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Muskegon, MI

If you are looking for great beaches, winter sport - 11/21/2011

If you like 4 seasons, don't mind snow and cold, love beaches and lake life, like to live near an area that promotes festivals, this may just be for you!

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Ann Arbor, MI

Muskegon Suffering - 3/25/2009

I grew up in Muskegon and it was a great place to live. However, brain drain is a huge problem and the majority of my friends who went to college never came back.

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Bellefonte, PA

Get out, and don't look back. - 2/24/2009

The beaches and scenery around Muskegon are beautiful (even during the 9 months a year they're covered in snow), so it's a shame the city has become what it is. Jobs are nonexistent now, and the economy somehow keeps finding ways to get worse. As you'd expect from all of this, the only people still living in Muskegon are the ones who can't get out, so I can only imagine the crime and homeless rates there must be now. I grew up in Muskegon, and it wasn't a bad place to be a kid, but as an adult professional you're better off just about anywhere else. I left Muskegon in 2003 and never looked back; I'd recommend anyone who can get out do the same.

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Muskegon, MI

Quality of Life - 7/9/2007

Many people who live in the Muskegon area are losing jobs. Factories, that have been here for decades, are closing and there's no sign of any new jobs coming to the area.

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Muskegon, MI

Not Many Well Paying Jobs - 4/29/2006

Muskegon has been a Automotive and Furniture Manufacturing Town for Nearly 100 Years. Now Jobs are Low Paying High School and Junior College Type. There are Two Very Good Small Colleges, However Most Graduates Find Jobs Elsewhere.

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Reseda, CA

Muskegon Michigan - 10/5/2005

I was born there. It was a lumber town, when the lumber got used up it became a factory town. However, it is in a beautiful setting. The golden cresent, the sand at the shore of Lake Michigan , make it ideal in comparison to the other Great Lakes which have stony shores. Muskegon needs lots of TLC. Each wave of immigration settled there beginning with the French, then the Scananavian, the German etc. As each wave of immigration came it they formed a Catholic Church in which the language of that group was spoken. In the 1950's you could hear a French mass at St. Jeannes, a Polish mass at St. Michaels, etc. Unfortunately African Americans were segregated in Muskegon Heights just adjacent to Muskegon proper. Housing is very reasonable. It's cold in the winter and overcast a lot. I am drawn back to my family and relatives who settled there. Many outlying communities in the area are lovely also.

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