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Madison, WI

Terrible place to live! - 7/19/2021
Moved here five years ago and am ready to glorified college town! The rent is increasing astronomically, as are property taxes. The traffic is terrible and increasing because city leaders are not doing enough to accommodate the modest population growth. There are too many transplants from Milwaukee and Chicago bring crime into this once safe city. Due to Madison's extreme liberalism, the mayor cut $2 million to the local police department. Good luck being a conservative in Madison (or anywhere in Dane County, really). West Madison and Middleton are the epitome of limousine liberalism - you know, rich people who have "all are welcome" yard signs all while living in the least diverse neighborhoods and sending their kids to very segregated schools. The Madison area is nothing but a group think metro full of people who look down on rural people or anyone who isn't at least left of center. Ready to get out of here!

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