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"Vallejo is a valuable fixer-upper"

Vallejo is a valuable fixer-upper - 5/25/2013
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Vallejo, CA

The selling points of Vallejo are easy to see. A beautiful water front off the Napa River, lovely Victorian and bungalow architecture, nearly perfect drinking water from the tap, close proximity to a wild life preserve, gentle weather and a Six Flags amusement park. However, it is run down due to the loss of its naval base and failure to attract other businesses other than construction. So, it is over built in quick 1980's houses that stand empty due to the housing bust. Empty houses and no local employment meant a drop in the tax base and suddenly it is a city in crisis. However, in the year that I have lived here, I have seen many improvements with more to come. It is a worthwhile place filled with worthwhile people, it just needs time to re-discover itself.

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Great place to live - 9/28/2013

I used the "Crime" category because that is probably what most people are interested in or concerned about in regards to Vallejo, I was. That is not however the focus of my post. I moved here in April and couldn't be happier with my decision to buy in Vallejo. I did loads of preliminary research before closing to figure out all I could about my new prospective city and home and am confident I made the right choice. After bottoming out with a bankruptcy, there is no way to go but up and it appears that is exactly what is happening all over town. It's only a matter of time before other people being run out of SF due to rising costs discover what Vallejo is about. It's awesome! The weather is great, there are abundant places to eat, loads of shopping and amenities, more than acceptable commute times with many different alternatives and houses that are affordable and also architecturally desirable. The daily grind here is just perfect. I'm talking up Vallejo to everyone I know, everywhere I go and people are actually listening. Hope there is more good to come for the city of Vallejo and all it's residents. It's a great place to call home.[read more...]

Vallejo, CA

Come Help Us Reinvent a very old City! - 8/7/2013

Vallejo was once the capital of California and the city dates back to the 1850's. Vallejo's citizens have stepped up their involvement and have reclaimed their city government. There is an entirely new management staff from police chief all the way to maintenance director. The new city manager is excellent, and the city council and even our formerly intractable mayor are changing to meet the demands of the people. Vallejo is a beautiful city full of wonderful people with no more trouble than other cities of its size. The bankruptcy did create challenges, but the city has emerged stronger and more progressive. Participatory Budgeting, Neighborhood Night Out, block parties, arts festivals, ethnic festivals, the Pirate Festival, the Vallejo Powwow, and the fabulous Obtainium Cup Race (google it!) provide entertainment and activity many times during the year. The is live music weekly at the Empress Theatre downtown, at Gracie's on the weekends, and opera, jazz, and live theater at the Bay Terrace Theater. We have a wonderful symphony as well as the Vallejo Chorale. All that and a range of housing from heritage Victorians and bungalows along with bay front, river front, and modern homes in the hills and on Mare Island. The views from many neighborhoods are breathtaking! And while we can't see Russia from our houses, we can see the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Pablo Bay, the Napa River, and the Carquinez Straits, which are the end of the Sacramento River. The ferry ride to SF is spectacular and a great way to commute to the city. Don't pass us by; we are where the Napa Valley begins![read more...]

Glen Covie
Vallejo, CA

Arty City - 7/3/2013

The city has a vibrant art community that thrives in spite of the economy - live theatre, art shows, fabulous farmer's market on Saturdays - check out The Coal Shed on Mare Island, some splendid art going on there. The city itself has a questionable reputation on a lot of levels, most of which are based on certain areas in town - not an uncommon issue for most cities anyway - and much has changed over the years for the better.[read more...]

Glen Covie
Vallejo, CA

Cool near the water - 7/3/2013

Perfect climate, a few hot days during summer but breeze from the Carquinez Straits makes for lovely evenings. [read more...]

Vallejo, CA

Vallejo is a valuable fixer-upper - 5/25/2013

The selling points of Vallejo are easy to see. A beautiful water front off the Napa River, lovely Victorian and bungalow architecture, nearly perfect drinking water from the tap, close proximity to a wild life preserve, gentle weather and a Six Flags amusement park. However, it is run down due to the loss of its naval base and failure to attract other businesses other than construction. So, it is over built in quick 1980's houses that stand empty due to the housing bust. Empty houses and no local employment meant a drop in the tax base and suddenly it is a city in crisis. However, in the year that I have lived here, I have seen many improvements with more to come. It is a worthwhile place filled with worthwhile people, it just needs time to re-discover itself. [read more...]

Vallejo, CA

Police response. - 11/21/2012

Our neighbor found a blonde kid with a hoody hiding in their back yard. They called the police, but the police asked if there was a crime in progress, inwhich the neigbors answered no. Two nights later, their shed was being robbed and because of his profession there were thousands of dollars worth of construction equipment. They heard the noise, saw the culpritee. Police response was "Are they in your house? " Our neighbors explained the situation, to which the police responded, "We don't do anything unless they are in your house, Sorry, we can't come out. Several years ago I had three tires taken off my car and a jack with fingerprints all over it (I could tell because it was oily and left distinct prints) I called the police and they said that they do not have the technology to process prints, but they would send out a form for us to fill out. Now, our police force is one of the most highly paid in California. I would think that they would break up their poker game long enough to investigate these sort of incidences. Any time there is a problem, I suggest they call the fire department, they are very good and respond to every call.[read more...]

Vallejo, CA

The Wost Summers - 6/25/2012

Moved here in 2008( Vallejo). If I would have known the weather was so bad during the summer season, I would have not come. This place does not have a summer season. It is sooo windy and cold, or foggy. I long for the day when I can experience real summers. I am tired of being shut in most of the time. I am sooo tired of wearing jackets, scarfs and sometimes gloves on the 4th of July, This is ridculous.The Bay Area has the worst climate of any place I have lived or visited. [read more...]

Vallejo, CA

Worst city - 2/23/2012

I was born and raised in Vallejo and its NOT a good city to live in. I mean there are nice houses and neighborhoods, but there are also bad neighborhoods out here. The people of Vallejo made Vallejo what it is now. Its not really the city's fault. I still (sadly) live in this God forsaken place and let me tell you, i HATE it. Im in the 12th grade, and im moving out of Vallejo (Thank God) right after i graduate. [read more...]

Vallejo, CA

Vallejo - These are a few of my favorite things - 4/28/2011

1) Walking or running on the dirt trail along the Napa River at River Park. It's a a loop just over one mile. 2) Walking or running on the gravel trail along the San Pablo Bay Trail on Mare Island. An almost 4 mile loop. 3) The annual Flyway Festival on Mare Island focusing on the migratory patterns of bird and celebrating nature and ecological living in general. 3) The weather! 4) The Carquinez Strait waterfront by the Ferry Building. 5) Taking the Ferry from Vallejo to SF 6) The beautiful Victorians, Craftman and Spanish Mediterranean homes all over the St. Vincent's Hill, Vallejo Heights and Heritage neighborhoods. 7) Getting ice cream at the old fashioned ice cream parlor, Liled's, on Tennesee Street 8) Swimming at the Cunningham Pool 9) The wonderful people who work toward improving the neighborhoods, schools and general community of Vallejo. 10) Seeing the free, San Francisco Chamber Orchestra concerts at the Empress Theater. 11) The close proximity to Sonoma and Napa Valley wine country as well as Berkeley. SF is only an hour at most away by car. Vallejo is a good town with good people - come visit this misunderstood and undervalued jewel at the confluence of the San Pablo Bay and the Napa River. [read more...]

MJ Damage
Vallejo, CA

Vallejo's Crime - 11/3/2009

I'm 20 years old and I been living in vallejo ever since I was 4 years old so I pretty much know what goes on around here. Vallejo has had a bunch of car jackings from imports, luxury, to even pimped out buckets (scrapers) and I really dont see that problem slowing down anytime soon. Long story short, my my modded acura integra was stolen right in front of my apartment back in June 09, but was recovered the next day on the side of highway 37. Just last saturday (halloween) around mid-afternoon, I was driving in the north side of vallejo near north vallejo park, and some guy with a laptop and charger was sprinting across the street towards traffic and ended up running in front of my car, and some guy with a suit and tie was screaming "THAT GUY STOLE MY LAPTOP!!" 45 seconds later, 2 squad cars caught up to the thief and tazered him to the ground, and I was like "wow, forreal" We have our shoplifters, homeless community (which is rising fast), gangs, etc. What can I say, Vallejo is Vallejo[read more...]

Vallejo, CA

Rent - 9/28/2009

Rent is pretty low in comparison to the inner citys!!!!!!![read more...]

Forestville, CA

Crime and gang ridden! - 9/23/2009

Full of gangs and crime. Police force cut by 30 %. Closed 3 of 8 fire stations. Vallejo is the best place to become a crime victim.[read more...]

Forestville, CA

Ghetto Ghetto Ghetto!! - 9/22/2009

I was born and raised in Vallejo, California. It is heartbreaking what has happened to Vallejo. Fiscal mismanagement and political vendettas caused Vallejo to file bankruptcy in 2008. Since then the police force is down 50 officers and 3 fire stations have been closed. Crime is UP. Robbery, car-jacking, etc in daylight. Kids with guns. Property values are DOWN. If you call the police department , you reach an answering machine. 911 calls take too long to respond to. It will take decades for Vallejo to be what it once was. I am glad now that I did not move back home.[read more...]

Vallejo, CA

Vallejo is really a Diamond in the Not so rough! - 9/13/2009

We purchased a home 3 years ago in an older established area, where Spanish, Mediterranean, English, French style homes are abundant. Vallejo's weather is truly mediterranean and similar to Italy's climate. This town has been progressing the last decade in many ways, politics, police, quality of life, schools, crime rate is lower...many people from all over San Francisco Bay have made Vallejo their town and are very loyal and defensive when speaking about Vallejo. There is definitely a mix of cultures, colors, educational levels, wealth status, etc... Like many California cities, many younger residents might need a course in ethics and tact to fine tune their personas. Vallejo has many good people from all sections of the spectum. We hope that after filing for BK protection, Vallejo will rise and get all it's financial issues in order and start beautifying it's streets, parks and Historic buildings. You can also go to Did I forget to mention, we have a nice Marina front, where you can take the Ferry to San Francisco, Ca. or use your own boat to access the Pacific Ocean. Vallejo really is the last Bay area city on the North Bay...a quick drive North and you will be in Napa Valley, Marin County or East and arrive in Sacramento, West to San Francisco and South to San Jose area, you get my drift. If you're looking for more house for your money, this is the place, at least until the economy pics up. Touro Universtiy, Mare Island, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, affordability, local, Las Palmitas Mexican Restaurant on Nebraska, diversity; many gay, bi-sexual, lesbian residents have moved to the city and we welcome them to their new town. I will agree, there are still thefts, robberies and personal crime, but almost every town will have it's own issues. The Vallejo Police Department is made up of hightly proffesional, educated and talented personnel, while most live in Cities like Pleasenton, Dublin, San Ramon, Napa, Marin, etc...for the same reason know Vallejo can and will continue to be enforced to lower crime, improve quality of life and protect Valleojans. Okay, I believe I'm done with my run-on-sentences for today. Cheers [read more...]

Vallejo, CA

Beautiful Vallejo CA - 7/30/2009

Yes we problems--financial-but we will survive. Vallejo is a beautiful city. Best climate if you don't like HOT weather. Comfortable warm days-breeze off of the bay. Sleep like a baby at night. The fog rolls in in the morning but dissipates by 10 AM and then you have a very comfortable morning and afternoon. Most people in Vallejo don't have air conditioning because WE DON'T NEED IT. We have water, we have hills, we have a beautiful waterfront to walk or bike or jog along and there is usually something going on on the weekends. We have Farmers Market on Saturdays downtown. Love it! Go 15 miles over the hill to Fairfield and the temp is 15 degrees higher . I'll live here. GO VALLEJO[read more...]

Palo Alto, CA

Vallejo - a pleasant place to live - 7/11/2009

I lived in Vallejo for about 5 years 15 years ago and am moving back there soon. The climate is very comfortable with not much rain and a lot of sunny days. There are many attractive and architecturally important old houses and many opportunities to walk. I especially enjoy the walk along the river down at the Marina. You can take the ferry to San Francisco and it provides a gateway to many scenic areas such as Benecia, Napa, Marin County.[read more...]

Vallejo, CA

Vallejo--A Great Place to Retire - 4/6/2009

While working in Silicon Valley in 1979, I never thought that I would ever consider Vallejo as a place to retire. It was a Navy town with its Mare Island Naval Shipyard. The place actually lived up to its bad reputation. Then in 1994, the shipyard was closed and overnight 10,000 people were laid off. Real estate values dropped with everybody leaving town to find jobs. At around this time, I was working in Connecticut , not knowing that I would be downsized and offered a retirement package in a few months. After the Navy base closing, Vallejo became attractive to me as a place for retirement. Real estate values were more than affordable--they were actually cheap compared to other places in the Bay Area. The cost of living is probably the lowest in the area. The city is almost perfect for me--I like playing golf (even though I could barely afford it),and the city has 4 public golf courses and one semi-private(almost expensive) which are all within my budget. Adjoining cities have 5 more public courses. Add to that the great climate of the San Francisco Bay Area--we play golf all year round ! Kaiser Hospital has a big facility in town. We also have California Maritime Academy(part of California State University System) and Touro University. Fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers' market and close-by farms. A one hour ferryboat ride(discounted for seniors) takes you to SF. Negatives ? The elementary and high school system sucks but who cares ! The petty crime rate is just slightly higher than adjoining towns.By the way, the city is bankrupt because of excessively high salaries/benefits of our policemen and firemen. The city and the policemen union has signed a new contract while the firemen union is still negotiating. GOOD NEWS !!This recession just made our real estate cheaper.[read more...]

Vallejo, CA

Climate - 12/7/2008

Lived here for over thirty years. Beauatiful weather.[read more...]

Vallejo, CA

Community Idenity - 5/1/2008

Vallejo is a medium sized city with large city social issues. What is most significant is the spirit and sense of community that is established here with a relatively small involvement of time and effort by individuals. People here care and are cared for by many others. That is what sets Vallejo apart from some many other highly transient communities. The San Francisco Bay Area is overall an expensive place to live. Vallejo has housing that has been built since between 1850 to the present. With more Victorian houses West of the Mississippi crafted by the artists of the Mare Island Naval Ship Yard and meticiously maintained by generations of skilled residents, the array of housing types in compact areas is impressive. But again, it is the people who live within thei walls that gives the city character and creates a sense of home for so many. Located where the Napa River joins the San Francisco Bay, Vallejo is by wind speeds and the coolness of the Bay that keeps the heat of the Sacramento Valley, just over the hill, tempered. With summer temperatures mostly in the high 70s to low 80s, and a wind speed of less than 7 mph, on an average, Vallejo is enhanced by sun with the clearing morning fog of the summer season. In minutes you can drive to San Francisco, the Marin headlands, the Napa and Sonoma wine regions, or the state capitol. Sailing, golf, hiking, biking, birding on the Suisun protected marsh, skiing in the Sierra, life is enjoyable here in a small city atmosphere with close availability of major metropolitan charm. What is needed, however, are more involved citizens to keep a check on how the local governments conduct their spending patterns while the citizens are otherwise occupied. Short, and in all, it's a great place to live.[read more...]

Albuquerque, NM

Vallejo native here - 9/6/2007

I was born and raised in Vallejo and I'm in my mid-twenties also and I'm now in New Mexico for college. Yes the kids here are more ghetto than other places but on the flipside it makes everybody street smart. You HAVE to leave Vallejo after you graduate high school or you're going to get stuck here like a lot of people I've seen and end up doing nothing with their lives. I wouldn't mind moving back here when I have a family because the diversity here is unmatched. I grew up with friends from all races. That is why I'm not prejudice and can hang with any group. I want my kids to be exposed to that diversity also. Look up any city in America and compare the demographic numbers to Vallejo and you will see what I mean. [read more...]

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