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Get to know Orlando with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Orlando

My thoughts on my life in Orlando - 3/22/2022
A lot of the reviews here are ridiculous. I will do my best to give an accurate take of my experience. I've lived in Orlando for 31 years - my entire life. I've lived near UCF, in Oviedo, Azalea Park, Longwood, Altamonte Springs, and Kissimmee. I haven't lived downtown, but I've spent a ton of time there and in the Mills 50 and Milk District areas. I should note that I am a single guy, and this is from my perspective. I'll try to break down my experience point by point.

Climate: it is brutally hot here. I've heard some people claim that it's only been too hot as of the past few years - absolutely untrue. 9 months out of the year, it is very, very hot. 85 degrees or hotter, and it does not cool down much at night. 6 months out of the year, it's over 90 degrees, sometimes well over that approaching the 100s. It's also extremely humid here. It often feels like I'm walking into an oven leaving my house. If you really, really like the heat, Orlando may be for you. But in my Read More

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Orlando is a great place to live and work - 9/30/2021
I have lived in East Orlando for over 23 years. We do have some hot muggy summers, but generally, the weather is great almost all year round. There is so much to do, not just in Orlando but neighboring cities as well. We are also an hour drive from the coast. Orlando is a rapidly growing city with lots of new housing and city beatifulcation projects. Read More

Don't bother - 7/20/2021
This place is horrible.
Traffic is hell, cost of living is insane and there are no "seasons".......just heat and humidity 10 months out of the year. When it does finally cool off some, half of New York and New Jersey comes here.
The people are jerks and you better be bilingual.moving to this shizzlehole was a huge Read More

Truly on the worst places in America. - 12/17/2020
I lived in Orlando, FL for 10 (almost 11) years. I have lived in multiple areas of Orlando. It is truly one of the worst places I have ever lived in. Here are a few reasons why:

1. The amount people are paid versus the cost of living is astronomical. People truly are being told they are paid well when they can barely afford their rent and have to live with multiple people to get by. On average, someone working a professional job makes an average of $12.00/hr if they are lucky. The cost of rest for a 1 bedroom is about $1,200-$1,300 and that does not include everything else on top. The cost of a bedroom in a house with other people can cost about $650.00 to $900.00 and that is for a pretty crappy run-down place. It is also VERY hard to find a full-time job as most companies do not want to pay for full-time benefits.

2. You can make good money if you are a server or a few various other jobs, but expect to be selling your soul to whatever company you work for Read More

Orlando has gone downhill - 11/12/2020
As a person who’s lived in Florida for 6 years trust me there’s no lies in these reviews 90% of them are spot on especially about orlando see the city has so much potential to be great but yet the arrogant, disrespectful people that live here will drive you away this is not disney far from it please do your homework before coming here I’d suggest to visit for at least a minimum of 3 weeks to really capture the overall vibe and even then you’d need a little more time because it looks nice does not make it nice , yes the weather is great year round for those escaping the snow up north or other parts yes your close to the beaches but I’d really consider anywhere else before orlando this is not a city you come to for advancement in life whatsoever the obvious is what you get paid anywhere else you won’t make here the overall rent is running up something crazy the homes values are sky rocketing as well if your intentions are to settle down get a good paying job , raise a family eventually Read More

Orlando, not really for me. - 10/14/2020
Long time Central Floridian.

Orlando in some ways has gotten better, and some ways it has gotten worse. It just keeps getting hotter every year here. Only 3 comfortable months: January, Feb, March, and sometimes April. Otherwise you are looking at near 90F days, no seasons. My brains literally boil here. If that's your thing, have at it.

During those 3 months however, the weather can be beautiful. Florida is excellent if you practice year round sports such as tennis or golf. I am a big tennis player, and it can be too hot at times, but you'll have more days out playing here than way up north.

The traffic in orlando is not too bad compared to other cities like Atlanta and DC. It usually always flows if you know how to stay away from areas like west orlando I-4. There are a lot of regular people that live in Orlando....in other words, to me Orlando is not a "trendy" city. Real estate is still somewhat reasonable here. It's not like Seattle, Read More

NO GO FOR SINGLE BRO! - 7/4/2020
Born in Jersey, lived in the heart of NYC my entire life, so a part of me will always love NY. Anyway, got into my 30’s and started looking at my future regarding marriage and kids, felt it was time to leave because I didn’t want to raise kids in the city. NY is great for a single guy, but I didn’t want to be selfish and date a women only to have her leave her friends and family behind just for me. Originally I went to L.A and absolutely hated the scene there with the whole celebrity, wannabe famous, who do you know social image nonsense. Went to San Fran and loved it but it was too expensive. Was planning to go to Texas but had a College buddy living in Lake Mary which was 20 min north of Orlando who offered a stay, so why not.

Seriously you can experience everything Orlando has to offer by just going there on vacation. For a single dude it was completely underwhelming and sometimes dreadful. My bud had one of those dating apps and most of the girls I saw on there were Read More

Cool City but Terrible People - 7/3/2020
So I’ve read some of the other reviews and it’s crazy that many of these people have the same impression as me. The city itself is not bad. Purchase prices for properties are reasonable, but rent prices are starting to get expensive. There are good restaurants, lots of lakes and outdoor nature, parks to go running or play basketball, proximity to the beach and other cities, etc. If you have to live here I say live in Seminole County, it is far better and friendlier. Now comes the bad news

Reiterating- The city itself is cool, I don’t mind the city. But In my experience, the people here have been absolute scum. If you are kind and friendly and positive or have something going for you, these gremlin Type jungle creatures of all races will do whatever is in their power to tear you down and destroy you. It is like they are the spawn of satan. Trash of all races. White trash galore, homeless people that live in the forests and congregate at the gas station and wal mart, in the Read More
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My thoughts on Orlando - - 5/11/2020
I moved from the Northeast to Florida about 12 years ago to escape the constant grey, cold and generally crappy weather that's a mainstay 8 months out of the year - lived in Orlando off and on for about 10 years and this is the deal..."uptown" Orlando is vacation land and is beautiful - people are generally happy because they're there on vacation and is a nice place to be - on the other hand, "downtown" Orlando is full of crime and homelessness just as any other city would be. I was shocked the first time I experienced the downtown area because I was under the illusion that all of Orlando was Disney World - not true. On the up side, if you're the type of person (like me) who despises the cold and wants a better quality of life more than 4 months out of the year, Florida is the place to be but instead of Orlando, I'd highly recommend the city of Stuart instead...it's on the Southeast coast about 25 minutes North of West Palm Beach and is positively gorgeous! Minimal crime and Read More

Meh - 1/15/2020
Hi, first I’ll like to say I don’t live in Orlando. I’m from San Diego but been working here on contract for almost 2 years and have the option to go home once a week per every month. Reading the reviews, I’d agree with most of them. One thing I notice is that it seems the men and women here don’t have friends of the opposite sex. Most guys I’ve come to know only have guy friends, and the women seem like it has the be something romantic or nothing at all. It’s odd because back home my friend ratios are 50/50. Is there something I’m missing!??

It has been ok experience here. I got to visit the tourist attractions which was cool and got to see a few Rocket launches from the coast, which was another highlight. But other then that!? Think people’s perception of Orlando is that it's one big Magic Castle surrounded by houses. Some other reviews mention it perfectly…its just a regular city. Think it your coming from the middle of nowhere Michigan or upstate New York, Orlando or Read More

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