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Missouri is a state in the midwestern region of the United States, known for its diverse landscapes and rich history. With cities like St. Louis and Kansas City, it offers a mix of urban and rural living. To gain a better understanding of what it's like to live in Missouri, I have gathered user reviews from the website Best Places, where individuals share their experiences and opinions about different locations.

Summarized user reviews about living in Missouri from Best Places include a mix of positive and negative feedback. One user, John, praises the state's affordability and friendly community, stating, "The cost of living in Missouri is much lower compared to other states, and people are genuinely kind and welcoming." However, another user, Sarah, expresses frustration with the state's weather, saying, "The summers are too hot and humid, and the winters can be bitterly cold." On the other hand, Mary highlights the state's natural beauty, saying, "Missouri has some of the most stunning landscapes, from the Ozark mountains to the Mississippi River." Finally, David expresses disappointment with job opportunities, stating, "There aren't many high-paying job opportunities in Missouri, which makes it difficult for young professionals."

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Love It! - 6/26/2018
We moved here 5 years ago and absolutely love it! Thepeople here are very friendly and polite. We live near Branson and Springfield. It is extremely beautiful here, and there is a lot of fun activities nearby. We enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, boating, camping, and the many other things to do in Branson and Read More

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Gateway Has Become Getaway - 4/19/2017
There was a time St.Louis was the last civilized jumping off point before one embarked upon the wild prairie. For me and my ancestors, it was the best place to grow up with everything going for it, old European style neighborhoods, no crime, dedication to arts and architecture, restaurants, schools and the best in medicine. Now the sad lament. Everything stated in the negative about St. Louis is true. My son refers to it as the city two farts away from becoming Detroit. I fault the city's management over the past nearly forty years. They are all criminals who should be jailed for what they let happen to this once great city. I would move back if I recognized anything! The overhaul of the riverfront is a bogus sham that should have never been authorized. Total waste of money. It was beautiful the way it was. They actually paved over a part of historical front with asphalt!! I was mortified. The vortex that is now Chicago has put St. Louis in a windtunnel which I fear it will never Read More

Missouri sucks - 8/19/2015
Don't move to Missouri. Most of the state is very country and conservative. I hate it Read More

Looking for a retirement state - 10/25/2014
Looking for retirement area. Lots of lakes. Would also be interested in Read More

Worst place to live - 2/2/2014
It is the most filthy place to live I have ever been. The locals are all related and look at any new people as their income. You will be ripped off EVERY time you hire someone to work on your home. There is no law saying someone has to be certified, so some guy claiming to be a plumber, electrician, roof repair, ect will not only charge you much more than other locals, but will not do the job right, i hired so many people and some actually laughed in my face as they took my money, and left my family to suffer, sparks shooting out of my electrical, roof pouring in rain, you get the picture.

I am not making this up, all the small towns around here do this and though i know this happens everywhere, i have never seen a people so warped and mentally ill enough as to be so unashamed. There is no shame here, there is also no law, the sheriff will show up but will do nothing, and even the locals feel the same about the so called law enforcement....do NOT move here for any Read More

cost of living - 6/12/2013
The state of Missouri is not a good retirement state. Read More

MO weather - 3/29/2013
MIssouri is known for it's changing weather. There are definitely four season although spring and fall are rapidly disappearing. Winters are usually pretty mild with moderate snow but 2012/2013 has had heavy snowfall. Also, summers are HOT and Read More

Getting worse here - 11/29/2012
The crime rate here where we are now, is getting worse and we are ready to relocate to somewhere new and start fresh. We are hoping that Elk City will be the place for us.Read More

Life in Missouri - 11/18/2010
Its cold in the winter and hot in the summer but over all a good place to live Read More

Midwest - cost of living - 7/4/2010
Coming from the Northwest, you can find a lower cost of living and better employment. Kansas City has many
features, food, micro breweries, coffee shops, fine dining that you would find in the Northwest. Housing is lower
the recent "power and light district" is very Portland Oregon like... Read More


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