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"A Great Place to Grow Up"

A Great Place to Grow Up - 2/13/2012
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Lancaster, CA

I have lived here almost 25 years. I grew up here, and decided to stay because I know I want to raise my kids here as well. It is in LA county, but very different. Life is slower, people are more polite. Yes as we have grown, crime has some to, but that comes with growth, and the city is really fighting it as well as citizens and the sheriffs department. Some people try to tear it apart, but myself and most people I know really like it here. It takes about a year to adjust to the climate. The saying goes that if you bring a wife here, she will hate it the first year, and after that first year you will never get her to move away. There is something really neat about the four seasons of the desert.

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Lancaster, CA

rat trap - 8/7/2013

I moved from Ny to lancaster California, thinkn its a better productive move, wow! I was so wrong. First off the economy is so bad out here their dealing with a broke budget, as to why I feel like am paying for evrything and evryone else, now whatever ttheir reasons are for this state to be In a hole, they should not place the burden on ppl that are trying citizens making a decent living. I cannot see myself living out here for another year, their crime rates are high, homelesness is rampant out here no wonder its sucks out here, I cannot go anywhere to place gas in my car without being harrased by ppl beggin for money or to help put gas in their car! I never in my life see such devastation!! And they think ny is hard? Oh my God well California u gyys gotta get your act in tact!! Cause this is jus dusgusting!! I'll be leaving soon headn bk the Apple!! I can deal with that, but definitely not this crap![read more...]

Lancaster, CA

Not so nice - 7/23/2013

Once upon a time Lancaster was a place that you didn't lock your doors. Now, it's scary just looking out your front door. We're coming up on Fair Time in the Antelope Valley. The Fair used to be a great place to go to see your neighbors, catch up with people, and have fun. Now its too crowded, too many scary people, and it doesn't feel like a safe place to take your family. The City of Lancaster just updated it's Blvd. with some nice shops and restaurants. Too bad it doesn't feel safe enough for me to stroll down the blvd. by myself. I'd like to do some shopping there but I'd need a body guard and a can of pepper spray before I'd feel comfortable. We've lost so much here. Sad really. [read more...]

Lancaster, CA

Wow, some of these reviews are hilarious! - 6/13/2013

I am humored by the way that some people describe Lancaster. They make it sound like some post-apocalyptic warzone. Lancaster is actually a very decent family-oriented community in which to live. Yes there is crime like any other city in the country, but yet the crime-rate is below the national average. I have never felt unsafe here, and am fine when my family is out and about. There are lots of nice parks and other amenities to enjoy. Yes, we do have cultural diversity, but welcome to the new look of CA. You better get used to it, or move to an area that is still majority white. I am white, but am comfortable with people of all ethnicities as long as they are contributing members of society. I have zero tolerance for criminals, and they absolutely need to be expunged from our community. That being said, there still is too many shady characters in certain parts of town, but their population is decreasing. Overall I would recommend Lancaster to anyone to live. It is still a drive to LA, but is close to the mountains. There are lots of churches, thus it is a very conservative place to live. The only people that might be uncomfortable are extreme liberals.[read more...]

Sylmar, CA

Horrible place to live, work etc... - 5/27/2013

High crime, high poverty, tons of African Americans loitering everywhere...back in the 1980's when Lancaster was 80+% white this was a nice tranquil city. NOT anymore. If you are on Section 8 this is the place for you as you will fit right in. If you are not on any government assistance please live somewhere else. [read more...]

Lancaster, CA

Nice place to live but jobs are hard to come by. - 2/25/2013

Lancaster, CA is nice, however we have found it is extremely difficult to get a job in this city in this economy. I find myself having to work 65 miles away to make enough money. Plus with the cost of gas rising once again, the cost of a 130 mile round-trip commute every day is getting too costly.[read more...]

Lancaster, CA

A Great Place to Grow Up - 2/13/2012

I have lived here almost 25 years. I grew up here, and decided to stay because I know I want to raise my kids here as well. It is in LA county, but very different. Life is slower, people are more polite. Yes as we have grown, crime has some to, but that comes with growth, and the city is really fighting it as well as citizens and the sheriffs department. Some people try to tear it apart, but myself and most people I know really like it here. It takes about a year to adjust to the climate. The saying goes that if you bring a wife here, she will hate it the first year, and after that first year you will never get her to move away. There is something really neat about the four seasons of the desert.[read more...]

Lancaster, CA


He writes the absoulte truth about this town. I, too, am a 45 year native of Lancaster. For the last eight years, this town is the dumping ground for former immates of L.A. County Jail. The jail actually gives the released a one-way ticket to Lancaster/Antelope Valley. Three years ago they would load 5 buses weekly and drop off former immates to Lancaster. The Sheriff's have indicated that is now down to 2 bus weekly. Proverty is rampant. No jobs. Aerospace was the major contributor of jobs, but that has disappeared. Homeless, Pedifiles and criminal run the streets. The mayor, an ambulance chaser attorney, has bought up most of the town and runs the town like a corrupt sheriff of the 1800's. He shuts down council meetings when they are not favorable to him. He has phycially assaulted a citizen in a local gym. He owns the majority of building the the "revitalized" Lancaster Blvd. He and his croonies (city staff members)are nothing but self-serving. No jobs have been created in this town since he took office. The majority of residents who live in this god-forsaken place work down in the Los Angeles area and are only living here because of cheap housing but are now finding out that with the cheap housing and foreclosure issue comes Section 8 housing through no fault of the home owners because of the mortgage crisis. Boarded up business, homes, Medical clinics, shopping malls surround the area. Graffati is everywhere. When shopping, no matter how big or small, you are sure to find many homeless people begging for spare change in the parking lots. On any given street you see drug deals going down in parks, parking lots, shopping centers, schools, etc. This has become a big drug town as well as a home to sex offenders, criminals and gang members. I wish more of the caring residents, who want to see a change to our town and get back the down home atmosphere that use to be Lancaster, would get off their asses and vote this jerk out of office. I miss the town that I grew up in. More jobs and less criminals and sex offenders should be his agenda. Take a look at a sex offender map in Lancaster and Palmdale, CA. It is astonishing what has happened to this place I use to call home. People may say all towns have this type of criminal activity, I say come here and experience for yourself then and don't say that you weren't forewarned! Welcome to an area that is filled with sex offenders, parolees, and other criminals that live and roam the streets everywhere. They use to just occupy the east side of Lancaster and Palmdale, however, with so many criminals being brought in from the LA area, they are wide spread throughout the Antelope Valley. Stay away from Lake Los Angeles area as well, known as the home for making meth. No one in this town walks the streets at night, nor do we shop alone.[read more...]

Rosamond, CA

My Opinion on Lancaster, CA. - 12/12/2010

I have lived in the Lancaster area from 1998 - the present (2010). PROS: -decent year-round temps Since we are not in the close L.A. area we don't get their great temps but our 2500' elevation and southerly latitude gives us pretty good numbers. (Why do you think Mexico City is close to 70 degrees, year-round? It's at 7500' and has a real southerly latitude.) We may get hot on summer days but, most all of the summer nights are cool. And we only get "Texas-sized heat" (Dallas,Houston,San Antonio,Austin,etc.) about 2 -3 weeks of the summer (not the whole summer as there). I.E. Our 110 degree days equals Dallas' 100 degree days (with some humidity). Most of our summer days are 90 - 100 degrees. We may get cold in the winter (down to low thirties at night) but we have many sunny winter days, with temps in the 60's. -smog isn't as bad as most of California is -lots of old and new common retail outlets and a nice mall (over 400,000 people in the area) -2 hours away from one of the most visited places in the world (Los Angeles) and all that it has to offer in shopping, recreation, dining, entertainment, culture, sight-seeing, etc. -we're in a big valley and have a nice view of the mountains surrounding us - some with snow on them -can actually get green out here (beautiful on the hills) in wet weather (lots of desert flowers!- we're home of the State Flower/California Poppy Preserve) -don't see a lot of spray paint graffiti here - gas pumps and restroom mirrors are etched up but not a lot of paintwork (or it gets removed quickly) -I like how we have a rainy season and dry season. And, in general, I like our abundance of sunshine/lack of rain. Do miss the clouds at times, though. Particulary with our elevation, that California sun can be brutal and relentless (months on end) at times. I.E. If you are fair skinned you will probably be indoors a lot. -no traffic!! It is getting heavier, but since I have been here I have not been in bad traffic jam once! The area is pretty spread out. (Although, maybe I am just lucky. I don't get in a traffic jam when I go in to L.A., much either. But, I don't go into L.A. a lot.) -housing: affordable (especially by California standards) (now, 2010, it wasn't affordable 4 or 5 years ago - I thought it was overpriced, it looks like I was right) CONS: -The frequent high winds!! There is a reason they put multi-million dollar wind turbines in this area. The spring is the worst, in frequency and in severity. But, most of the year is pretty windy in general. Although, it is hard to gripe about the wind in summer (it can be very cooling at times, particularly at night). -not much in the way of blue or white collar jobs -no large entertainment venues (to be expected since Lancaster and Palmdale are more large "suburbs/ bedroom communities" than a real metropolis - you won't find any skyscrapers in this {large valley) -not much culture,real defining heritage that I know of, although, we do have Edwards Air Force base and the aerospace industry, and our region is rich in minerals and alternative energy (solar and wind), and lots of Indian artifacts. -lots of brown desert in the dry season - which reminds me, fire season can be bad (awful air quality) I have been pretty lucky in that, too. Lots of fires around me my 12 years here, but it has only gotten real bad for me once (winds helping me out). I would leave the area and go to a hotel if it got real bad - is how much I hate it. On crime, I would give it a little better than average rating - especially for a large population area. That is all I kind think of at this time. [read more...]

Lancaster, CA

Lancaster, CA weather - 12/5/2010

I've lived in Lancaster, CA for 7 years. We usually have 1 week of spring weather and 1 week of fall weather. The rest of the year is either 118 degrees during the summer, or 14 degrees during the winter. I like to garden, so I can start planting in early March. This is a desert climate, so I've had to adjust my idea of beautiful scenery from "lush and green" to "quiet, spacious and dry. Really, really, dry.[read more...]

Ladera Ranch, CA

Horrible place to live - 11/24/2010

This is one of the worst places to live EVER. I lived here for 20 years of my life (grew up there for the first 17, then unfortunately went back when I got out of the military). It has just become a big dump. Gang bangers (wanna be or not, my mom has gotten robbed multiple times), drugs, low class, low morals.... Stay away. Pay the extra money to live somewhere else if you can or get out of California where it's even cheaper to live. Lancaster and Palmdale are a Sh!t holes.[read more...]

Lancaster, CA

Now too over crowded ---- ugh - 10/8/2010

Nice when we moved here in 1982, now much too way over grown, way too much crime and not a good place to be.[read more...]

Lancaster, CA

Asteroid - 7/5/2010

I was born here (AV Hospital) & been here my entire life. I've watched with disgust the deterioration of what was once a nice, safe desert community. Years ago the city leaders touted that by having the state of California build a prison here would be a wonderful addition, it would bring much need jobs, better the local economy, etc. Ha! what it did was put us on the map as a Prison Town. There were jobs, sure for people who transferred from other areas of the state, but very few for the locals. The families of the the prisoners wanted to be closer to their "loved ones", so of course the city leaders enocourage more building to accomodate the influx. Then came the bright idea to create "affordable housing", a.k.a Section 8, apartments, etc. The clientele that has been drawn here is, well, less than desirable. This community now is a dumping ground for criminals registere (& non registered) sex offenders, gangster, taggers and their "families". The city periodically gets ideas to try to improve the image, like renovating the old Lancaster Blvd., but they fail to acknowledge that all of these efforts are too little, too late. There are pockest of unfinished, cheaply built homes, a multitude of foreclosed homes, empty shopping centers, strip malls & failed businesses. However, rest assured that the City of Lancaster has community service personnel patroling to cite residents for having trash cans visible from the street or parking lots for cars without front license plates. While Rome burns, they devote valuable resources to petty issues. The concet behing their latest project, the revitalization of Lancater Blvd. somewhat modeled after areas like Old Pasdena, Glendale, is humorous. Thos areas do not have the extreme weather that this desert has. Freezing winter temperatures in Winter, blazing temperatures in the Summer and EVERY SEASON IS WINDY!!! Who do they think is going to walk around outside in 30 +mph wind? Lancaster Blvd. is surrounded by "affordable housing". On any given day , just drive around & you will always seen grafitti somewhere. One of the landmark schools, Park View, on one the main streets in the city , Aven J, is now another example of an empty building...a prime target for vandilism and "taggers". In few years, hopefully, I will be able to retire and finally leave this give-away, nanny state. Good luck to the rest of you who are stuck here! [read more...]

Lancaster, CA

Reasonable Housing / no since of community - 3/27/2010

Moved here from Santa Clarita 2 years ago. Drugs and gangs were there too. Lots of them. We couldn't get from one end of tow to the other in less than 30 minutes because of the heavy traffic. Not to mention the drug store and grocery store lines. At least we were able to get a beautiful home with many upgrades and an inground pool for the hot desert days. We could't touch anything like this down below. The desert is a beautiful for moonlight walks, Hot Rod car shows all summer long, beautiful golf courses and dirtbike riding. We also enjoy the festivals and concerts. Like in many citys you need to find the things and people you like about it. Make the best of whereever you are because the truth is no place is perfect. [read more...]

Marysville, WA

No different than any other small city - 3/17/2010

I read reviews of crime and drug labs in Lancaster that really downgraded the city. I beg to differ with those opinions. Lancaster is no different than any other town or city as far as those aspects are concerned. It is not a wealthy city but it is a good one. Lancaster is a good place with good people. It is hot and dry, and often very windy. One can expect the occasional shake under their feet and a rare tornado may tear up a tree or two. The summer sometimes offers up amazing electrical storms. I do not live there, but I used to and I would go back in a heartbeat should the opportunity present itself.[read more...]

Lancaster, CA

Section 8, Renters, and Crime - 2/12/2010

I came to Lancaster in the 80's and absolutely loved the town combined with the proximaty to great attractions within 100 miles (the beach, mountains, LA, ect) plus a 4 hour drive to Las Vegas or Lake Havasu. Then we had the good old boy small town politics move in that the people of the town never won. Housing subdivisions came in droves, and Section 8's were given out like candy. Meth labs spotted the whole Valley. Such a lovely piece of desert was turned into broken dreams, a patchwork or half-done housing subdivisions, and sandlots. It's rare to have a clear day anymore. Oh, by the way the wind does blow hard here. It's even on a disclosure statement when you buy a house. I truly loved this town -- it was my home for over 15 years. When Los Angeles reclaimed it's inner city for condos the displaced people came north, either for the subsidized housing and medical care, or to be by their beloved in the nearby state prison. Foreclosures rates are at a all time high and so is crime at this time. This town was ruled by a small amount of 'dictators' who hired Orange County or San Diego consultants to win the elections every time - plus we had alot of communters with no time for voting. What a shame: if we had real leaders they would have made Lancaster a college and retirement community and a far, far better place to live.[read more...]

Palmdale, CA

Get treated like a gang member!!! - 2/2/2009

I've lived here for two decades, which is about 19-1/2 years too long. When the ink is dry on our retirement papers we are out of here. Why? Over run with gangs and section 8 housing. Arrogant Mayor and City Council passing laws as if this was their own personal kingdom. New business construction as the strip malls sit empty. I doubt they will ever finish tearing up the main roads over and over and over again. Don't even think about owning a Rottweiler or "pit bull" in this town. If the crime continues, and it most like will, don't plan to own any dog that the city council doesn't like (pretty much anything over 40 pounds is on their radar). The constant wind, at least that will save you the cost of a patio because you will almost never be able to use it - ditto on your BBQ. Big box stores selling only the cheapest nastiest goods. Even the department stores feel like seconds. Everything is the color of dirt. No architectural standards committee which assures a horrible mish mash of fake Grecian temple strip malls next to modern office buildings, across the street from fake south western adobe. No airport and it's 2+ hours to the next closest one. Nightmarish traffic on the freeway and off. Some of the worst schools in Southern California. [read more...]

Lancaster, CA

Much Better Places in California - 2/2/2009

I lived in Lancaster from 1987 to 2006. The area started getting gangs from L.A. in the 1990's and with the poor city management and gobs of developers the area turned into a haven for anything you can think of you don't want to live around. If you want quality of life, stay away![read more...]

Vancouver, WA

Downfall of a small town - 8/5/2008

I was born and raised in Lancaster. When I grew up in the 70's and early 80's it was a great place, albeit hot and windy! It had a wonderful small town feel and no one bothered to lock their cars or even their houses, if you can imagine. I watched this town go from friendly and safe, to cold and drug-affected. I watched it become a commuter town for LA, and those people brought in their gangs, drugs, and attitudes. I moved out in the late 90's when I couldn't take it anymore. I still visit family and every time I go back I want to cry. I know that most places have changed over the years, but this kind of change was a real devastation of a family community. :([read more...]

Lake Hughes, CA

Lake Hughes, California - 6/5/2008

Shame on you, Sperling (or bless you...). /you do not even let me click on my own home town (because it is too small LOL). Anyways, if you are looking for the ultimate get a way, this is it. Want a job? There are no jobs here. Want to get away from it all? This is it. I have been here for 6 years+ and I LOVE IT! There used to be a sign entering the town that said "501 residents". Well, it has more than 2000 residents, according to census. However, it still feels like 501. No traffic lights, no stop signs, one local country store, a hair dresser, local realtor, post office, fire department (needed), a local restauarant with live bands on the weekend and an inn, a campground (hardly ever used), a local bar (used daily as a meeting spot), an art gallery and that pretty much sums it up. Why do I live here? A feeling of getting away from it all, yet I can be at work in bustling Santa Clarita in 45 minutes, driving winding country roads and not having to be part of the freeway commute. Home prices? Forget it. To live here, you pay a premium. Rentals are still somewhat affordable but add gasoline prices to that and your time to get here, you go broke. Still, this is my favorite neck of the woods, at 3200 feet and a couple of sprinklings of snow each winter. I just recently bought a piece of land here and hoping to afford to build in a few years but if not, I am thinking of retiring in Visalia, California. My main concern is Visalia's air quality. Global warming is not going to do Visalia any good and making a move there might be financially justifiable but then what. Any input would be greatly appreciated. thank you. [read more...]

Mojave, CA

Lancaster Late 2007-What The Government Won't Tell - 11/17/2007

Were I looking for a home, I wouldn't pick one in Lancaster. Here's why: Drive in one of the many newly constructed subdivisions and you will see large, homes, many well kept, with clean, late model cars parked in the driveway. Then right next door, you will see a dead yard, living room furniture in the front yard, cheap sheets over the windows--ah, a Section 8 house, a government subsidized good-neighborhood-wrecking-ball home. The inhabitants are people who can't afford to live in a new home without taxpayer assistance, but thanks to the government, they can move in and cause havoc in the neighborhood. The crime rate has increased along with the influx of these low income, poorly educated people. If you move to your new Lancaster home, be prepared to deal with the anguish and depression brought on by your Section 8 neighbor. New home prices start in the mid-200's. New developments have gobbled up desert on the east and west sides of Lancaster. Big box stores are established-Wal Mart, Target, Lowe's, Home Depot, Costco. Many people commute to the Los Angeles area for jobs. Highway 14, the main road to Los Angeles, is jammed with cars Monday through Friday. The morning commute begins around 4:30 A.M. and continues for 2-3 hours. Peak traffic in the afternoon begins around 3 P.M. Travel time from the Antelope Valley to the L.A. area ranges from 1.5 hours to three hours. The Lancaster-Palmdale Sheriff's stations are amongst the busiest in Los Angeles County. Lots of criminals, many from Los Angeles, keep the deputies busy. Expect summer time temperatures to climb as high as 110 degrees and winter temperatures to drop as low as nine degrees. Windstorms occur throughout the year, but are strongest in the Spring when gusts whip up the desert at 60-70 miles per hour. Fall days are mild and clear. Lancaster once was a place where nice, hard working, law abiding people lived in clean, well kept neighborhoods. This desert city is no longer that.[read more...]

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