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My review: - 5/2/2022
California is a great state! It has beaches, good weather, beautiful national parks, nice restaurants, motels, movie theatres, good schools, amusement parks, excellent job pay, and so much more. Definitely would recommend living here for anyone. The state does have a few flaws like wild fires, traffic, high taxes, and homelessness, but to be fair perfect states don't exist. People might complain about the cost living. Then again, it's mainly expensive due to supply and demand. When more people move here, the cost of living goes up. One thing I really love about this state is that I can obtain a useful college degree, gain experience in a field that pays good money, work 3-5 years (depends on which area I want to live), and I'll have enough money to purchase a nice family home. L.A is the place to work at. Wouldn't recommend living here because of its housing cost. If you don't care about the high cost of living then L.A, O.C, SD, and SF are the cities you should live Read More

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No title. - 11/16/2021
Here are reasons why I like california: #1 social programs. Four years ago, me, my father, and the rest of my family members were evicted from a home were staying temporary. When we got evicted, my father had us stay at 2-3 hotels because we had nowhere else to go. While we were staying at multiple hotels, my father applied for a program that assists people financially. After he received money from the program, we were able to get a decent apt over our heads in less than a year. If it wasn't for the social programs, me and my family would be homeless.
#2: great weather. The weather in california is great. In most areas, you will experience a mixture of sunshine and rain. Other places like san bernardino county for instance has snow.
#3 pro: activity. California is one of those states where you could be outside throughout the day and not get bored mainly because of its beaches, concerts, movie theaters, and theme parks.
#4: job opportunities. Finding work in Read More

Best place on earth. - 6/28/2021
Born and raised here - been all around the country and world but California is unrivaled for beauty , diversity, food, landscapes, vibrant industries and agriculture and an innovative spirit that is found no where else...(Except maybe Australia)

We're a country more than a state though. Most people only ever see a small slice of California.
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Don’t Come Here - 5/16/2021
The people here are smugly dismissive, unempathetic, rude, the cost of living is outright usury and the police and court system do virtually nothing when alerted to issues. Read More

Please Don't Move Here, We're Full - 3/24/2019
We're full. Got enough people already. Don't need to grow our population. Just need to let the roads catch Read More

This is amazing humans!!!!! - 5/6/2018
I am sure you like this and I do to you are as great as I am!!! Read More

California the Pyrite State - 12/7/2017
The State of California has been historically the "Golden State" in recent history would be best described as the "Pyrite" state. We are the "Sactuary" state. Let's see 4 time deportee gets acquited of suspension of 1st degree murder, physco kept on death row for 40+ years of free health care. State is on fire, yet, we can't afford to buy planes because there no business infrastructure left because It's in Texas, thanks CA Governing body, glad your looking out for your constituents in Texas, not CA. I don't speak as a just showed up resident but a 4th generation Californian. It's time that the "Representatives" representing the people get audited as to their real loyalty, irrespective of the one to monitary gratification, from county representatives to congressional representatives that died and no one's told them yet. Glad your multi-million milliionares, bravo!
No one will ever read this, it will be suppressed as the truth in general, but at least I've had my non-represented, Read More

Boise - 11/16/2017
Really nice place to live but housing market pricing has skyrocketed for rent and home Read More

All hope abandon, ye who enter here. - 9/9/2017
After living in California for nearly 40 years, we finally gave up on trying to adapt to the "progressively" worsening conditions. Which? Ever increasing taxes and bonded indebtedness by the left-wing state government; adding more benefits & services for illegals (oops, I mean undocumented immigrants). Governor (Moonbeam) Jerry Brown is still stuck in the 1970's, knowing only how to increase taxes and the size of government. Air pollution, urban sprawl and gang violence are all out of control. We said, "Enough!" and relocated to Idaho, and have never had any cause to regret our decision. Idaho has a much smaller, less intrusive state government, along with with modest, reasonable taxes. And the violent crime rate is miniscule compared to CA. People still leave their cars unlocked at the local shopping mall. I'm almost afraid to post this review, on the chance that it might bring more disgruntled/liberal Californians up here to Idaho, and ruin a wonderful place to Read More

weird place - 7/31/2017
california is pc and redneck at the same time. and its too Read More

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