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"Drugs???? Schools????? "

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Granbury, TX

Respiratory unrest - 6/9/2009

6/2009 One of the worst places to live for asthma and allergies.

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Granbury, TX

Artists Welcome! - 2/11/2008

Granbury is a community that supports the arts in multiple ways. The granbury Art Association maintains an art center for learning and exhibiting local talent. There are also venues for attending performance art at both the Granbury Opera and Granbury Live. There are a number of annual events and something to do year round. The community here is a swiftly growing diamond in the heart of Texas.

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Muskegon, MI

Drugs???? Schools????? - 3/8/2007

I visited Granbury last summer , nice place , family values, polite! Now as for the comment on drug issues, find me a city or town in the USA who does not have some issue with drug use? Go on...... Thats what I thought haha! ITS the freaking United States , drug use is everywhere in every school, every suburb, city, community of all types!! At least people in Texas are polite :-)

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Fort Worth, TX

Granbury, great place if your into drugs, low leve - 11/17/2006

reading the comment before this one I had to make a statement, 1: Granbury schools are in no way shape or form good, they are after that bottom dollar and nothing else. 2: The number of police in the city is more than in some of the metropolitan areas! "AND THEY GET BORED" I used to think Granbury was a nice place however with those 2 issues and the outrageously out of control methanphetomines problem, I do not suggest the town for anyone other than that of a cop, a druggie, or anyone else who would like their family to be subjected to such.

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Fort Worth, TX

I grew up in Granbury, TX - 9/14/2006

Hi! I grew up in Granbury, TX but moved away right after HS when I joined the Army and I swore I would never go back (as most youngsters do). However, now that I am older and I have lived just about everywhere (overseas, New York, Oregon, Georgia, etc.) I miss the place terribly as I realize it really is a nice community with good values. Over the last three years I have been visiting Granbury a lot as my mother still lives there and it is still my "home" and I have been very surprised and pleasantly pleased with the changes taking place in Granbury over the years. The area is growing and from what I can tell, overall the city and county are being managed well. It appears as if Granbury is a great place to live and invest. The economy there is doing well, the schools are good and and there is plenty to do in terms of recreation, etc. It still has a small town feel yet has a lot of the ammenities required of the modern 30 or 40 something couple.

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