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Michigan is a state located in the Great Lakes region of the United States. Known for its beautiful lakes, forests, and bustling cities, it is a popular destination for tourists and a beloved home for many residents. However, living in any place comes with its own set of pros and cons. In this case, we will take a look at various user reviews about living in Michigan from the bestplaces.net website.

Overall, the majority of users seem to have a positive experience living in Michigan. One user, Chris, states "I have lived in Michigan my whole life and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. The four seasons, the friendly people, and the natural beauty make it a great place to call home." Another user, Rachel, echoes this sentiment by saying "I love the sense of community in Michigan. People here are genuine and always willing to lend a helping hand."

However, there are also some negative reviews from users who have had less than desirable experiences living in Michigan. A user named Brian shares, "The winters here are brutal. The snow and cold can be unbearable at times, and it lasts for what feels like an eternity." Another user named Sarah adds, "I have found that the job market in Michigan is quite competitive and it can be challenging to find employment in certain industries."

Despite these challenges, others have still found joy in living in Michigan. A user named John says, "I moved to Michigan from a big city and was pleasantly surprised by the affordable cost of living here. I can finally save money and enjoy a good quality of life."

In summary, Michigan seems to be a state with a lot to offer, from its natural beauty and friendly people to its affordable cost of living. However, it also has its drawbacks, such as harsh winters and a competitive job market. Overall, it appears to be a great place to call home for those who value a strong sense of community and enjoy the changing seasons.

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Michigan: trash tier state - 9/8/2021
Ready to throw in the towel with this state. I would recommend looking elsewhere to move, if that’s what brings you to this forum. Frankly that’s what I am in the process of doing. I’ve spent my whole life here—if life in Michigan is as good as it gets, then God must be playing a rude joke on us.

To start off, as recent graduate, I had to hustle pretty hard to get a job paying a living wage. How hard does it have to be? As far as economic opportunity, this state is the pits. If you find a job paying enough to cover your rent, its because you’re probably working for someone evil. My father spent his whole life jumping from job to job because of layoffs. I never felt secure and our family internalized that sense of economic instability. Housing is not California expensive, but it is NOT affordable. We have miles and miles of boring suburbs, devastated inner cities, boojy McMansion towns, and rural no mans lands. Our so called affordable housing is uninhabitable. Look into Read More

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Michigan - 6/20/2021
I used to live in Michigan when I was baby until I was about 2 I got moved to NC until in 2012 or 2013 in Kansas until in 2016 I moved back in NC until 2018 I moved in SC and now Im lives in SC now.

I know Michigan is best place to lives and some day I will moving back in Michigan to lives again
Read More

Can’t wait to leave - 9/3/2020
Michigan is so overrated; Michiganders are in love with this state, and I don’t get it. You can sit and have a two hour conversation about how crappy things are here and they’ll agree, but there’s nothing you could say to make them dislike this state; what are they holding onto?

-It’s so boring. There’s nothing to do unless you have land or water access, or you like winter sports. Not even entertainers like to come here.
- The winters are BRUTAL and they never end. For like 8 months out of the year, it’s just miserable, gray, depressing, cold and wet. It’s hell on your home and car.
- The infrastructure has to be among the worst in the country. There’s no easy way to get anywhere, you’re sometimes going 20-30 extra miles out of the way to get from A to B. The roads look like they’re in a 3rd world. I don’t even know how many my tires have been claimed by potholes. There’s always construction repairing things that don’t need repairing, while neglecting real Read More

small town - 4/9/2017
Belleville MI is a small town, they have a couple good fast food places and a few small diners and such, but the cost of living is kind of ridiculous. i have a one bedroom apartment, on the lake mind you, for 900$ a month. the town is kind of boring and its mainly just old folks here, which theres nothing wrong with that, unless youre a young adult like me, looking for excitement. i suggest moving else where. although! it is close to ann arbor and such places, so thats a small plus. Read More

Not good - 3/8/2017
Need to be able to see whole state and move Read More

Lived here my entire life...ready to move - 6/10/2016
Ok, so I've lived in Suburbs of Michigan my entire life.

Let me start with the good:
-Lots of lakes big and small
-Good employment opportunities in the larger metro areas
-Lots of metro parks

Let me list the not so good:
-Highest auto insurance rates in the country
-High license fees
-Very aggressive and rude drivers
-Roads in either A) bad condition or B) under construction
-Traffic bad in Metro Detroit (Southeast Michigan)
-Very short summers (if you like any kind of outdoor activities)
-Very long winters (If you live in Upper Peninsula, even longer with more snow)
-Driving in winter weather, along with lots of stupid drivers, can be very treacherous
-Unions (auto and teachers) have huge lobby in Lansing (state capital)
-Lots of fees and taxes

Summary: Michigan is like California, nice place maybe to vacation, but not to live. I will be moving out of Michigan within Read More
Mitch | ,  | Reply | No Replies

price - 3/12/2016
cost of living and taxes to Read More

Desert not for my. - 6/23/2015
Ilive in Phx. Az. Want to move to michigan where I grew Read More

employers are the worse - 6/10/2015
Grew up in michigan and moved back here 10 years ago. Worse decision we ever made. Employers in northern michigan pay poorly and treat employees like animals. Cost of living up here is expensive and most people have to work 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet. Beautiful state and lots to do all year if you like the outdoors. Wages are bad the local saying is "view of the bay is worth half the pay." Sad isn't Read More

Michigan - 6/4/2015
Michigan is a great place to live. You will experience all 4 seasons and have an opportunity to enjoy the great attractions. One of the best main places to experience culture and night life is Downtown Detroit. The festivals are amazing; I love the various cultures, cuisine, River Walk, and convenient access to Read More


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