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jobs - 3/6/2012
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not very many good jobs here.

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Francis Martin
Chicago, IL

For research - 9/14/2015

Hi, I'm using your website for my research here in the Phlippines. I'm hoping that your good website will support me in my endeavor to promote quality living here in the Philippines. I don't know if you ban IP address that is outside the US, but please let me through. Thank you!

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Maumee, OH

Not so good weather! - 5/25/2015

Looking to move to southwest utah

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Lima, OH

Death - 2/5/2015

Dont come here, its bad

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Canal Winchester, OH

Canal Winchester, OH - 2/21/2014

Nice community and low crime rate. Not the best school district (Groveport-Madison) but lots of activities and things to do for families. Cost of living is pretty reasonable.

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Columbus, OH

Home builders Ohio - 2/5/2014

Rockford Homes is the leading home builder with range of houses for sale in Ohio. Call (614) 785-0015 to have a look at our homes for sale in central Ohio today.

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Louisville, OH

Ohio - 8/9/2013

nice state to live in

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Beaver Dam, WI

I want to move: - 6/15/2013

I am looking for the best best to move my family. What is important to me is the cost of living, Health, Jobs, Religion.

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Malibu, CA

steubenville - 3/7/2013

cost of living

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Bowling Green, OH

Toooooo cold! Ugh - 2/6/2013

Don t like the weather nor the life here! Quite boring! :(

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Dayton, OH

Climate - 10/3/2012

Its ok

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Alliance, OH

cost of living - 6/15/2012


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West Chester, OH

West Chester - 4/10/2012

Lived here for 26 years,moved from SLC Utah, raised 4 children here. West Chester,Ohio is somewhat conservative,but has been good for us.

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Cincinnati, OH

jobs - 3/6/2012

not very many good jobs here.

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New Carlisle, OH

better job - 2/28/2011

better jobs

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Navarre, OH

Ohio is diverse in topography and culture - 2/16/2011

Northern Ohio atmosphere from Cleveland to Toledo resonates an air of fun with places like Cedar Point in Sandusky, to interesting museums like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Additionally the Cleveland Orchestra, and the world famous Cleveland Clinic offers other excellent health choices. Moving south about 100 miles from Cleveland the topography changes to more rolling hills. The Amish craftsmanship can be appreciated at many local venues - especially near Sugarcreek and Millersburg. Continuing in a southerly direction, Columbus is a fast moving city - the highways have fairly easy access and many interesting shopping adventures await, as well as art and entertainment. Ohio has a unique blend of rural and urban areas. Cleveland to Cincinnati is about a 4 hour drive - depending on conditions. Although a rather small state compared to others, it boasts presidents and astronauts. The Buckeye state has 4 seasons that can be enjoyed by all. Although the economy has been challenged, there is recent hope that positive forces are taking shape to help improve Ohio's economy. Come visit Ohio - you will have fun!

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Amherst, OH

City of robots and rude people - 11/21/2010

i currently live in Northeast ohio and I cant wait to leave

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Beachwood, OH

Don't Move to Tampa Bay Florida (especially Clearw - 5/25/2010

I lived in Florida for nearly ten years before moving north, and escaping the crime, traffic and very rude people. Living in Florida was a nightmare in general. There were drug dealers and prostitutes living in even the nice areas, and the traffic was soooo horrible that it was dangerous to drive anywhere because people drive very aggressively on all streets! I bought a new car and a month later, some kid driving and using a cellphone plowed into it as I was getting on Route 19 (the most dangerous road in the area)! Totalled my car! Jobs pay next to nothing, neighbors never mind their own business for the most part, and the landlords/movers are dishonest and shifty, in my opinion. Apartments mainly had those little 3/4 sized ovens, which were usually old and worn out. I paid over $700 per month for a so-called nice apartment in a large complex on a lake but it was full of black mold, shabby service/maintenance and a scary landlord who entered peoples' apartments any time he felt like it. I also had to get a restraining order against some hateful old woman who hated everyone and was always harrassing and bothering me, when I kept to myself and worked all the time (to pay the expensive cost of living down there). It was sincerely unreal. If you live in Florida, you have to get licenses for your pets or you can be arrested (even cats!), battle with crowds everywhere you go and doctors' offices are usally very crowded/overbooked with hurried service when you finally do see the doctor. It was a terrible place to live, stay up north where you have room to move, not need to worry about people stealing your things (especially when you move) and where driving isn't like you're in a car race everywhere you go. Trust me.

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Marysville, OH

Out of the cold and gray skies - 3/8/2010

Marysville was a wonderful place to grow up becuase it was a very small town back then (pop. about 6000 in the early 60's). But I am ready to move to the high desert of California. I am tired of the long winters and gray skies year around.

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Napoleon, OH

Okay, but sufering from hardships. - 11/21/2009

The state is actually fairly divers landscape. Northwest is flat farmland with a few rivers. Northeast has a lot of the cities there; Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown...ect. There is also some farmland, but not as much as Northwest. Southwest is best known for Dayton and Cincinnati...not a lot other than that. Southeast has the more scenic hoking hills area, and plenty of trees. Southern Ohio in general is a bit poorer than the northern half of Ohio. The state is having hardship like everywhere else due to the tanking economy. Gasoline is fairly cheap in the state. Houses are still being built so the housing market is only fair. It's a buyers market for the most part. Crime is on the raise in most city areas. The state has 5 of the major cities has known to be violent; Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Youngstown. There are, however, some good suburbs to these cities. Overall from 1-10 I give the state a 6.

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Newark, OH

Grey - 11/18/2009

Sunshine is rare in Central Ohio-Generally the weather and the scenery is grey, grey, grey. Late fall and winter are especially dismal

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