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"The Jewel Of Florida!!!"

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Brandon, FL

Brandon FL where Urban Sprawl is ever increasing - 12/26/2014

The Greater Brandon Area which includes the neighboring eastern Hillsborough county communities of Seffner, Riverview and Valrico is possibly the most growing area in the Tampa Bay and Central Florida Region. The reason it is is because it is only place left with available land in the area in close proximity to downtown Tampa and not really not that far from the Region's big companies in north St Pete and Tampa Westshore. But it is not growing correctly. The Roads here cannot handle the traffic and it is starting to be sprawled- out like neighboring built out Pinellas County which is a total disaster. The Brandon area is also overpriced for central Florida, Rents are the highest in Brandon than most other areas in the region for some unknown reason, Also there is an multitude of mediocre commercial restaurants here that are always over crowded and people are always on top of you. The main-highways in Brandon proper SR 60 Brandon Blvd and Causeway Blvd along with the disastrous Brandon Mall area are motor vehicle accident prone with increased crime and more of a ghetto population moving in along Brandon Blvd from Tampa. The positive i guess you could say is pretty good seasonal good weather, Brandon is not an ugly run town area, There is a lot of newer construction and newer businesses moving in like USAA, Bass Pro Shops and Golf Pro Centers that serves tons of Alcohol. But this will make traffic and Crime worse and it may be time to move out. As far as if you have family there's some decent schools to go to. But what the Brandon area is really known for is good high school sports programs like Armwood which is nationally ranked year in and year out. But Bottom line If your not into a extreme congestion and tons of commercial places do not move here!

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Valrico, FL

Brandon fl - 10/28/2014

Brandon not my cup of tea. Been here for 7 years. Live in beautiful Riverhills in Valrico. have found most people here are not very friendly, snotty? Don't know. Brandon is a nite mare for driving most roads are functionally obsolete which means traffic terrible. educational levels are generally very low so I have found that some people don't take pride in their jobs lack of professionalism ? in others words buyer beware lots of crocks to take advantage of u! Using this site to find a better situation hope this helps and this is my humble opinion .

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Brandon, FL

Boring Brandon - 5/1/2014

Made the biggest mistake by moving from NY to Florida.

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Satellite Beach, FL

The Jewel Of Florida!!! - 4/1/2011

A city of less than 100 thousand people that has all the big city amenities and yes that also means traffic but nowhere as bad as Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Tampa or Orlando. Being Brandon is only 11 miles from Tampa only makes it a win win. The weather in winter and spring is amazing, summer and fall are hot and humid but that is to be expected. The public school system is great, public transit(Hillsbourough Transit) is really good as well. Most people do drive but do not have too. Plenty of restaurants and shopping and what they lack Tampa has. It's the perfect place to raise a family or be single, crime is low and you are welcomed with southern hospitality!

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Lithia, FL

Great place to live on a budget - 9/9/2009

Especially since the housing crash, you can snap up homes on the cheap. Plenty of inespensive places to eat and shop (Prime outlets about 45 min away, beach is about 1 hour away). A little lacking in culture, but people are friendly and we've really enjoyed ourselves here

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Valrico, FL

Brandon Area - Overwhelmed by Sprawl - 11/16/2006

Brandon was once a nice Tampa area suburb with a rural feel where you could raise a family and have a high quality of life. Now it is overwhelmed by development good and bad - lots of great restaurants and neighborly communities on the outskirts and the bad i.e. the topless/stripper bar next to the home improvement store across from a neighborhood (who is responsible for zoning this place?). The tons congestion due to hundreds of apartment complexes/condos (especially around the Westfield mall area) are worth a mention as is most Tampa (Condo Hell!!) Highway 60/Brandon Blvd./Adamo Drive between Hwy 301 and Valrico Road should be avoided at all costs as it is just a parking lot most times. Overall cost of living went through the roof so expect to pay 300K - 400K for a decent home and let's not talk about property taxes and home insurance...that's if you can get it (thanks to hurricanes and sink holes - yes, holes that open up and swallow your house from below). It is a great place to live if you were smart with your money before the housing boom and already have a home. Definitely not a good place to move and grow now or the future...

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Brandon, FL

UGH! - 10/18/2006

Brandon is so congested. I think even if they had 20 lanes on each Causeway and 60, it would still be congested. It does have alot of stores, but NO Fifth Third Bank, so the drive to Bloomingdales or the Ybor area is a big headache unless you leave really early or maybe in the middle of the night to avoid the traffic. I don't like it here! I don't want to live somewhere that you feel like not even leaving your house, because you don't want to get caught in heavy traffic. Also, the cost of living in Florida is ridiculous! I'm so ready to go back up north, the sooner the better!

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Valrico, FL

Costly and bad for commuting - 10/17/2006

We've lived in Valrico (south and west of Brandon, technically part of Brandon since they're both unincorporated) for four years, and while it's a great area with decent schools, if you work in Tampa, the commute is lousy: you have to fight through a dozen or so traffic lights for the privilege of getting stuck in traffic on the Crosstown Expressway or I-75 or (even worse) the Veteran's Expressway if you work on the other side of the airport. Also, don't believe the realtors: the housing prices are ridiculous (still) with a decent 3/2 averaging about $275K. We're moving back north (North Carolina or Virginia), but we got very lucky with our neighborhood (Bloomingdale Oaks) and our elementary school (Alafia). If you have to live in Valrico, check them out. Brandon itself is okay, but the area along 60 is rather ugly.

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Brandon, FL

Everything is here - 8/12/2006

Everyone who comes to visit us commenst thatevery single store, food place, etc is within 15 minutes of our house.

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Brandon, FL

Home Prices still affordable - 6/22/2006

In the last few years the booming real estate market affected in some areas the pockets of some and benefits the pockets of others who seek for a chance of capitalize the moment.In the Brandon area you can find affordable housing, single family homes in nice areas for less than 200k is a rare event this time,for those with no so big pockets take a look at this area where climate is good, crime is low and you can find jobs that pays.If you want to place any coments visit my web page where you can also find valuable info about this great area.

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Brandon, FL

Subtropical Climate - 5/2/2006

Brandon is a growing suburb of Tampa. We enjoy a nice, subtropical climate.

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San Pedro, CA

City living - 4/17/2006

Quite, nice city with all services available.

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