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Gallia, OH

Gallipolis in Lights - 7/10/2019
This village is very mom and pop business oriented. Every weekend activity makes for a fun filled weekend from St Patricks day to the New years eve celebration. Many opportunities for a wholesome life. You have to drive 30 minutes for a job, but well worth it. Nice hospital, good schools, low crime.

Ohio, OH

Ohio, the heart state. - 7/10/2019
I have lived in five sections of Ohio for a total of over 35 years. You just need to find what floats your boat! Ohioans are big on education, football, family and cultural events. We have jobs, but we also have a big populations. Very competitive market. Most jobs are located near the major highways as are the better hospitals. Housing is hard to find with low property values yet cheaper rent makes it harder to find rental properties. The NW and SE are more farmlands, while the NE and SW are more city, urban landscapes from Cleveland, through Columbus, to Cincinnati. The North is colder with the Lake effects. The South is maybe 5 degrees warmer year round. Affordable health care, We are a multi cultural state. A great state to get on your feet if you hit bottom. Lots of retirement towns to choose from and feel safe. Our shame is the opioid crisis, not less sunlight. You have got to like 4 seasons to live in Ohio.

Gallipolis, OH

Scenic, seasonal yet good weather town. - 6/24/2019
It is not too hot, nor too cold. Great friendly town, that has entertainment in the park every weekend from St Patricks Day to The New Year, weather agreeing. So much to do in this down all week long. More for older residents, hard to find housing because every body stays. No congestion of traffic until events, and a great local hospital and school system. It is a mom and pop business town, not much in line of jobs. Golf cart town on the river.

Decatur, AL

I wouldn't even visit but my family is still there - 6/24/2019
People are church associated, fun and cordial. I don't know why Best places have them listed as 56 for Comfort Zone but no way! And my high electric bill for at least 4 months of air conditioning. Who wants to spend summer indoors? You have to get everything done by 10 am or you could stroke out. Poor healthcare but clean hospitals. Plenty of places for fine dining, or quick meals. Congested streets and highways. Good schools, fair parks, nice Point Mallard activities. Evening entertainment at various places, when it cools down. High crime.

Franklin, KY

Visit - 7/28/2015
I recently visited Franklin for 3 days 7-24-2015 It was hot 90-95 degrees but not humid, definitely not unbearable. And I live in Ohio! Memphis is unbearable. I talked with residents who told me about 3 weeks of the year it is in the mid 90's starting the last week of July. I enjoyed all the tourist sites and had a choice of eleven modestly priced motels.I have been through this city several years in a row, different seasons of the year. It is a wonderful town. This town is 30 minutes East, West, North and South of major cities with jobs..ie, Scottsville, Russellville, Bowling Green or Nashville. There is plenty of tourism places for day trips with family. There is a hospital in town, excellent schools, wonderful homes, friendly fun people, churches, golf course, Country club and the Kentucky Downs. This is the perfect place to retire but why wait until then? Jobs, great weather year round, and close enough to bigger cities when you need a vacation or a better paying job.

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