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"Cheap Living, bad dating!"

Cheap Living, bad dating! - 9/24/2008
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Kansas City, KS

Kansas City is one of the best places to live as far as cheap housing. Well paying jobs are very hard to come by, the night life is okay, but the singles dating sceen is horrible. Apparently we are number one when it comes to on-line dating. I'm not that desparate yet for that!

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Kansas City, MO

Overall living experience - 3/3/2014

I moved to northwest Kansas City from western Illinois in 2003. What a great place to live!! As I often tell my wife: "If you can't find what you want within 5 minutes of our home, you probably don't need it." Getting around is easy due the great interstate system which runs through the city. Come join us!!

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Kansas City, MO

Two Bit Crap Town - 3/3/2014

This place sucks - do not move here. These hillbilly corn-cobs have no idea how to drive, speak or spell. The locals are un friendly to outsiders, contrary to popular belief. Its difficult to get around because the roads are poorly marked and merge lanes are non-existent. The woman are fat and ugly and the men are provincial idiots and terribly uneducated. I have no choice at the moment to live here, but as soon as we can - were outta this crime ridden shithole. Just a bunch of low-life scums here with no consideration for anyone.

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Kansas Citian

The Best City in the United States, rejected. - 5/11/2013

Kansas City is not that bad unless you go to the bad parts of it. The only bad parts are the East Side, Kansas City, Kansas, and Independence. The Northland is BEAUTIFUL. If the Northland was it's independent city, I bet it would be on the "Top Best Places to Live List". Also Johnson County, Kansas is very nice too. Kansas City's downtown is actually not dangerous at all, it is one of the safest downtowns, and it is doing much better in crime than it has in the past. The roads aren't that bad here in Kansas City, they are nice, MO-DOT is always doing construction work to make our roads better. The mayor HAS NEVER SAID that he wanted to close the zoo down, and unfriendly people? I don't know what part of Kansas City you come from, but in the Northland, the people couldn't be friendlier, and they are always very kind. There are some bad drivers in Kansas City, but that's just because they are idiots. The Kansas City School District is VERY BAD, but in the Northland, two VERY GREAT school districts are in the area. Park Hill School District has won the Missouri Quality Award, and North Kansas City School District is very good also. The Northland also is a pretty Christian region, many churches and private schools, and the Kansas City Royals are improving, and the Chiefs have some of the loyalist fans in the nation. Sporting KC, who plays in Village West, the very western edge of the Kansas City Vincity, in one of the only good parts of Kansas City, Kansas. If you are a sports fan, Kansas City is one of the best places to move to, in the middle of everything, we have an NFL team, an MLB team that is doing much better than they have in their past, and Sporting KC is an excellent soccer team, almost always at the top of the Eastern Conference, and for you hockey fans, even though the Sprint Center does not have an NHL team, the Independents Event Center, a smaller, but still nice arena, in the suburb that outdates Kansas City, Independence, has a Central Hockey League team named the Missouri Mavericks, who are usually good, and their games are very fun. Also Kansas City has a indoor-football team named the Kansas City Renegades, who play in the Champions Indoor Professional Football League, at the older arena in town, Kemper Arena, we have a women's soccer team who plays in the National Women's Soccer League, named FC Kansas City, who play in Overland Park, Missouri, we have a nice NASCAR racetrack out by Sporting Park, where Sporting KC plays and who is hosting the 2013 MLS All-Star Game, in Village West, Kansas City, Kansas, we have a women's football team named the Kansas City Storm, who play at North Kansas City High School in the suburb of North Kansas City, we have a tennis team, who will be leaving to move to Dallas though after the 2013 season, named the Kansas City Explorers, and for you people who don't like the Royals, or came from a small town, or just plain ol' want to have fun, there is a baseball team, not affiliated with MLB or their minor leagues named the Kansas City T-Bones, who are very succesful, and their games are fun to watch, who play out in Village West, along with Sporting KC, and the NASCAR Kansas Speedway, and lastly, even though AEG, the group that owns the Sprint Center, promised Kansas City and NBA team, it didn't happen, but in Kansas City, most people are college basketball fans, like very freakish fans, and they are divided among, Kansas, Kansas State, and Missouri, so we don't even need an NBA team,(we've hosted the Final Four more times than any other city in the U.S.) but if you are an NBA fan, Kansas City is in the middle of a lot of teams so you are in luck, to the southwest on I-35, you have the Oklahoma City Thunder, to the east via the Chicago/Kansas City Connector Highway (signed as Missouri and Illinois Route 110)you have the Chicago Bulls, west on I-70, you have the Denver Nuggets, north on I-35 you have the Minnesota Timberwolves, and east on I-70 you have the Indiana Pacers, so we've got you covered with NBA teams. Also Kansas City is very good for shopping, with the historic Country Club Plaza, which was the first shopping district ever to be built, we got the huge Oak Park Mall, out in Overland Park, Kansas, we have Crown Center, right near Union Station, LegoLand, and Kansas City Sea Life, we have the Independence Center out in Independence, though I would stay away from there at night, due to that is a crimeful area, and we have Zona Rosa, a nice shopping district in the Northland, not to far down from the airport, and connected to North Kansas City, Downtown, and Crown Center by a bus route, and we have The Legends, an outlet shopping district in Village West. Kansas City also has hosts the Big 12 Basketball Tournament every year, and has 4 arenas, and 2 convention centers. The arenas are: the main one in the Power and Light District, which is a major nightlife district, the Sprint Center, and the oldest one, Munincipal Auditoriam, and an older but not as old as Munincipal, Kemper Arena, and the Independence Events Center in Independence. The two convention centers are the main one, Kansas City Convention Center (also commonly known as Bartle Hall) and the smaller Overland Park Convention Center. Kansas City also is a kid-friendly place, featuring Worlds of Fun, a theme ride amusement park, and Oceans of Fun, a waterpark attached onto Worlds of Fun, the Kansas City Zoo, Schliterbaun Waterpark, out near Village West, many museums, such as the Harry S. Truman Library, the Nelson Atkin's Museum of Art, the Steamboat Arabia Museum, and the Negro League Baseball Museum. Also for you art and performing art lovers, we have the state-of-the-art Performing Arts center called the Kauffman Center (not to be confused with Kauffman Stadium, the Kansas City Royals' stadium), which is newly built in the Performing Arts District. Okay then, my point is Kansas City is NOT a total "in the hood", dangerous, uneducated, unfriendly city, it is the exact opposite, a nice, safe, in most parts, educated, and friendly city. Oh yeah, and by the way, I have NO CLUE where you think that our Chiefs fans are rude, go to the Oakland Raiders games, and see how mean they are to Chiefs fans, they'll beat them up, and Mia from Platte City, I don't know where you got your ideas about the Northland, maybe your mistaking the Northland for Platte City, because to most Kansas Citians, Platte City really isn't part of the Kansas City Area, it is the first city outside of the area, it is north of the airport (which that is hard to get because are airport is on the extreme north part of Kansas City, and it is outside of the I-435 loop, so it is pretty disconnected from Kansas City, even though a lot of people in Platte City, work in Kansas City, and no bus routes even go that far north, the farthest north they go is to the Airport, and only one bus route goes there, so I totally disagree with Mia, the Northland is one of the best parts of Kansas City.

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Beverly Hills, CA

Telecommuted to this place from California for two - 11/13/2012

Have traveled extensively across the majority of the US and this is one of the most provincial cities ever seen. Even Arkansian's laugh at the lack of culture. The only river city I've seen that doesn't have a river district, the entire river is cordoned off from access by warehouses and train tracks that ensure you'll never sleep restfully, the water here smells putrid when it isn't frozen or hosting venomous mosquitos. Housing is cheap since wages are lower than the national average, only a handful of large employers and the salaries are as bad as the post Katrina economy of New Orleans. High murder rate that rivals a city five times as large. The weather here is the worst of the worst, the stickiest summers and frigid winters, global warming avoided this place. Schools are so terrible they lost their accreditation and taken over by the state of Missouri. Your high school diploma is only valid if applying to a public Missouri university. No tourism so no out of state dollars flow into this over populated crater. Zero night life, the downtown district turns into gangland at 6:03 PM every day since the miniscule financial district flees to the suburbs like Baltimore. Todd Aekin, the legitimate rape congressman is from Missouri, so is Claire McCaskill who is the only person in the state that likes Aiken and was voted the most vulnerable senator guaranteed to lose her seat. This was the state that elected a dead senators wife instead of electing John Ashcroft, thankfully he got hired by GW Bush for Attorney General, another scurrilous Missourian.

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Kansas City, MO

kansasa city 2012 - 6/27/2012

great place to live and work

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Kansas City, MO

Nada - 4/27/2012


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Riverside, MO

Pretty conservative - 3/31/2012

Kansas City is pretty conservative - not a progressive city!

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Kansas City, MO

Four seasons - 3/11/2012

Kansas city has all four seasons: fall winter, spring, and summer.

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Platte City, MO

I definately agree the problems with Kansas City a - 2/9/2011

I've been living in KC in the Northland area for the last four years, and I'm ready to get out here Pronto! People here are really polite but very unfriendly. Lots of prejudiced and close minded people. I'm a friendly person easy going that have lots of friends in other states and around the world, because I've lived in Europe and South America. And I have to said I've ever had any problems making new friends like I've experienced here. I only have one good friend even though I know a decent amount of people; they are just not into making new friends! Loneliness is the rule here not the exception. The weather is horrible freezing cold during the winter and steamy hot during the summer. Oh and don't forget here is not beach or mountain. Lots of deer if you like hunting... So that's why is cheaper to live here than in other cities.

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Englewood, CO

Kansas City, MO - Going, Going, and Almost Gone - 1/6/2011

I’d like to put my two cents in regarding living in Kansas City for nearly 14 years. Let’s talk about the good first, because there is plenty good about KC, MO. • The older neighborhoods (e.g., Midtown, Waldo, Brookside) are beautiful – gorgeous old properties, flagstone walls, huge trees, and a great mix of people. The area surrounding West 39th Street is especially endearing with its great vintage homes, funky bookstores, and dive bars full of the great local (and generally well read and traveled) weirdos. I’ve lived in lots of places around the U.S., and the 39th Street area is hands-down the best. Just an awesome vibe in general. Friends and family visiting from “real” cities would remark about how surprisingly fun and appealing midtown is. • The city has plenty of great restaurants and bars, as well as museums, music venues, and casinos. Some great parks in the area, and the zoo is decent. Westport is good for the younger party crowd to get their drunk on. The River Market is fantastic, and a walk along the Missouri River at sunset at Berkeley Park is one of life’s better experiences. With all its hills, rivers, and trees, KC is quite pretty in the Midwestern sense. • You can rent a pretty cool apartment or buy a great old house with character for not much money compared to other major cities. • While I’ve never been to New England, I’d say you couldn’t ask for a prettier autumn than that which KC offers – brilliant trees and golden sunshine tempered with epic thunderstorms. And now for why I had to leave: • The CRIME. My gawd but it’s increased exponentially in the past three years or so. You’re an anomaly if your house hasn’t been robbed or you’ve never had your car stolen. At the very least, you’ll have your license plates or stereo stolen at least twice a year if you have to park on the street. The gangbangers and wannabes are taking over. The baggy pants and gold teeth crowd are now pushing aside the hippies and med students for sidewalk space, and the gunshots keep getting closer to the once “good” neighborhoods. If you read the papers, there’s at least one shooting a day. KC isn’t that big, and yet there was something like 100 murders in 2010. I used to feel completely safe walking the dog at midnight, but after a few experiences with large crowds of thugs flashing their gang symbols and crackheads blocking the sidewalk with their tweaked-out scuffles, I’d advise doing your walking during the daylight hours. You wonder when your trip to the convenience store will be your last, because it’s getting robbed and shot up. Again. And your insurance rates will be a painful indicator of the crime in the area. • City infrastructure and management are both inept and corrupt. You pay taxes out the nose for spectacularly failing schools and metal plates on the streets. • Utilities are rising at an alarming rate, as is the price of groceries. What’s the use of cheaper rent when your gas bill alone is $300 and a hundred bucks will buy you three lousy sacks of mediocre food?? • Summers are frankly pretty awful. While it’s green and lush, it’s like trying to breathe soup. Too many bugs, and everything gets moldy or rots. I could go on for pages with more pros and cons regarding KC, but there it is in the abbreviated form. I honestly feel that KC is going the way of Detroit, and it makes me incredibly sad. The good people are sick of the crime and political bs and moving away. Elvis has left the building, so to speak. So many of those once immaculately maintained grand old properties are now abandoned or crawling with Section 8 parasites, because regular people can’t afford to heat or maintain them anymore. Like a depressingly large number of historic American neighborhoods, Kansas City’s core is being left to decay. As for the surrounding areas, I never spent much time in them. Suburban KC, MO (Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, KC North, etc.) seems pleasant, but dull and way too far out to commute. Kansas City, Kansas, especially the Strawberry Hill area, has a lot of the same architectural charm as MO, but the crime and poverty there are also appalling. Neighboring Johnson County, KS (Overland Park, Leawood, Shawnee, etc.) is largely insufferable with its spoiled housewives trying to run you over in their SUVs because they’re too busy talking to their manicurist on their cell phone to pay attention to the road and the florid faced businessmen in tassled loafers barking at the waiters to hurry up with their $14 cocktail. Their bronzed and hair-extensioned teenage offspring drive better cars than some lawyers I know. Ugh. It's been a few months, and I'm still homesick for KC, or at least the way it used to be. I really didn’t want to leave, but I’m just not in a position to go down with the ship.

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Kansas City, MO

Heart of America - 7/6/2010

We've lived in many places; always preferred smaller cities. This is a good place. Big enough to be a real city with museums, symphony, parks and major league sports teams yet small enough to be manageable. I can drive around the beltway and access almost everything in less than ninety minutes. Cost of living is reasonable and climate is not extreme. It's certainly worth a look if you're looking for city life without megalopolis.

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Kansas City, MO

If you are a single female, run, don't walk away f - 5/12/2010

I feel sorry for Kansas City in a way. It has so much potential. It's spread out, easy to get around in, the traffic isn't too bad and there are beautiful things to see. There's also a lot of big-name concerts and more performing arts than you would imagine in this type of city. You do have to own a car or you are screwed because if you ride your bike, you will be run over (probably the most "bike-unfriendly" city out there) and the bus system sucks. Walking is ok if you are not afraid of being mugged or raped. Yes, the crime is bad, but you learn how to avoid it mostly. Then what's the real problem? It's the people...I've never lived in a lonelier place. Everyone here is from here or near here except me. They all have the same friends from high school or college I guess and are not looking for more. They are also extremely complacent. This is not a growth-oriented population! I work as a contract trainer all over the US. Kansas City people are some of the worst audiences. They do not want to learn or grow. Everywhere else that I've lived, I've had a group of interesting, intellectual friends and lots of dating options. Not here. I have friends all over the US, just not here. I have a few friends and I know a lot of people, but it's still so lonely because most of them do not want to develop friendships. Even worse than that is the dating. Since I travel a lot (that's the only way I could live here and survive), I know it's not me. The guys here are horrible. Yes, there are some young college hotties, but I'm 45 so that's not a long-term solution (although I have gone there a time or two). The guys - even the less-than-attractive ones are rude and act as if you are lucky to be with them. I have tried to talk to guys at the book store etc, but they freak out if you just say hi. It's so weird. I have been hit on a few times by hot guys, but each one has either just moved here or is visiting from out of town. I do have a boyfriend now otherwise I would be outta here tomorrow. Whenever he goes out with his friends, even to happy hour, he is swarmed with desperate 20-something year old girls! Even when I'm there! It's the craziest thing! I image one will get him eventually and then I will move far, far away!! What I wouldn't give for some intelligent, enlightening conversation and a group of friends to meet for wine or coffee! Is that too much to ask?

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Oak Grove, MO

economics - 4/4/2010


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Kansas City, MO

Horrible place - 2/14/2010

Kansas City is a horrible place to live unless you are Mexican or a ghetto gangster. Not a safe place to live. People can't drive, schools are horrible unless you want to send your kids to a private school. The Mayor shouldn't be in office. He has lost the city several company contracts that would have brought thousands of jobs. Hes trying to close the zoo. The roads here are very bad. Instead of fixing the roads they decided to make a stupid artsy bridge that is screwing up the downtown commute. The drugs are horrible here. Not a good place to raise a family. I can not stress how horrible this place is.

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Kansas City, MO

Compared to LA, K.C. is a great place to live ! - 12/29/2009

I have lived many places. i was born and raised in KC, and moved to LA for 18 yrs. Although I enjoyed being in LA, coming back to KC was a breath of fresh air. The people are nice, it is relatively safe, but most of all, you get a lot of real estate for your money ! You can live in the city, country or by the lake of your choice...You get at least 5x more for the money. It is also a great place to raise a family.

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Kansas City, MO

Living in KC - 12/26/2009

Love it. Great shopping, beautiful fountains and lots to do. It's the perfect size too!

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Independence, MO

Kansas City - 12/21/2009

Kansas City is a great place to live. There are many things to do. It has more fountains and boulevards than any other city in the western hemisphere.(Nicknamed "City of fountains") Crime is a problem, but it is not as big of a problem as cities such as st. louis

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Kansas City, MO

Kansas City--not a Cow Town anymore - 9/7/2009

Kansas City is made up of three distinct areas: Kansas City, MO, Kansas City, KS and "Johnson County", KS. If you have kids not yet in college, Johnson County is for you. KCMO has wondeful old neighborhoods, parks and shopping. KCK also has wonderful old neighborhoods but has a much richer ethnic mix. Downtown KCMO is in a grand revival with newly renovated warehouses cum condos; an outstanding arts district, lots of great restaurants and concert venues. As a single woman, I am fairly comfortable going out to meet friends at night. Good universities, professional services, easy grid streets with a few confusing cross streets but once you learn the 3-5 names for these through streets, you'll have no trouble getting around. Residents are very open and friendly. Airport is a bit of a drive but rated tops in the nation by business travelers because of easing access to gates. Weather is tolerable for midwest weather. Can have 70s in January or 15 below. More likely to have ice storms prior to snow storms but rarely stays really cold for long stretches. Summers are humid and can get into the 100s. Cost of living is lots lower than either coast and very stable.

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Kansas City, MO

Weather - 6/27/2009

Am not that fond of the weather here. Long, cold damp winters and summer high in humidity with frequent rain. Yes, it makes things green but it can be stifling. Miss spring like weather of other states

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Kansas City, MO

Disappointed - 5/15/2009

As a new parent searching for a kindergarten for my daughter I am incredibly disappointed with the choices of schools available to me. The schools are either rundown, filled with gang-bangers, unsafe, too far away and/or have the lowest rankings in education. Why is it impossible to have a good, clean school with proper education when there are schools in the next city that are top-rated schools?

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