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"Madison is a lovely place to live"

Madison is a lovely place to live - 5/7/2007
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Madison, WI

Madison's strengths are its parks, lakes, farmers' markets and first-class medical facilities. It's drawbacks are its cold winters, the stormy spring and summers and the high-cost of housing and utilities.

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Madison, WI

Love this town! - 1/24/2014

Way more music, theater, fine dining, and general fun than you'd expect from a small city. [read more...]

Middleton, WI

Breathing - poor quality of air - 5/18/2013

I moved to Madison a month ago from Gainesville, Fl because the climate there gave e terrible asthma. I thought the air would be better in Madison. I was here 10 days and started having terrible coughing attacks. I had a severe asthma attack and am staying inside. I am also wearing a mask when I go out. I plan to move in 4 days. There is something very wrong with the air her - high particulate matter. It's too bad because I like the city and the people but must go where I can breath. If you plan to move to Madison go and stay for at least a week to see how you react to the climate.[read more...]

Madison, WI

Safest place to live! - 2/5/2012

I have lived in Madison all my life and I will be the first to say that this city is a very safe place to raise a family, go to school, and even just a relocation for a single person. The crime and unemployment rate are low. Yes we get some snow in the winter months but it is not as bad as some people have previously stated. The northern Wisconsin cities get most of the snow. Yes it does get humid in the summer but then again the last couple summers have had highs in the 70's and 80's with very little 90's. There are 4 lakes in and around this city. The Capital and downtown area sits on an isthmus and is a pretty sight while driving in on John Nolen Drive. If your looking smaller towns with a short commute to Madison there are a couple of good choice. Overall Madison is a very safe place to live and a great choice![read more...]

McFarland, WI

Beware - 12/30/2011

First, I've lived there 20 years. College town, government workers and working poor dominate the population. Good schools - I raised my son here. Good restaurants, limited but interesting neighborhoods. Fun place to visit for a day, or two. But outside of a precious few weeks each spring and fall, the weather is godawful! Oppressive heat and humid, mosquitoes, stench from the lakes, just awful. Winter is deadly, and seems to last forever and ever without break. Housing is wa-ay expensive, and surviving requires at least 85G, or you will be scraping buy and priced out of most entertainment. And it is getting worse by the year. Madison residents are better than you, get over it. Keep your politics to yourself - either way, left or right, you will ruin yourself. Taxes outrageous, even considering the good schools. Streets are lousy, and it is extraordinarily difficult to travel more than a mile or two from Dec through March. Unless you are getting huge bucks, consider elsewhere. An awful lot of PhDs, engineers and professionals serving coffee at all the coffee shops.[read more...]

Madison, WI

Subject title - 7/25/2011

Eh, it's alright.[read more...]

Madison, WI

Madison, better yet the whole state... NOT all GR - 5/17/2011

I have lived in Wisconsin almost my whole life, mainly the madison area... It is NOT what all the polls say ( #1 This or #2 That)! The weather SUCKS!!!!!! Cold and snow for 6 mths of the yr. Rent in the city is outragous, downtown you either have high priced condos or dilapidated old homes that are in major need of TLC. And often owned by slum lords. The other sides of town are hit and miss. The police often practice racial profiling. Well that is through-out all of south central WI. As for night life... Not much for 25-40, there are absolutly no clubs, don't get me wrong, we have bars ( I guess that was one statistic that was true, too much drinking) but you will only fit in if you're in college. Our Collisium doesn't get many top name concerts. Daytime activities there are a few... we have several farmers' markets', a great free zoo for families, concerts on the square, most of the activities are located downtown or on campus. Our lakes are not the greatest they tend to shut down the beaches due to over grown seaweed. I guess if you like to ride a bicycle everywhere this is the city for you! Bikers can literally break every law and not fear citations. There are not many job, and with our new govener (Wisconsin's Hitler) things will get even worse e.g. cutting spending to schools, elderly/disabled programs, privatizing everything and selling out to big money. Well this is just my opinion and as with everything you must make you own conclusion. Extra info: I am in my 30s, Educated Mother of 5 (teen to baby ages of mixed race), in a mix race relationship. so I can only speak for how I view life here. One good thing about Madison is for the most part people are pretty nice. [read more...]

Sun Prairie, WI

Wonderful place to live.......if you can afford it - 4/11/2011

Madison is amazing-so many well educated, friendly and helpful people here. People just want to get along and do the right thing for each other. However, property taxes are quite high so be prepared. Otherwise, it's a wonderful place to live![read more...]

Woodbridge, VA

Shoud I move with my wife to Madison or stay in Vi - 3/8/2011

Out here in Madison for the next 2 days for my wife's job interview, Madison WI. She most likely will get an offer of $110k a year plus $30k in bonuses. We currently live in Northern Virginia. Her family lives there and currently have lots of friends with kids that hang out with us. We have a daughter that is 3 yrs old. Research tells me so far that Madison has long winters, high taxes, short and hot summers. What if she doesn't like her new job after a few months or doesn't like living here 2 years from now. I have a good job back in Virginia but need her to get a job to help out with the bills. She was laid off a year ago and took the time off to spend with her daughter. But now it's time to find a job in D.C. or N. Virginia. But a head hunter called her and told her a company in Madison wants to interview her. She HATES the traffic in DC and the crowded area of N. Virginia. I don't care, have a nice home, less than 13 years to pay on our home and we have family, would like to stay in Virginia. Just looking for some advise. Depressed in Madison [read more...]

Madison, WI

Madison's vibrant recreation scene - 8/12/2010

Nestled among two sizeable lakes, the city of Madison and surrounding areas offers up numerous options for enjoyment of the spring, summer, and fall weather. The presence of the University of Wisconsin and the well-reknowned Overture Center provide tremendous opportunities to enjoy cultural activities of all kinds. [read more...]

Madison, WI

Madison is a great place - 3/12/2010

Madison WI has a lot to offer residents. Great schools, social and professional opportunities.[read more...]

McFarland, WI

I love Madison, WI - 3/3/2010

The Madison area is a great place. There's lots to do, the city is just big enough, and it's beautiful here. The only problem is the winters can last way too long. WI weather is interesting though, because you can go from freezing one day, to 30 or 40 degrees warmer the next. Another plus for Madison and WI in general is the lakes. Madison has quite a few lakes, and I love being close to the Great Lakes. They are the best places to be.[read more...]

Madison, WI

madison - 1/31/2010

A great city to live in but so cold![read more...]

Jackson, MI

Thinking about Madison - 1/8/2010

I'll start off this post with a sigh, because no matter where it is you look, people complain, and people cheer. I guess it just depends on your state of mind and what you value. What I am looking for is a city that has alot to offer; decent housing prices, education, libraries are promoted, there are museums and galleries and frankly, lots to do. I look for a city that offers good public transit and doesn't need to manufacture foot traffic. I read one other post complaining about bikes and foot traffic and I had to laugh because that is what I miss! So see, it also depends on what you value. I will soon be graduating from college (I'm middle-aged) with my second degree and a new career, I hope. I've been looking online for possible places I'd like to live while pursuing employment in the healthcare field. I currently live in south central Michigan in a very depressed small city (pop 35K) and realize that I will probably have to move to find employment as quickly as I'd like. I grew up in Ann Arbor and lived in Arlington, TX (way too hot for me, but perhaps perfect for someone else) for 20 years then returned to Jackson, Michigan because I missed the seasons and believe it or not, the winter. Ann Arbor is prohibitively expensive and that is why I moved to Jackson. I see alot of complaints about the weather in Madison, which doesn't really bug me, but how is the job market for healthcare? I've looked at for housing prices and they really don't seem too bad for a city this size, has no one looked around and made comparisons with other cities this size? That's my two cents. I guess you make a list of what you would like, then you go "In Search Of..." and try to divine the places that would best suit you. [read more...]

McFarland, WI

Come Visit - 11/23/2009

With a nationally ranked university, state government, technology, health care, professional services, and numerous cultural activities, etc...Madison, WI is truly a fantastic area in which to live, learn and visit. Check us out......and you'll see. [read more...]

Madison, WI

Quality of life in Madison, yeah right - 10/7/2009

Welcome to the most over-rated city in the USA, Madison WI. I was raised in the Cleveland OH area, have lived in Philly PA, Reno NV, San Antonio TX, Austin TX, and now (unfortunately) Madison WI. I currently live downtown in a condo along lake Monona. The city between the lakes is the worst place I have ever lived by a long shot and here's why. 1st example is the wonderfull lakes. They are so poluted with crap including a massive problem with alge and seaweed. You are greeted in the spring with thousands of little dead fish stinking up the place followed by the alge stench that lasts all summer long. The roads are all tore up, thanks to the bad winters and lack of maintenance. Traffic patterns are absurd with streets switching from one-way to two-way back and forth. Going and comming from a destination always requires 2 routes. There are 100+ yr old houses everywhere that are in serious disrepair. They are all owend by slum lords. No pride of ownership there. The bicycle traffic is the worst. These morons obey NO laws of the road, they expect the cars to just watch out for them as they blow through red lights and stop signs. The foot traffic is almost as bad. At least they are slower. The cops will do nothing to them, but you best not run over on your parking meter. There are meter maids everywhere loaded with "little big man syndrome". How about the people? I'm sure there are some nice people that do have a lick of common sense around here somewhere, but I have yet to meet them. This is the land of the rude and quirky. You say hi to someone in passing on the street, they look at you like you just cursed at them. Summary in a nutshell. If you are a narrow minded, tree hugging, bike riding liberal that doesen't mind 6 months of seriously ugly weather, Madison WI is the place for you! As for me, I'm moving back to San Antonio TX. P.S. On a good note, the Capital building is terriffic. This is the crown jewel of the state and is so spectacular you have to see it to beleive it.[read more...]

Madison, WI

great recreation - 7/19/2009

Madison offers an abundance of recreational opportunities - three large lakes within the city limits provide easy access for kayak, power boats, fishing, ice fishing (not my cup of tea) etc; plus rivers nearby and lots of lakes/rivers in region. Biker friendly with dedicated paths throughout the area and city. Golf some of the nicest golf courses you would ever want to play both locally, with even more within a 60-90 minute drive. Also home of the Ironman every September. Generally recreationally friendly location - and University of Wisconsin-Madison bring Big 10 sports to your doorstep. If you like recreational and sporting activities - you will like Madison. [read more...]

Phoenix, AZ

nice but too cold and liberal - 6/5/2009

Its socially diverse (due to University of Wisconsin), has decent jobs for being in the Midwest, near plenty of lakes and outdoor amenities, a reasonable cost of living, and comparatively low crime. For these reasons, I think Madison is a great place to raise a family. I’ve been in Madison many times and spent a lot of time there, and things are always changing for the better. However, I could do without the cold, and the city is liberal liberal liberal![read more...]

Cottage Grove, WI

Madison's great - except the cold - 5/4/2009

All aspects of Madison are compelling - the cost of living, prestigious university, safety, active night life, beautiful lakes, diversity, arts and culture, restaurants, and bumping into friends at the farmers markets. There are zealous churches and zealous athiests, resuling in a climate that can embrace healthy debate and coexist. If not for the prevailing winter cold (which lasts far too long), Madison is wonderful![read more...]

Arena, WI

good city - 2/24/2009

Madison is a clean & culture fun city to live.[read more...]

Madison, WI

Great School for Children With Learning Difference - 2/6/2009

Walbridge School, in Madison, specializes in teaching children in grades 1-8 with learning difficulties. Curriculum is tailored to each childs specific needs. ADD, ADHD, speech and language processing issues, dyslexia, dysgraphia, time and space issues, sensory issues; the school will work to address these needs. Linda-Mood Bell, Orton Gillingham, Wilson, and Project Read are just examples of teaching methods employed. Check out their website at or call (608)833-1338.[read more...]

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