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"Is Florida a good place to live?"

Is Florida a good place to live? - 7/29/2010
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Houston, TX

I am seriously thinking about to Orlando. I am single African-American mother looking for a change. I have lived in Texas for several years and frankly I am tired of it. Everyone is moving out here leaving the residents that have been here for several years without jobs; I am also having problems with my son's father and leaving will give me the confidence I need to succeed. I want to know where there are decent areas to live in Orlando. How are the schools (high school and elementary)? And how is the job market in health administration? Those three things are the most important to me. If anyone can give there insight on my questions I would really appreciate it.

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Winter Park, FL

Senior Health Plans Supplements have lower Premium - 3/17/2014

You can get a plan F in Orlando for as low as $150/month this is not a Select plan either. The highest premiums are for those 80+ but are still significantly lower then New York more then $100/month less then everyone in New York pays. You also lock in your enrollment age for the rest of your life. If you want to discuss this or Medicare advantage plans or PDP plans please call me. I am a licensed Healtn Insurance agent. Call (407) 756-4736.[read more...]

Orlando, FL

Professional Health Care : No Fear of Regulation - 10/12/2013

As far as Orlando / Orange County Fl goes, you can find some great professionals here. Google search (Tosh Florida Flat Hot Dumb) Many professionals care less about professionalism, courtesy, the law etc.. I think, they believe we are "dumb" and unsophisticated. Food service - health department, no enforce, refusing to recycling business! Orange County - no money to enforce. There is an underlining provincial, intellectual (if you call it that) isolationist. They have no clue about the world here and eating healthy is hard w limited access to fish. [read more...]

Orlando, FL

This ain't Mickey Mouse or you're Grandparent's Fl - 9/28/2013

(My Synopsis) If you're rich, white and obnoxious you'll love it here. If you're anything other than that, turn around and go back to where you came from, or be prepared to enter your new living hell. "You need to speak Spanish to live here." False. Mostly everyone here knows how to speak English and will speak it if necessary. It is true though that there are companies that won't hire you unless you're bilingual. This seems to be an increasing number all the time. "It's hot and humid and there are a lot of bugs." True "You need a car to live there." TRUE. VERY VERY TRUE The public transportation here is the worst I've ever seen. The "city" is very spread out and it's pretty much impossible to get around without wheels of some sort. "Disney controls everything here." False. Rich white folks control everything here. Disney isn't even in Orlando, it's in Kissemmee. "There's lots to do in Orlando." The downtown is lame as hell. It's a bunch of banks, lawyers offices, condo towers and bars. Literally, that's about it.Everything else is in the outskirts and is expensive as hell. Again, rich, white and obnoxious is what thrives here. Also, there is also no shopping downtown whatsoever, it's bizarre. Also, everything here is incredibly, I mean unbelievably commercial. If you're into Starbuck's and Wal*Mart, this will be you're heaven. Aside from the Spanish places, nothing here is authentic. Real pizza is non-existent. "The rent prices are out of control." For the wages paid, definitely "There aren't any jobs here." False. There are tons of jobs here, they just don't pay anything and if you have a criminal record, forget making any money here. "There are lots of scams here." VERY VERY TRUE, be careful. "The people here are mean and rude." True. Orlando has the slowness of the south with the attitude of the north. You must remember, nobody is really FROM here. It's rare you run into anybody who is legitimately a native. Another thing I can't believe people haven't mentioned is the HUGE issues of drugs, prostitution and homelessness. It's freakin EVERYWHERE here. Tent cities all over the place (hidden in the woods), not to mention downtown, where it's right in your face, they're everywhere. (Homeless people drug addicts and prostitutes that is). This place is sad. Don't move here, trust me! [read more...]

Orlando, FL

Too hot! - 4/20/2013

Too hot! Too humid! Too many bugs.[read more...]


living in Orlando - 4/5/2013

great city[read more...]

Kissimmee, FL

Don't bother moving here if you can't speak spanis - 3/23/2013

I don't even know where to begin. Orlando is truly a nightmare. The schools are horrible and way behind as far as coursework goes, compared to northern schools. I have a child that graduated with a 4.0 GPA who could not pass a test given to incoming freshmen at a Tennessee high school. Yes, there is the Bright Futures scholarship, but it is only good for Florida Colleges... I would be surprised if a graduate from a Florida University could pass a high school equivalency test. You cannot even imagine! The schools are not safe either. Not a day goes by that fights are not reported at the middle and high schools on the news. I know for a fact that there were over 100 fights in which kids were seriously harmed at my daughter's high school during her senior year. (most racially motivated-two of her friends were driving in a truck, all the passenger heard was "whitey don't belong here" and some pops, the driver was able to pull into a 7-11 and stop the truck, but did die then. A teenager shot and killed for not being hispanic) As far as trying to reason with other parents, it is a joke as these supposed "parents" are purchasing alcohol for the kids, getting the kids tattoos, fighting, cussing and leading the way by example. The high school yearbook omitted the section for the cheerleaders and instead had a new section called body-art. Yes, for the students to show off tattoos and piercings! 90% of the grocery stores, discount chains (walmart, etc) and mall shops hire only "bi-lingual" people. Problem being is that these people do not speak English well at all, if at all, so any questions you have.. well you will not receive any answers. There is absolutely no work ethic down here. The small working population (as most are illegal immigrants, welfare recipients, teenage mothers, or have some imaginary disability so as not to actually work) do not care about their jobs, only a paycheck. They try to say it is because Florida is so "laid back". No, Floridians are LAZY and simply do not care. The crime rate is so high it is insane! Although I will state that most crimes are committed by illegals because they know they will simply be deported and they'll return on the next bus, so they have no consequences to face when committing crimes. The only ting worthwhile down here is the weather, but after dealing with everything else, you'll want to run back home ASAP. Oh and good luck finding a doctor or dentist that will see you without at least a 3 hour wait.. they consider that normal. Driving has been mentioned and poses an interesting situation in itself. Road Rage seems to be the norm. Oh and (as I wasn't in the habit of doing so) make sure that when driving your car doors are locked at all times! Con-artists are everywhere! They are homeless, out of gas, were mugged, are out of diapers.. all are veterans (yet none seem to remember what unit they were in) etc... of course none of this is true (heck, I've gotten to know some of the "regulars" now and had the same people try different stories) They will stand at stoplights and peck on your window while you are stopped, or accost you when you park in a parking lot at a store, come up while you are pumping gas.. it is crazy too. All I can say is that the weather is not worth it at all! The sad thing is, these people that have lived here all/most of their lives think this is a normal way of life too... BEWARE![read more...]

Orlando, FL

Variety of Churches - 3/5/2013

There are many churches of various denominations.[read more...]

Orlando, FL

After 30+ years, I'm leaving - 2/17/2013

I was born and raised in Central Florida. After thirty-something years, I'll be moving to Pittsburgh, PA this summer. Why? This town has really dissolved into a puddle of watery crap. I know they say things were always better in the past, but this place has fallen apart. The Southern feeling to this place has completely vanished and given way to hostility. People here are just angry, miserable and hateful. On top of that, rent is out-of-control expensive while salaries are getting lower. This area has always paid lower than the national average thanks to The Mouse, but it was supported by a lower cost of living. On this very site, I'm finding major metropolitan areas that pay better with a lower cost of living. Once I began to travel extensively, I started to realize that it's hard to find a cultural heartbeat of Orlando. Other cities have unique enclaves carved out by immigrants with quirky shops and restaurants. Orlando is a huge (outlet) strip mall with a tiny Vietnamese district. The weather? You're already aware that Florida is disgustingly hot and uncomfortable from May-November (and in this year's case, it will be disgustingly hot next week in the winter). In the concrete paradise of Orlando, it's amplified. If you're considering a move to Orlando, it's probably a move you will probably make anyway like the other 95% of residents who don't count themselves as natives. Your reason is probably superficial: you hate snow. I'm sure you'll enjoy the theme parks, water parks and convenience stores on every corner. Enjoy it while it lasts. It's very easy to outgrow this place.[read more...]

Orlando, FL

Not a good place to live and raise children! - 2/10/2013

The weather is good. Crime is very high![read more...]

Orlando, FL

College student Review - 2/8/2013

On a positive note, my money goes far enough to make ends meet and there is plenty of businesses to work for here. Attractions and theme parks with great benefits for both locals and tourists. We work then play. On a negative note, our public transportation system is nearly relyable and improving with hope from the sun rail station to bring more business to our buses. Orlando's crime rate is also high with several city gangs patrolling its streets. All in all its up to nature on if you have a good day or not here in Orlando. The weather is unpredictable... However it never snows here.[read more...]

Rotonda West, FL

OK place to visit, terrible place to live! - 12/16/2012

This is one of the worst places to live according to a article and backed up by a Forbes magazine article. Living in Orlando or anywhere is not like a vacation here. The Florida Move Guide says that most who move here will come to despise the heat, humidity (summers are 6-9 months long), lack of sense of community with everyone moving in and out. Have kids in school? Near worst graduation rates in the nation. 1,000,000 have permits to carry guns in Florida, more than any other state and lots more if you count all the criminals. High crime and growing, stressed out drivers from worsening traffic, foreclosure capital of the world, average people walking around with guns shooting people. Visit and stick to the tourist areas (safer) but don't move here for retirement or if you have kids.[read more...]

Orlando, FL

Home of Mickey Mouse - 10/27/2012

If you can deal with the constant influx of tourists there are plenty of things to do in Orlando! Your near everything, great nightlife, not far from major sporting events, theme parks, and the ocean![read more...]

Orlando, FL

Orlando LOVES Criminals - 10/9/2012

Orlando is getting worse in regards to crime. Every night there is news about murders,burglaries,etc. and that is what we know about.I live in what is considered a great area of Orlando and it is getting where it is having just as much crime as the worse areas. I was at a Funeral Home for a service and my vehicle plus 2 others got smashed in windows and items stolen. Between the Orange County Sheriffs office and the judicial system,,the criminals love it here,,they get by with very little punishment for their crimes. A car thief got caught in my neighborhood and it was his 3rd car theft,he was out the next day and we were told there is really no punishment until he steals 10 cars!!!! [read more...]

Winter Garden, FL

Orlando businesses - 8/6/2012

I was curious which businesses in Central Florida people thought would benefit from better advertising. I know that I have been to several places recently that I didn't even know existed until someone else told me. Places that I would have BEEN going to had I known they were there. Please respond of you know of a businesses that is seemingly unknown to most people. I'm always looking for new things to do with my children.[read more...]

Orlando, FL

Warm weather, bad drivers - 7/19/2012

I've been living here since I was 9 (I'm 22 now). It's packed full of things to do (theme parks, shopping malls, and beaches, springs, and state parks all within a 1 or 2 hour drive), and the weather is warm all year round. The coldest it ever gets in winter is probably about 40 degrees (and only for a week or so), so if you're about warm weather then you should definitely consider living here. The cost of living is not too high for a big-ish city like this; I live in a 1-bedroom apartment in the UCF area and rent for about $750 a month. School quality really depends on where you live, so just do your research and avoid places like Pine Hills and Oakridge if possible. Also, Florida high school students who have good grades can get up to 75% of their college tuition covered through the Bright Futures Scholarship, which is absolutely amazing in my opinion. My parents didn't have to pay a dime for my college tuition, thanks to BF. Don't get me wrong though, there are plenty of things wrong with this city. If you must know one thing about Orlando, know that the drivers here are HORRIBLE. Get ready for drivers who speed 20+ miles over the speed limit, cut you off without any signal, text on their phones WHILE DRIVING, and generally never pay attention to their blind spot. I have seen a car flip multiple times in the middle of I-4, and I have seen a car pretty much merge into an 18-wheeler. Be VERY afraid. On top of that, people here are generally unfriendly and sometimes just plain rude. Overall though, I think Orlando is a pretty nice place to live. If you like warm weather and have a good amount of spending money, this city is for you. If you really can't stand bad drivers, save yourself the pain and look elsewhere.[read more...]

Orlando, FL

Need to Go - 7/3/2012

After been here for 4 years i will prefer going back to my country, i had lived in NYC all my family is up there but the weather is the only thing that keeps me away. Jobs are horrible i was hired while working for DELL CORP in my country in Panama spint pcs hire me it was sweet money was great making about 4500$ a mth yes is a lot of cash but thank GOD i didn't spend it this people decided to layoff 60 of the high performer in the company because the location was not as profitable it was the first time i knew what was unemployment got another job for 10 a hour omg downsizing was horrible had to move to a apartment complex where i had to run from my car to my door to make sure i was not going to get rob, is all politics in this place who u know and what you do for them, kids are uneducated, people are ignorant and lack of common sense, also if you have a degree Forget about it don't mention it they will say either you are over qualified of they will pay you crap for you experience and knowledge, if you are a single guy please bring you own chick, Favorite words for orlando is food stamps, unemployment,FRee, WEED , thief, government babys. [read more...]

Orlando, FL

Stay Away - 5/9/2012

I have been living in Orlando since 2001 and I moved down here from New York and I have to agree. Orlando Stinks! It is the worse city in the world not just in the U.S. Twice a year you get these little bugs called love bugs that mess up your car and make life horrible. Then if you have a situation where you need to call the police for help, good luck, the cops show up 2 hours later, but you better believe they will be on your tail if you are going over 5 miles on your speedometer. The people in this state are mean and have no morals. If you are married and have kids you better hope your children don't conceive before the age of 18. If you are single and are hoping to find someone here it will be really difficult if you don't look and act like the cast of Jersey shores down here. Hoping to find a job here in Orlando? Good luck with that, if you don't look like a hooters girl you can kiss that idea goodbye unless you have an engineering degree. The job market here stinks, foreclosure rates are high, and the people that live here have an all about me attitude. The drivers here are the worse and its not just the tourist. Thinking of opening up a business here? kiss that idea good bye also, the people here think that they are high class with their minimum wage salary so all they want to do is go to places that appear high class, like Bahama Breeze, TGIF, Ale House, Starbucks, PF Chang, etc. If you don't have the money to open up a chain restaurant or anything that is chain oriented you can forget it, you will be bankrupt in a year. The schools here are really bad and there is so much fraud here that it makes gypsies look like amateurs when they do scams. If you want a job, you have job scams here, want a house, you have real estate scams. This city is the worse city to live in. Orlando International Airport does a great job of deceiving people when they fly in because the airport is so pretty. It is not until you live here that you realize what sand hole this place really is.[read more...]

Winter Park, FL

Lake Highland Prep - 4/25/2012

We will be leaving Lake Highland Prep this year. Stay away!!!!! I could write a book about how the athletic department runs the school. If you ask anyone locally what they think of Lake Highland, you will be told it is all about Sports. I can confirm that to be true. I did not not listen to the many warnings and thought I could overcome anything. This school is run by a corrupt athletic departent that is married to the adminstration who hires family members. Board members were once parents who gave enough money to sit on the board and now have their children teaching and grandchildren at the school. At the expense of others these students are given special accomodations along with the recruited athletes. Do not try to play a sport without first asking permission. You will find that all spots are reserved for those who have been paid to come and play. Christian values are used as a cover. Children are not considered the Lord's Gift but instead used as self promotion. Best consider Trinity Prep for 6th thru 12th grade or Winter Park High School. Please be a better listener than I. Money can't buy character. Best of Luck & God Bless[read more...]

Orlando, FL

Nice place to visit, not to live. - 4/22/2012

Orlando is geared to the people who want to vacation or want to spend money. If you just want to live it can be expensive and very busy. Traffic is always heavy and rudeness runs high. Nice place to visit, not to live.[read more...]

Orlando, FL

I have had a great time living in Orlando, I guess - 3/5/2012

I have to say that I feel that Orlando has been very affordable , I am from New England , Mass and Rhode Island, I Moved to South Florida stayed there for about 9 years, and have been in Orlando for a year, I would love to stay in Orlando or outskirts like Oviedo, There is soo much to do here . Even if you don't have much money,,Of course there is Way more to do if you have money. I have a seaworld pass for 18dollars a month for me and my daughter and now have a wet and wild year pass Paid one day and got the rest of the year free. Most parks offer deals like this for residents, I have never met as many friendly people as I do here, My only complaint is I am having trouble finding employment I think Its cause too many applicants and I may not have as much experience as others,,So if you have great employment references and work experience you may have better luck getting a job here. All in All I LOVE LIVING IN ORLANDO . Unfortunately I may have to move because of the job situation. Be aware there are some bad neighborhoods so make sure you do your research,,,Orlando is pretty big and the suburbs of Orlando Many are nice, Oviedo, Winter Park , Hunters creek, etc..[read more...]

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