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"Best location on the Panhandle"

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Clearwater, FL

is it good place to live and retire? - 10/13/2014

I would like to know if Fort Walton Beach is a better place to live rather than busy Clearwater FL. We want to re-locate to a quieter city with all the amenities of a beach town, shopping, jobs, nice people and lower cost of living ect. I would like a 2014 review from people who live there. Clearwater never slows down, and the traffic is horrendous. The beaches are lovely there and also need to know how much hurricane activity you get there. Clearwater has basically none. If someone could please give me an update that would be great, as the real review are from the locals. Thanks

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Mary Esther, FL

Great beaches, but don't recommend for single men - 9/6/2012

FWB is great for its beautiful beaches and saltwater fishing. It's also easy to move around town except during rush hour (yes, we have a rush hour - but it literally only lasts less than an hour). Cost of living is reasonable, crime is low, etc. It's a very popular location for military retirees to make their roots as there are two Air Force bases in the area. However, with all of the military presense, there are far more men than women in this town, so if you are single, it's a tough go. And little to do outside of beaches and boating (which are first rate).

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R Miller
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Best location on the Panhandle - 7/8/2010

Great community located between Eglin and Hurlburt AFBs. Easy access to the best beaches, 20 minutes to the more expensive and modern city of Destin, make Fort Walton Beach the best value for the money. I'm thrilled at not finding a home in neighboring towns of Niceville, Crestview, and Navarre. We have better stores, restuarants, and travel time.

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R Miller
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Location near Eglin or Hurlburt AFB - 11/3/2008

After failing to get a house in Niceville (where folks we talked to said was the place to live), we found a home in Ft Walton Beach...and love it. Easy access to Eglin AFB, Hurlburt AFB, and the beach makes it the ideal spot. Niceville residents come to Ft Walton Beach to shop, Crestview residents drive over 20 miles to get to the beach (5 miles for me), and Navarre...well just don't travel on Hwy 98 in the morning or after work and you'll be fine. So glad we settled in Ft Walton Beach!

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Fort Walton Beach, FL

Houses are expensive here! - 1/9/2008

Real estate here is out of control. A typical 3 bed, 1.5 bath, 1 car garage, 1350 sg ft home, will cost you in the range of 180K or more. To sum it up, wages low, housing HIGH!

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Elkhart, IN

Cost of Livivng - 5/16/2007

We are looking to move to the area and was wondering about the cost of living. We are also concerned about homeowners insurance is it high due to the hurricanes? What is the average? Is this a good place to live and raise a family? Thanks for all your help.

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Crestview, FL

Helen - 9/1/2006

I would like to know if anyone out there ( Pink Floyd ) has any ideas or suggestions for someone over forty who has lived in larger cities and now must adjust to the change of not much to do here. Especially speaking on the side of culture, not knocking Ft. Walton, I think it is a nice town but let's face it, Denver-Chicago-Dallas-Charelston S C it is not. Would be grateful for some suggestions, I do ask that you do keep it clean as my mother use to say and I am an Artist so keep that in mind. I do enjoy all the arts though. Not an actual Stage Production Theatre to be found in sight that I can tell.

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Fort Walton Beach, FL

Community Happenings - 5/24/2006

I bought a house in 1989 for $50k and today it is worth $250K. Not a bad investment.

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Niceville, FL

housing bubble - 5/7/2006

The Housing bubble is popping. Many potential buyers are not buying, they are waiting for the prices to drop further. The prices are dropping, but not enough yet for the average guy to afford a house. I have seen many people who moved here to take a job, turn around and leave because they took one look at the housing market and said "no way, we can't afford to buy on the wages of our new jobs". Then there is a large population of homeowners who want to sell because they want to cash in on the inflated market, plus sell before hurricane season comes. It is really tough to insure your home here because the insurance companies are moving out. The result is a glut of homes on the market, and they are simply not selling. This is a military town. The average buyer is an enlisted soldier who will not buy because they are only going to be here for a short time, and cannot turn the house around and sell it when they leave,without losing their shirts, especially when prices are on the decline. The sellers are waiting for a wave of idiots to be their gravy train, but all I can say is "wake up and smell the bitter coffee"......they are not coming!!!!

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