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"Long would be a nice place to live IF ONLY!!!"

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East Islip, NY

Lowest Crime Stats in U>S> - 11/28/2008

Islip, NY (Long Island), has the lowest crime rate in the U.S. Cost of living is above average but with that you get a very safe place for you and your family to live. We have it all in the suburbs of NYC, less than an hour away. We have, beaches, boating, parks, shopping, mass transit, arts, culture, etc. Grew up here and have spent most of my adult life here. You can relax and do nothing on a warm summers afternoon, or go to the city and do it all from morning to night.

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A resident
Bay Shore, NY

I agree with the other poster...Islip/Long Island - 3/30/2006

If you live in certain towns, you will know once the sun goes down you better get out of town. That goes for White/Black/Hispanic people in various places. Housing is out of control. Probably the only people who will find LI cheaper are people from CA or Hawaii where costs are more than here.

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East Islip, NY

Long would be a nice place to live IF ONLY!!! - 3/20/2006

Been living on Long Island NY since 1996. It would be a really nice place to live if only housing was not so expensive. Don't expect to get a home for under $300,000. Rent for a studio apartment starts at about $900, one bedroom $1100, outragious. If you are a minority also expect to be discriminated against when you apply for a job or a promotion. Also don't be suprised if you find yourself in the 'wrong' neighbohood and get pulled over and asked "what are you doing here".

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Islip, NY

Great but... - 3/13/2006

We live in a great area of Islip. No snobs (rich people) and are all hard working middle class. We just outgrew our home and to expand it will cost over $150,000. Not worth it. But, if you want to live on Long Island, I highly recomend Islip over any other town. Even where the snobs live.

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