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"nice small town"

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Wilmette, IL

I love Felton - 3/1/2012

I would move there just to be near Henry Cowell, which is one of my favorite places ever. It's a bit further from everything, but close enough to Scotts Valley to take advantage of what it has to offer. It's such a picturesque mountain town. If you want privacy in the woods but want to be fairly close to everything, this would be a great place. Cost of living is high. That goes without saying, but housing is cheaper here than in other parts of Santa Cruz county.

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Felton, CA

nice small town - 1/21/2008

Felton is a nice small town close to Santa Cruz however I feel it's very expensive and it's past its prime. Recently the bowling alley closed. The transportation is you must have a car as public transportation is only busses that run infrequently and are expensive. The other remaining attraction is Roaring Camp railroad which is sadly under used and is now a tourist attraction when it once served a useful function. The only rail line is a Southern Pacific track that runs through Santa Cruz but doesn't carry passengers sadly. The closest Amtrack is San Jose. I wouldn't waste my time moving here unless you have lots of money. Housing is a real problem with the Universary of California constantly expanding and students putting a real crunch on the housing market. It is also very difficult to get any kind building permit. Taxes are high, gas is high. Parking is at a premium. The parks require a fee. Michelle Ress USA

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