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"how safe is it?"

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San Bernardino, CA

San Bernarino Northwest is beautiful and Safe - 5/14/2015

If you're seriously considering moving to the San Bernardino area, don't fret based upon these other people's comments. The northwest side of San Bernardino near the University, and up towards the Casino on the northeast side, are nice upscale areas. They are well kept with low crime with large new houses and well planned apartment complexes. Once you get south of the 210 it gets a little more dodgy as you keep going south, but I feel very comfortable with my (white) family going to places like Home Depot and other stores near the mall, around E street and 3rd. There are some very dodgy areas around Baseline and Waterman, but I still go to the 99 cent store there, and I think it's way nicer than the bad parts of LA. There is very little haggling, the city despite it's problems arrests hagglers and enforces codes very actively. Southern California is a beautiful place, with established infrastructure and a wealth of jobs. Whoever hates had a bad personal experience, I love my neighborhood, and love that San Bernardino northwest has active springs, creeks, newer facilities, and is safe.

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Pueblo, CO

Horrific Air Pollution (& depressing area) - 11/29/2014

I spent 1 month living in RV up by Lake Arrowhead driving down to San Bernardino for misc. and looking down at it every time I drove the highway. It amazed me how many locals claimed the smog was caused by ocean, or fog. I guess the only way to deal with it if you cant or wont leave, is denial. Just do a internet search on air quality for san bernardino. I couldnt imagine living 10 years there let alone raising children. It was even so bad up in mountains seeing the haze up high in the tall pines, that I actually caught myself twice thinking there was a forest fire but then no smoke smell. It all blows up from LA then adds in with local pollution, and gets funneled and trapped by the mountains there. On top of that, even the nicest and newest area in town was full of homeless people begging and the depressing visuals of a town going downhill. Very sad and depressing. Sometimes scary.

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Riverside, CA

People in IE are spoiled, rude, and angry - 9/5/2009

The IE, that is "the Inland Empire" (riverside, san bernardino, mo val, etc.) is like a twisted wild west gangster movie where strangely everyone speaks valley girl, ebonics, or spanglish. Starring the "tough" yuppie in his Escalade cutting off people on the 215 or the welfare bum that slings around his 400 dollar cell phone. Violence and bad tempers are the norm here, esp. during the hot summer and around Christmas. If someone approaches you and starts a conversation, it's usually leads up to them asking you for money (or cigarrettes). Other than that, everyone else is stuck up and busy talking on a cell phone, or texting while they're driving. And then you have the "off-ramp bums" who stand on the freeway off-ramp tying up traffic by getting idiots to stop their cars to give them money. Why don't I move you say? Well, I have family connections here and this is my home.

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how safe is it? - 6/29/2009

i would like to know how safe is the city, i mean is it thousand oaks safe or better or worse?

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San Bernardino, CA

Extremely Hot Summers and Cold Winters! - 6/15/2009

Its 6am and its 80 degrees in the middle of the summer. I remember it was 109 degrees and it was only 10am! Summeres are horrible people leave and go to the local mnts. Winters are horrible for California standerds we wake up frozen to our beds, we can skate in the frozen puddles and grass. I can snow about once an year and we wake up to frost almost every day in the winter. Winters in San Bernardino is an exception to the Mild SoCal. The only great weather is in late spring and fall!

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San Bernardino, CA

Too Hot! - 9/6/2008

Living in the San Bernardino Area, for almost a year now and the thing that I didn't really would effect me so much is the weather. I was dead wrong... it has been a living hell living in this hole! I don't think this is a place for anyone who is from the north!

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San Bernardino, CA

Quality of Life In San Bernardino, CA - 8/18/2008

Having resided in this town for 42 years there has been a dramatic drop to the quality of life here. In the last few years it has plummeted, I'm not sure why, if people just don't care or have just given up. Our city government fights among itself and with the police department. The police department and fire department are sucking city coffers dry. City services are unresponsive. Downtown is an empty tomb. All that seems left in this city is renters, welfare, parolees and lowlife. We have to have alarm systems, security doors and fences to feel safe. Housing values have dropped faster then a lead balloon as our mayor wastes money on his " Operation Phoenix " perhaps he should pull his head out of his ashes to see what is happening.

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Santa Ana, CA

Really hot!! - 7/11/2008

Summers in San Bernardino are unbearable. At 8 pm, it is still at 85 degrees so you can only stay inside with the air conditioning. Electric bills are over the roof during the summer too. In the winter, its freezing, waking up seeing frost all over the neighborhood. So the only pleasant seasons are around late fall to spring.

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Santa Ana, CA

Very bad climate!! - 7/10/2008

It gets very very hot in the summer, surpassing the 100's on a daily basis. In the winter, its gets to the mid 30's through the upper 40's. In the morning there's frost on the houses' roofs! Electric bills in the summer are very high as expected in this area. I wouldn't recommend living here.

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San Bernardino, CA

San Bernardino, Ca - 2/10/2008

Sadly San Bernardino is a dieing city. You can tell from the remaining architecture downtown that it used to be a beautiful thriveing place but now most every business sits empty and crime is abundant. Some would say it has it's good points, but unfortunately the bad outweigh the good. It has very few nice shopping areas, the one mall leaves alot to be desired. However it is close enough to beaches, mountains and deserts to make it easy to escape from on the weekends. The surrounding areas such as redlands, riverside, crestline, and ontario are nice. But San Bernardino is not the best place to live.

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Highland, CA

SoCal... A Third World Country - 6/16/2007

My opinions about San Bernardino can also be applied to all of southern California. I moved here in 1980 after 20 years of living in Buffalo, New York & Alaska. At that time I had thought California was my paradise and this is where I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I took full advantage of the opportunities available including the beaches, mountains, hunting, fishing, 4 wheeling, dry & warm weather, sunshine, cuisine, college, employment, Spanish history & culture, architecture, botanical gardens, etc... The list has no end. However, this was also the beginning of the illegal immigrant mass migration era into southern California which continues to this day. The strains placed against our hospitals, schools, employment (repressed wages) police, fire, social services, housing, etc... from 12 million illegal immigrants who have no desire to be American citizens and claim 10dependants so that they pay no taxes has had the effect of turning southern California from a wonderful place to live into a third world country with extensive suburban slums and at least 30% of businesses that cater specifically to immigrants. Instead of doing what is economically best for our communities, politicians are more concerned about not making anybody feel bad that they are a leech upon society. Over 50% of San Bernardino residents are on some type of public assistance, which those of us with a job are forced to pay for. Just take a drive through any residential community in southern California during the day and take notice at the large amounts of adults who have nothing better to do than hang out in their dirt & weed infested front yards consuming alcoholic beverages. Education levels in our school districts are absolutely embarrasing for a state that was once the premier educational hub of the US. My wife & I are very patiently waiting for the day to come when we are eligible to use our retirement so that we can get away from North Tijuana AKA southern California.

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Hinkley, CA

Worst of the worst - 7/9/2006

San Bernardino is one of the worst places to live. crime here is unbelievable. we ranked 18th in crime in the entire country! shootings occur all the time. lots of gangs. it is ugly, hot and there is horrible smog six months out of the year. if you are interested in southern california, try the beach if you can afford it.

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San Bernardino, CA

Freeway close to greater LA & Orange County--much - 5/24/2006

Housing is still cheaper than many other areas in southern California. All price ranges available from 200,000s to 1M+.

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Apple Valley, CA

Been in Apple Valley 4yrs and am ready to leave! - 5/8/2006

It was great 4yrs ago. Affordable, and a nice area. Well, everyone found out that you could get a new house for $100k and moved here from Pomona, Rialto, Long Beach (all bad areas) and crime is here and the local police are out manned. Shootings, crime, people being robbed, rapped. You name it. There is school police in black and white that patrol the school. But when something hapens, they actually run and hide. SERIOUSLY! Currently a house 1700sq ft with a 1/2 acre less than 3 yrs old is $350k. Tired of hearing my kids say, "kid with gun at school, or knife. Someone stabbed! Wife is a R.E Broker and hears time and time again good people moving out because crime is bad. You never see anyone get a ticket, or the police around. Adelanto (neighbor city) Chief of police fired to crime. Did I mention the sex offenders? I think they give them free rent or something! They are very where around the schools. Check out the maps! Phelan (neighbor city) "drug capital for making speed" has housing for sex offenders. If the police (all four of them) come out and show them selfs it might be a better town. Population is 65,000. Summers are 115* an dit snows twice a year in the winter. Utilities are high. Gas prices (for house) went through the roof. So bad, the meter readers were getting their tires cut. They had to be escorted by police to get meters read. Bad, town? YES!

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Colton, CA

San Bernardino Area - 5/2/2006

I have lived in all parts of California, southern, central, and northern. I have lived in southern cali for the last decade or so, and currently reside near San Bernardino. You will probably hear a lot of negative things about San Bernardino area, and sadly a lot of it is true. There are definitely ghetto areas, but I tend to stay out of those areas and currently live in a pretty safe and nice area and have never gotten robbed or had any problems. As far as the area this is probably one of the cheapest areas to find a house between L.A and San Diego. There are still pockets of nice areas too. I would look into the following cities: Redlands, Loma Linda, Grand Terrace, areas of Riverside and Corona. As far as housing, the high desert, Victorville, might be the most affordable area right now, although it is getting crowded fast because of this fact. If you have any other questions about the area, just let me know.

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Charlotte, NC

or surrounding areas - Moving soon - 4/17/2006

I am moving to California in December and looking to live between anywhere level with LA, south to level with San Diego. Work needs me to stay in this vacinity. Of course the cost of living is a factor and that's why I'd like an outside city, but I would also like a nicer, quiet city with good Private schools for my 4-year old who will start Kindergarten and away from crime as much as possible. We will be renting for the first year until we decide we like the area and then buy. $1500/mo sounds reasonable so far but a local can tell me better what cities/neighborhoods this is actually renting. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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