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"What are the neigborhoods like in Pueblo???"

What are the neigborhoods like in Pueblo??? - 6/9/2006
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Youngstown, OH

please share information about the neighborhoods and social events....

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Napa, CA

Help me decide on Pueblo, Co - 4/14/2015

I am looking to relocate due to a job offer and have narrowed my search of cities down to Pueblo. I am curious on how the cost of living is in Pueblo? coming from California which is ridiculously high, i am looking for a new place to start a family. i was interested in Colorado Springs but it seemed to be a bit on the expensive side. we are a mixed race family (white/Mexican) in our late 20's so is pueblo a pretty welcoming city? and is it pretty safe as far as crime rates go? is the surrounding job market promising?

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Labelle, FL

cost to register cars - 4/24/2014

cost of gas,cost of income tax,cost of food

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Pueblo, CO

Good place to live - 3/10/2013

I am not promoting Pueblo as a place to move to, in fact most of us are happy with the size of our town. The reason for this post is to counter some of the posts I have seen on this site. I was born and raised in Pueblo so living in this community I believe I do know enough about it to share an understanding of my home town. I have lived in Denver, Southern California, Seattle, and have spent time back east so my experience is not just of Pueblo What does Pueblo offer that other cities don’t? It is as simple as someone unknown to you saying hello while standing in line at the check out. Most people from Pueblo are friendly. They are not out to impress. They are excepting of those who are different. The crime rate, if you look at the numbers is not any higher then towns for this size. I feel safe most anywhere in the community.. All my children graduated from Pueblo schools an went on to higher education. Teaching, nursing, and law-enforcement. 3 of my grand children have or getting ready to Graduate from CSU-Pueblo. So education in town I feel is good. I have only one child that has moved away.He and his family live in Denver, but comes down to Pueblo often, staying close to friends and family. I have become friends with those who have moved to Pueblo, due to work and when they retired elected to stay. It is friendly, comfortable, cost of living is good and the climate is great. Many of their family members have also moved here as well. If you want all the things a big city offers Pueblo is not the place. For that you would have to travel to Springs or Denver, but if you are looking for a places that offers a feel of small town with many of the things of a bigger city then Pueblo is the place.

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Abner Snowps
Albuquerque, NM

Wounderful Pueblo! A drinkers paradice! - 2/17/2013

What many may not understand about Pueblo, is that it's a very simple city.There are a lot of people to get drunk and party with! I have got drunk MANY times in Pueblo, and let me till you, them people LOVE to get drunk and the cops leave you alone! So just go out, get a bottle of booze then get happy and walk the streets, and in no time you'll fine someone to get drunk with! That is about the best advice I can give anyone who wants to move to Pueblo.

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Pueblo, CO

Don't do it!!!! - 1/1/2013

If you value your quality of life, moving to pueblo is the wrong answer. The only thing i ever hear as to why people move here is because of the mountains. That is all Pueblo has to offer otherwise its a cesspool!!!

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Austin, TX

Politics - 9/14/2012


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Pueblo, CO

Noise - 1/27/2012

Pueblo is a very noisy city. No matter where you go, and for most of 24 hours, is the constant thumping of the bass of car stereos. When you contact the city police there is no enforcement of the city and state noise laws. When I contacted the city council members their response was any where from no response to there are laws but it depends on enforcement. The quality of life is not measured by jobs and social institutions alone, but also by the behavior of others too. Pueblo allows a very, very small minority of people go around and essentially thumb their nose at the law at the expense of others peace of mind. A person can't even enjoy the quiet of their homes without having to listen to the constant thumping of the car bass and vibrating of windows and walls. I have seen several times where Pueblo police were sitting next to a car with the bass cranked up, obviously breaking the law, and they have done nothing.

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Pueblo, CO

Life in pueblo - 12/29/2011

I have been reading a lot of negative comments about pueblo but where you live is what you make of it. If you are determined to be unhappy, you will be unhappy. I have lived in a lot of places and they all have positive and negatives. Happiness is not where you live but a state of mind

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Pueblo, CO

about Pueblo Colorado - 3/12/2011

Lived here more than 30 years simply because the spouse doesn't want to move and has good income from sources outside of Pueblo. Most people who don't like Pueblo are here because they can't get the other half to move. Some still here because they went broke and can't move. Mostly, the ones wanting to leave are wives because women here don't really like to make new friends. They have friends they've known since birth or at least high school, and their family is all here. They don't need new friends. You make friends with people who aren't from here and all you end up doing is griping about how bad you want to leave but the spouse won't do it. Most of those spouses are home grown Puebloans. There aren't really any groups to join here either. Two good things about Pueblo - clean air and no rush hour traffic. Cultural life is minimal. Economy very bad. Poverty rate really high. Mostly small local employers who won't or can't pay decent wages and tell young people they don't need to attend college. If you don't have connections you'll be lucky if you can get in with one of the few larger companies. A few big companies are here but their facilities aren't big. If you're lucky, you can work your way up to $40,000 a year over ten or fifteen years. Population is about 50/50 white and hispanic. They pretend to like each other but I think they really don't because they tend to stick with their own (weird to watch the racial/ethnic dynamic here). Most of the native Puebloans have never travelled outside of the city. Seriously, never even been to Denver. Many are so poor they can't maintain the old small homes they own. Some have their mortgages paid off and most drive new cars. But a lot of them have bill collectors chasing them. It's wierd but it seems like a lot of these people don't even know how poor they are. I guess because they've never worked anywhere else and don't have family that did either. If you plan to open a business here well, check out the economy before putting any money in it. Most retirees are barely surviving because they never earned enough to save any money. Many employers don't offer 401(k) or health benefits. Education system very poor, except for the university, but most of its graduates leave Pueblo in order to make more than $8 or $10 an hour after graduating. Pueblo largely has upper middle class, lower middle class and poor. Not many in the middle part of middle class. Crime is bad especially domestic violence and gang activity, burglaries, muggings. Home invasions were a big problem a few years ago but they either stopped or have been hushed up. The area around the country club declined because everyone moved out after the invasions started. A lot of things in Pueblo get hushed up because the locals don't want to be embarrassed by having negative things about Pueblo made public. Pueblo is kind of a joke in the northern part of the state because of stuff like that. So Puebloans stay quiet and nothing changes or things just get worse. They denied they had gangs for about 10 years, until they just couldn't deny it anymore when graffiti was all over everything in the city. If you're thinking about living here, rent for six months, see if you can get a job that pays enough to live on, find out if your kids will be safe and able to learn anything in school, and see if you can make any friends. If you decide you like it, then you can buy a house, but be careful about the "inexpensive" housing because most of it is in bad neighborhoods. The rural areas are pretty good places to live but they're expensive and have no public transportation, shopping, etc. You'll spend a fortune on gas. By the way, city busses in Pueblo only run until 6:00 p.m. and don't run at all on Sundays, so public transportation sucks even in the city. If you come from a big city and don't like to brown nose in order to have a good job or career, Pueblo's not the place for you. If you're not "someone" you'll have a very hard time financially. Most newcomers don't stay because they can't make enough money. That was the case even before the recession. Employers make you work overtime but don't pay you time and a half. They also like to make you exempt from overtime and then work you to death. They expect you to do all this volunteer stuff for them on your own time. This region of the state is so poor that businesses don't make a lot of money. They like to run with minimal staffing and work you 50 or 60 hours a week for chump change. Puebloans don't seem to know their rights and never reports these chumps to the Department of Labor so they just work for nothing and then don't know why they're broke when they retire, if they ever get to retire. Commuting to Colorado Springs to work isn't a great option either. Maintenance costs on your car are huge along with all the gas you have to pay for. The commute is about an hour if you're going to the north end of Colorado Springs and their job market was hit harder than Pueblo's from the recession and hasn't really come back. Pueblo didn't get hit as hard because it doesn't have as many businesses. Most of the hits in Pueblo were in construction. Don't let a realtor tell you you don't need a cooling system in the $200,000 house you're about to buy in Pueblo or Pueblo West. It actually has happened. One guy from California works from his home and was told that we don't really have that many warm days here and he didn't need a cooling system in his newly built two story house. So he buys the house and sets his office up in an upstairs bedroom. Summer rolls around and he's roasting every day while he's tring to earn money. Found out it was going to cost him $10,000 to install central heating and cooling but he didn't have the money. He put it all into the move from California and the purchase of the house. Another guy almost bought a house and found out at the last minute that a river runs under it and floods the basement every spring. Whoever lives there runs a pump in the basement around the clock for a couple months every year. Another realtor sold someone property where they planned to build a house but didn't bother to let him know that the property has no water source. He had to install a cistern and has water trucked in. Another time, a realtor rented a rural house to someone from out of town. The house was on well water. Everyone started getting sick and they finally had the county test the well water. It was contaminated. The owners and the realtor knew it before they rented it out too. Realtors get away with murder in Colorado, so be forewarned - check out everything a realtor tells you before you sign a contract on a house anywhere in the state. Pueblo has a code that if you need a new water heater you can't install it yourself. You have to hire a licensed professional. Found that out when a friend of ours tried to replace his water heater. I think they did it to force people to pay businesses so they can stay in business. Favorite form of entertainment for women in Pueblo? Shopping and going out to eat. Pueblo has nothing but run of the mill restaurants and fast food joints. Obesity rate is ridiculous here. So is teenage pregnancy and drug use. I could go on but you get the message. I'm outahere as soon as spouse agrees. I'm applying the pressure like never before cause I can't face another 30 years here. It may come down to me or Pueblo, take your pick. That's how bad it is.

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Smithton, IL

Everytime I go to Peublo a homeless man touches me - 3/7/2011

Seriously... stop it homeless guy. It's rude and it makes me sad.

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Pueblo, CO

Shocking Violent Crime Rate + not all reported - 1/9/2011

Here are the 2 figures that should concern you. In 3 years from 2006 the violent crime rate has increased 42%. As of 2009 the violent crime per capita was 72% higher than neighboring Colorado Springs. The local media is too afraid of bothering city leaders to talk about violent crime rate and since Colorado Springs paper recently addressed it the Police department stated that the numbers were tainted because it includes "attempted" murder. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a violent crime to me and I dont want someone "attempting" to kill me either. The Police also for 2010 suddenly can't report stats to FBI per the same way they have done it for over 10 years. Why? Because they are afraid of the facts and dont want data seen by public. Me? well I have had cops "no show" for 2 calls to 911, gace plate number, stellar description, and requested to press charges on gang punks driving around threatening with gun with result of zero, and when someone chased my vehicle and broke out window trying to rob me I was threatened by police that they would find traffic citations to give me if I filed charges despite assailant caught and admitting guilt while blood from breaking my window gushed from his arm. So just imagine how much crime isn't reported? Despite above average number of officers you can drive across town twice and never see one. Since no cops, if you honk at any young males here they instantly want to fight or run you off the road and NOBODY can drive between the lines around here. I've had enough and my newborn son forced the issue. We are moving to somewhere with same good weather, same low cost housing, same nature, BUT SAFE!! Try Prescott, AZ!

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Pueblo, CO

Scary! - 5/3/2010

I moved here 2 years ago and what a mistake that was. I've lived in the mountains, plains, Denver and the Springs, so I know from which I speak. The reason for the move was affordable housing. Unfortunately all I got was shooting, drugs, cops chasing people in my neighborhood, car jacking on my street, and insane hooligans on the 4th of July. Yes, hooligans! Shooting illegal fireworks in a dry field and people's houses. 30+ people on a dead end street. Cops? After notifying them after 2 hours of this they never showed up. So much for protection! Just drive down I25 and notice all the slum areas on either side. Horrible place to live and, yes, I'm running away and leaving my house to the mortgage company. Too scared to wait it out to sell. Unless you're a gang member or illegal, don't move here!

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Pueblo, CO

Clean Air - 1/27/2009

After living in Pueblo for two years - i am of the opinion that it has very clean air.

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Pueblo, CO

Life in Pueblo is poor - 10/12/2008

Quality of life is very poor. City is dirty and for the most part, unkept. Many rural areas where people refuse to modernize. Not many jobs and no high paying jobs unless you want to be a telemarketer.

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Barry, IL

Pueblo - Pros/Cons - 4/6/2008

Pros: 1. Low crime rate 2. Extremely low cost of living and housing for region 3. Affordable place to live 4. Beautiful view of the mountains 5. Lake recreation at Lake Pueblo nearby Cons: 1. People have to drive 40 miles to Colorado Springs for work 2. Poor school system 3. Huge meth lab problem 4. You have to travel 50 miles or more for mountain recreation

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Denver, CO

Pueblo as Regional Cultural/Educational Center - 3/24/2008

The new Robert Hoag Rawlins Library, new zoo exhibits, Buell Children's Museum, Riverwalk, Art Center, historical landmarks/museums, theater groups, Pueblo Community College, and Colorado State University--Pueblo have changed Pueblo from a polluted steel town into the cultural and educational center of southeastern Colorado for residents of every age. Unfortunately, its proximity to the larger Colorado Springs (40 miles) and Denver (105 miles) metropolitan areas tends to diminish this regional importance.

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Pueblo, CO

Getting Better - 3/14/2008

I have lived in Pueblo for 3 years now and the city has only gotten better, in my opinion. My husband still drives to Springs for work, but that is not unusual. I have three children (ages 7,4,2) and the recreation for them is great. There is the Children's Museum, Pueblo Zoo, a lot of parks, city pools, and the Pueblo Reservoir. Plus Pueblo is only a 30 minutes away from the San Isabel National Forest and the Wet Mountains. I have had no problems with the schools my children attend. The teachers are always very helpful and have a genuine interest in the kids education. The school district recently hired a new administrator who wants to make Pueblo City Schools a world class institution, and the plans are already in motion. Pueblo has several festivals, inlcuding the Chile and Frijole, State Fair, and the B Street Festival just to name a few. It is a slow-paced town and there stills seems to be a "old boy's club" mentality, but from my perspective things are continuing to get better all the time.

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Topeka, KS

Pueblo - 8/1/2007

I lived in Pueblo for 5 years. I have listed below the pros and cons of the city. Pros 1. very good weather 2. nice people 3. nice place for a retiree 4. low crime rate Cons 1. awful job market, many people have to commute to Co. Springs for work 2. many of the people aren't very ambitious and have little career goals 3. awful school system 4. many people stuck in the past who can't let go of their HS glory days 5. limited cultural scene 6. it is a steel town that died as a city long ago

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Pueblo, CO

More about Pueblo lifestyle - 6/11/2007

Several questions about Pueblo in regards to neighborhood, culture, and lifestyle have been answered to varying degrees, so I thought I would throw in my $0.02: I have lived all over Colorado during my lifetime, from small towns to big towns to mountians, foothills, and the plains; so I have a fairly impartial view when it comes to assessing a place to live. I first came to live in Pueblo when I went to attend the University there (it is now called Colorado State University - Pueblo). There has been some improvements to the school over the years but it is basically a commuter campus with limited on-campus student life and/or a regional/national/international influx of energy (as compared to the larger state schools in Boulder, Ft. Collins, and Denver). But as with everything in Pueblo it is really affordable. Pueblo lifestyle is very relaxed, although there is a great many people who work extremely hard at their jobs. There is still a very blue-collar mentality to what the working people expect in a job and company to provide, but many of the small businesses do not offer much in the way of benefits, compensation, and advancement opportunities. This town used to be a one-trick pony when it came to jobs (The old CF&I Steelmill, which was just purchased by a large Russian steel conglomerate Evras). They have spent the last 20 years developing a fairly decent industrial park just east of town where Trane Corp., Target, BF Goodrich, Haddenstone, Adams Aircraft, and several other medium sized manufacturing and warehousing companies have plants. In addition to that is a large cement plant and a coal power plant that are being built and are providing alot of jobs during construction and a handful of residual jobs. Mission Foods has a plant in town, and there is a very large amount of agricultural work in the area, which is fairly fertile due to the Arkansas River, Fountain Creek, Huerfano River, and St. Charles Rivers all converging in the area. The Government Printing Office has a large operation in downtown Pueblo, and there are many political and economic centres for the southern colorado area that are located in Pueblo. As mentioned, there is also a large segment of "entrenched" both upper-class and lower class groups. Most of this is tied to past cultural influxes of people of different heritage. Making some gross generalizations, there is a demographic of those with Italian heritage that seem to be dominate in the real-estate, cultural

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Topeka, KS

Pueblo, Colorado - 10/27/2006

I lived in Pueblo for 5 years.Pueblo is a pretty town in spots. Pueblo has zero culture,although,it is not alone as much of Colorado lacks in terms of cultural things to do. Pueblo has no jobs. Most of the people are very friendly. The town gets considerably less snow than much of the state. Many of the people you will meet here have lived their whole life in Pueblo as have their parents and grandparents, so they are not crazy about non-Puebloans, but they are not unfriendly.Many people in Pueblo are not very motivated to have a better life. The town has a largely lousy selection of rests. Pueblo is a huge sports town, so if you don't like sports you won't fit in, however; if you enjoy sports especially HS sports you will see a town that comes to life around local football, basketball and baseball games etc. The Pueblo Reservior is nice. The schools are poor in quality in comparison to the schools in No. Colorado Springs, suburban Denver, Ft. Collins and Boulder. It is very much a town where many people haven't decided to put their "high school glory days" past them. Pueblo with its good climate would make a good place for a retiree who doesn't want to to experience cultural things out of life. Many people here have never left the city and many are scared to see other things in life. Many people commute to Colorado Springs to support their families as a mentioned earlier the town has few jobs professional or blue collar. Unlike Boulder, Ft. Collins or Denver its a very cheap place to live but is mired by the low wages most people make in the town.

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