX

HOT and HOT, Nice BIG houses, not much else - 8/30/2006

I HAVE LIVED IN PLANO FOR ABOUT five years now, and while I live in a beautiful house that is about all I can think of that is good about this area. It just seems like a boring, surreal life here. It is HOT the majority of the time. There is absolutely no scenery to look at. Trying to get away for a "weekend" or a road trip you are hours away from anywhere. There are really no "mom and pop" restaurants to speak of - everything is a chain. If you come from up north and are accustomed to a local pizza joint, or something - forget it here. You have to drive to get anywhere. It's all about the shopping here too. What designer clothes you have on, what kind of car you drive, what size house you have, and where your family is going on winter, spring, fall and summer break. A lot of keeping up with the Joneses...but I am sure you get that everywhere these days. I miss the four seasons, the mom and pop restaurants and the normalcy of just being "average". There are certainly worse places to live, but there has to be better![read more...]

Plano, TX

Plano is a nice place to earn money, but not much - 8/29/2006

I moved to Plano, TX (a Northwestern suburb of Dallas)in 1992 from St. Louis. It's 2006, I guess I must like it. It's nice for working and shopping but the cookie cutter everything makes it a boring. If you want a big house and shopping malls at every other turn, you'll like Plano (west that is). Got a young family? Come here; schools are good (used to be better)and the world revolves around the kids. All public schools (even in the worst ghetto) are air conditioned. Yes its hot but some like it hot and I'm one of them. Every other house in West Plano has a pool and for good reason--you can swim from April through mid-October most years. Gone are the days of mourning the sun in September, never to see a glimpse of it again until April (like in St. Louis). Jacket weather is as deep into winter as it gets. So you know what that means: ONLY ONE WARDROBE! Of course perhaps a sweater and some long sleeves here and there but throw on a windbreaker or a nice suit jacket and you're everyplace you want to be.-----Now for the downside (there's always one of those). Dalls is the biggest country town I've ever seen and I travel for a living so I've seen a few towns. Can't buy liquor on Sunday. Plano has 'wet' and 'dry' areas and it's not posted anywhere so you never know if you can buy liquor in a particular part of town or not. Theatre and arts are all but non-existent. Plays come to town for a weekend at most and not often at all. Women if you're planning on coming here, expect to be alone or sharing (whether you know it or not). The men here are spoiled and stuck on themselves. The women have black belts in competition for male attention--and there are so many of them! It's crawling with so many women; like Atlanta (minus the flies!). There are no Black talk radio stations here. I quit going to the clubs long ago because I value my life. The driving is horrible. Some places they drive poorly and some places they drive fast; here they drive fast and bad which equals horrible (which makes it particularly interesting when one considers the number of illegals). All and all, if you want to make money, shop, eat out, and live in a big house with no basement--Dallas/Plano is the place to be![read more...]

Plano, TX

Quality of Life - 8/14/2006

Very high quality of life. Housing is on low-to-moderate cost side with many amenitities except for land. Large percentage of professionals with college educations. Public school system is making progress. Large amount of low cost workers from Mexico. No state income tax but high sales tax. Really nice (genuine)and generous people. Around 240 sunny days annually (good news and bad news as summer is from mid-May to late Sptemeber and really hot). Bottom Line: Many more positive features than negative. ...Jim[read more...]

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