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Texas State University is located in San Marcos, Texas and is a great school for students of all kinds. Texas State has a long-standing reputation for excellence and offers a broad range of educational opportunities with over 400 degree plans. With an enrollment of close to 40,000 students, Texas State provides a vibrant campus life where students can take advantage of the many on-campus activities available. This includes student clubs, athletics, and cultural events. Additionally, Texas State also offers outstanding academic programs that are highly respected among employers in the state and beyond. Student reviews of Texas State are overwhelmingly positive, citing the friendly atmosphere on campus as well as the emphasis placed on professional development and career readiness. Faculty at the university are enthusiastic and passionate about teaching their subject matter, with some noting they never felt like they were just another face in the crowd. The affordability of tuition makes it possible for almost any student to attend Texas State without breaking the bank. All this combined makes it no surprise why so many students enjoy their time at Texas State!

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Texas is based, no place like it - 5/1/2022
I've lived here for almost three decades and am hard pressed to find a reason to leave other than the Read More

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Texas is rapidly changing - 3/28/2017
There are numerous positives about TX. They include a strong work effort, basic honesty of its citizens, & no state income tax. Unfortunately major metro areas of DFW, Houston, & Austin are experiencing dramatic housing cost increases. Most middle class families & individuals are rapidly becoming priced out of safe & decent housing (both rental & Read More

Texas is not a great place to live. - 8/17/2016
You are sad, young girl from Austin, Texas. I was born, and raised, in New Jersey, and I wouldn't trade my youth spent growing up in the Garden State for anything.
I moved to Houston, Texas with my family in 1974, and the first things I discovered were the unbearable summer heat, and very mean people from Texas, and the south.
During the summers in Jersey one can play outside, all day, and into the evening. In Texas the heat is soooo oppressive (afternoon temp 115 degrees; 40 percent humidity) that one must stay inside.
The people, well that is another story. If you are not from Texas it takes a very long time to land a good job. To them you are just another 'damn yankee'. I heard that term at work, at parties, etc.
Texas is not the wonderland that Texans think it Read More

Texas - 3/6/2016
Moving Read More

Searching - 10/27/2015
Looking for someplace to settle Read More

The Great State of TEXAS!!! - 7/18/2015
Big things happening in "Big Read More

Especially for Sabra in Arlington, TX - 6/4/2015
I turned to JDate because I was curious. Tonight (6/4/15) I saw your member's view on climate. I was tempted to join JDate but I'm not sure if Sabra is still available. Hope that she will answer this to fmmigdol@gmail.com or phone me: (972)978-5487. Now for the quality of life:
You are what you think. Think positive and expect positive results. The glass is half-full. You can achieve what you want if you really work at it. It requires perseverance. Think Successful...Be Successful.
About me: I live in Coppell and have been a Dallas area resident since '68. I have a master's in public relations (Boston Univ.)and have over 40 yrs of exp in PR & Marketing. Easy going, adventurous, love to travel, love Israel. I'm traditional but Reform. I've worked in the restaurant and franchising business. If you're not Sabra but want to explore a relationship please contact me. All good Read More

life in texas - 4/27/2015
life is good but its time for a Read More

Taxes - 4/19/2015
Although Texas does not have state income tax, sales tax at 8.25% and excessive property tax take a huge bite out of income. Taxes on a $200,000 home in most Texas cities will cost you approximately $5,500 per year. For a retiree on a limited income from social security and other pension income, there are many other states where paying income tax and property tax is a major savings over Texas property taxes. Read More

Relocating - 9/21/2014
Seeking information on the best zip codes to live and work Read More

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